Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard Shooting Suspect, Thought People Followed Him With Microwave Machine

Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard Shooting Suspect, Thought People Followed Him With Microwave Machine

Aaron Alexis was a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL. Tortured with V2K, DEW, and Organized Gang Stalking. 

This is not about mental illness, this is not about psych meds, this is not about gun control, this is not about addictions to violent video games. 



11 thoughts on “Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard Shooting Suspect, Thought People Followed Him With Microwave Machine

  1. For the whole past week I was gang-stalked on cyberspace by a group of women who are my former acquaintances. They hire private investigators to conduct surveillance on me, even hire a computer hacker to hack my website, recruit others of my former acquaintances as informants to trap me, and finally are able to get the LAPD’s stalking division (Threat Management Unit) to wire-tap my psychiatrist. They did all this because they are upset with me for talking about them on my website. Being targeted by ordinary citizens, not by government this time, is not a pleasant experience. They have furthermore created a complaint team to complain to every major search engines about my website, trying to take my website off search engines’ search list. They track down every posts I have put on the Internet, and slander me to every single person I have talked to on the Internet, hoping to isolate me. Maura, please tell me if they have contacted you, telling you to stay away from me because I am a psychopath serial killer. Because I need evidences to file restraining order against them. I describe the whole incident here: http://www.lawrencechin2011.com/blogs/2013/09/15/three-women-in-los-angeles-hired-a-hacker-in-hong-kong-to-hack-my-website-can-you-believe-this/ and http://www.lawrencechin2011.com/blogs/2013/09/21/three-women-in-la-try-to-take-down-my-website-part-iii-lapds-threat-management-unit/.

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  3. Yes, Aaron was certainly a V2k victim. Rest in peace Aaron and the 12 people he massacred on the instructions of faceless V2k perpetrators. The blood of the innocent is once again spilled by perps. I am in mourning and I cannot be comforted.

  4. Can’t Believe Darpa Gov. Jay Leno, Howard Raymond, David Thornton Obama Invisibly Wifi Implanting US Citizens From Monitor!

    Raymond from 72310 Blue Ridge Ct. Palm Desert, CA. 92260 states The New Hitler’s hate for Jews and Christian’s. Obama’s right hand wifi implant torture boys Howard Raymond and David Thornton should tortured, jailed, terminated and deported back to UK with Obama for the greatest US Gov. criminal terrorist act treason, demonically implanting US citizens for communist dictatorship and control. Heroin, speed retarded like his parents Paul Raymond King of Porn Soho and Jean Bradley Raymond’s family from London. Raymond states he is US Satan Gov. I never voted for this US Gov. He is telling me to get out of US and he is not a US native he is from UK like his master BO AC Man He said !

    Unbelievable to me right now! I am living proof Republicans, Christians with a Darpa right eye invisible retina implant from your computer in me now!
    Look Christian military, lawyers, politicians cans and policeman I am fighting this Satan Antichrist war alone! Howard William Raymond said Democratic Satan Party Obama Targeting Republicans, Maltese NY., Priests, Preachers, Jews, Trump, Rush, Bush, Romney and Stallone! This is Not a Joke! Contact me if you disbelieve! Lee Lee563@ykcwb.com 361 782 0206.
    They said and he did wifi my house and demonically invisibly implant me and family from virtuagirl.com and my relatives from my and their computer for Gov. Obama
    security with Gov. Darpa Alien Tech. (DARPA- Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) They use US Government Records and implant anyone anywhere in US! Howard said he wified implanted and recorded the police and in my town.
    Raymond stated he can view and sell your sex with an adv, alien tech cam and cell connection from past alien captive research! David Thornton Gov. Darpa Tech Dept. said aliens evolved from insects from millions of years ago. USA Land of the Free Satan Drone Slaves!

    I am a victim of US Covert Obama Gov. The unknown operation for control of the US and world. US Darpa Obama-Raymond’s Wifi death Threats-Violated My Constitutional Rights, Freedom of Speech, Invasion of Privacy, Demonic Wifi Mind Possession! Demonic Hate Darpa Wifi Micro Implantation Of US Citizens and myself. They said I’m Operation – Big Mouth Poster # 1 Darpa Project Blue Beam Wild Wifi Hit. No Trace, No Grease Obama fry legal in US now.

    DARPA – the central research and development organization for the United States Department of Defense; responsible for developing new surveillance technologies since 9/11 DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Department of Defense, created in 1947. Gov. Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) microwave Adv. Alien Tech., (Invisible like a computer program download) retina eye implant and Gov. Computer Howard Raymond wifi’s your house then can view and sell members at his thousands of Gov. Porn and Gov. Sites. This Invisible micro program retina right eye implant they have installed from the Internet his home then from your computer monitor into the retina of your eye, doing millions of other porn viewers from thousands of his porn sites and Gov. Sites.
    Darpa invented the Internet using Advanced Alien Invisible Tech. Surveillance Invisible Retina-Eye Implant! Raymond said is not a 666 implant it’s a warfare surveillance invisible retina eye implant from your monitor from his sight for he said Darpa Exe. Obama is to use for warfare Microwave Wars. No one would remove this invisible microwave surveillance program implants from anyone! Invisible Retina Right Eye Program can be installed from your computer, cell phone, radio or TV.

  5. Well what do you folks expect? Think palestinians in a third world country can afford airfare to throw rocks and sticks at you or the occassional ied from hamas…..or osama in his cave? If they didnt have terrorism…theyd have to make up something else like poisons making people into zombies…or i dont know i dont try to control people….you sure cant ask for help from anyone…we better network fast and take vacations….as far as mockery…people have made fun of me my entire life…after a brief refresher course…i can cope with the nerds jocks…..just like high school all over again…they say big corporationsand ivy league schools have this level of competition……i guess so. Or the military…maybe that explains it.

  6. Ive gotten messages like that…id assume whomever he shot…if he even did it…had jack to do with it…before i became wise to the program of making me violent to hurt others to get rid of me and for sport i presume….you know how autistics fly into rages….anyway dont hurt anyone….just think of it as a big machine with little worker bees buZing around inspecting you for defects…obviously in this model…nothing may be wrong with you…you may just bensensitive amingst sociopaths…who incidently fly into rages on occassion as well….amusement factor for the handlers cant be overlooked at causing suicides and mass murder….sixties had alot of it too….just try to remain calm and be patient….if you dont get upset….the game ends…see roy masters stuff on dealing with evil people manipulating your resentments

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