Community Based Harassment (YouTube: GodIsOurProtector)

Published on May 31, 2015
Community based harassment is running rampant in U.S. Cities. The targeting and harassment of innocent targets is not by mistake there are government sponsored programs in place that sponsors some of the targeting such as Neighborhood Watch, See Something Say Something, Operation T.I.P.’s and more. This video discusses these programs and more.

Blogger’s note: All of the harassment described in this video is identical to what is happening to me.


2 thoughts on “Community Based Harassment (YouTube: GodIsOurProtector)

  1. If you are approached by any person at 4747 Viewridge Ave, San Diego California and asked to stalk a person or a vehicle, Immediately contact FBI Internal affairs. This is a rogue law enforcement officer vandalizing cars in San Diego county at 20 businesses. The police recruit people to put nails under tires and break into cars and file a phony reports on the person after stalking their houses. The stalker is usually an obese white or hispanic female with esteem issues. they will claim to represent law enforcement. REPORT STALKERS AT BBB 4747 Viewridge immediately. In some cases, The male stalkers have violent armed robber convictions, but will be there asking for home addresses. DO NOT HELP THEM. It is easy to track the stalker because they will call police on themselves after committing an act of vandalism, THE STALKER WILL TRY TO RECRUIT 7ELEVEN EMPLOYEES AND RESTAURANT WORKERS IN THE AREA. CONTACT FBI INTERNAL AFFAIRS IF YOU WERE APPROACHED BY A STALKER.

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