Alex Jones Satellite Harassment/Terrorism With John Hall!

Published on Sep 20, 2013
Alex welcomes to the Infowars studio Dr. John Hall, anesthesiologist and author of A New Breed Satellite Terrorism to discuss the FACTS of the possibilities of Government Mind Control and Satellite Harassment/Terrorism.

8 thoughts on “Alex Jones Satellite Harassment/Terrorism With John Hall!

  1. This guy lives in Texas IIRC and more than likely is capitalizing off the crap ex-military and federal officials are feeding churches that keep people stirred up thinking the government is going to load us on rail cars and have us gassed if we don’t fight them and get thrown in prison.

    He used to be a doctor. They do that here, too. They throw trash in one doctors yard north of me-once even a barrier used in paving construction-to get them on the “let’s play mafia” gameboard.

    They generally stalk, break and enter, damage property, make death threats, and get other “concerned citizens” reporting on each other.

    I noticed the other day one came by and flashed their copps lights while I was eating lunch. “We’re Watching U” is the motto. It made sense considering some of the objects they’ve thrown on my property and left on another neighbor’s car. They stalk in their spare time.

  2. As a matter of fact, they are so into becoming police officers that being shadowed on the highway by someone with several antennas doesn’t even raise a flag it may be a police officer. That thought would never cross my mind considering the extortion rings they operate.

  3. I caught one guy walking a dog around 4:30 am-his shirt was light, pants dark. His dog appeared to have a dark head and light body. These people are so bizarre that I wouldn’t doubt for one minute he didn’t actually dye the dogs head. I haven’t seen him-or the dog-since.

    I watch my trash closely anymore. Especially since I figured the latest stalking excuse was assault weapons.

    I have some neighbors who think they’ll teach us all a lesson. They can party, get drunk, deal drugs, invite underage kids to their parties, jump fences, deal drugs, keep people awake all hours of the night and when the police show up they begin stalking by throwing objects at the most likely suspect.

    I had a piece of rebar ready to curl around their ever so enlarged brain encasing.

    It wasn’t the neighbor next to them because of all the psychology they’ve read and listened to it is safe to assume the brain doesn’t develop until after the age of 26.

    Pretty much explains why all the stalking and terrorism is so rampant in my area!

  4. I know for a fact they aren’t microwave weapons. I just caught one at my neighbor’s place. He’s been to mine before because he knew not to come into my yard. He was getting ready to do something to one of their vehicles. Looked about fortyish, long silver hair and a west coast accent.

    They like to monitor their health and mail them things they should do. They consider it advertising, not stalking.

    For me, they are concerned with how much toliet paper I use. They dropped several rolls in the neighborhood around the time they jumped the fence and yanked out my dog’s hair. One roll was left near the creek-the same creek I caught a guy watching a neighbor on the corner. Soon the guy pulled out and as luck would have it, his car looked alot like the guy waiting to make a delivery (that’s what he said because he had a clipboard). They moved not long afterwards. The new guy came by to look at me when I was throwing trash on the car of a guest of a guy who lives near by. He, too likes to invite his friends into my neighbor’s yard for a party.

  5. Organized Stalking in Chennai, India, starts as Hacking of Cell phones, Computers, proceeds to, all the typical Gang stalking tactics and Electronic harassment via Satellite.

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