Targeted Individual Conference 2017: Dr. John Hall on Unity & the Attacks on Diplomats in Cuba

Posted on Youtube on 11/03/17 by Youtube channel: Matthew Aaron.

Over this summer, news stories started appearing (including NY Times) about Cuban embassy employees and their family members becoming ill from what sounded like directed energy weapon attacks. The embassy employees also complained of 24/7 surveillance, home break-ins and vandalism. Sound familiar? The government is taking it seriously despite having ignored the same complaints from people inside the US for decades.

7 thoughts on “Targeted Individual Conference 2017: Dr. John Hall on Unity & the Attacks on Diplomats in Cuba

  1. i thought i said ths in your metadata post but you blocked it or something. im in sd county and been at your blog for a few years. has your gang stalking got a lot worse this year? mine always gets worse but this year it got a lot worse than expected. i know sd is really bad just wondering who else’s like this

    • I don’t remember blocking your comment, sorry. Sometimes if people are putting names in the comments I don’t approve them. San Diego is a hub of trafficking and gang stalking criminality. I am praying some of the over 800 current sealed Federal indictments will take out some of the scum here. The intensity fluctuates but carrying a body camera everywhere you go scares the pussies off a lot.

  2. i was under another name but cant find the password and password reset is being a btch, dmatic4. that was my wordpress name but i dont use that now

    the electronic/technology part of my gs’ing to a lot worse this year. i dont get screaming pains, its a wierd kinda torture where it instead affects moods and stomach vibrating making me sick enough to move slower, etc. i been in this for awhile so i know when something is way off and this is it. it would make sense if it was just a few days, that happens osmetimes. right now the past 3-4, maybe more weeks im gettin ga lot more stomach vibrations and sleep dep. its holiday season yeah but like i said, its a lot different this time. i dont think a lot of the on foot gang stalkign has changed a whoel lot this year, ambye it ahs but not enough for me to notice.

    • I do receive DEW assaults but I would say it’s about the same. I wear a headset for work 4 days a week and I believe they have altered it or the phone software somehow to cause pain in my head and body and at times altered hearing from directed energy assault. I did notice a complete lack of DEW assault pain for a few weeks following the Las Vegas mass shooting/sacrifice.

  3. my constant stomach vibrations are gone but not even a weeklater i get something else. something much different is going on this year in usa gang stalking.

  4. I’ve been “shot in the head” for the first time this year (targeted since 2005) and am keen to tell other victims the fastest relief is cooling by frozen packs (of peas or whatever you have) because microwaves or tasers through the air create intense heat. This also minimizes damage to the brain. Surgeons use cooling for the same purpose. Please spread the word. (also remember that the motive of this scourge is identity theft of good cv’s).

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