The Qigong Show

Today was my first Qigong class at the community center. As I approached the entrance, I noticed a young female perp had parked in front of the entrance and was sitting in her car. When she saw me coming, she dutifully exited her vehicle and entered the building seconds before me. I thought about her sitting there waiting for me while I walked around lost for about 10 minutes trying to find the place. Her job was to enter the class right before me to signal to everyone the “show” was starting.

Things were going OK until about 20-30 minutes into the class when a short Mexican woman walked in late. She reminded me of a clown dressed in a hot neon pink tunic top, purple leggings and sneakers with a busy pattern on them. Even their clothes are loud. We were seated in a circle and of course a chair was added for her right next to me. When the teacher asked her for her name, she gave the name of a main character from a movie I had watched the  night before. It is not a common name. She had a thick accent and pronounced it with a rrrrrolling R. We eventually stood up in a circle for the practice and R. did her best to crowd me. Just think of all the gang stalking points she could score if she hit me! As I repeatedly backed away from her she repeatedly backed up towards me like a neon troll.

After class ended, R. was the model citizen, quickly darting around the studio to help put all of the chairs away. Another class was entering as we left. A person left a pair of shoes in front of one of the double doors at the exit for blocking. Right after I exited a man came out and moved them. During class there was also plenty of noise harassment by low flying aircraft and a garbage truck idling outside. Perps repeatedly walked around the building, they love windows. Mimicking harassment, sexual harassment, gesture harassment, color harassment, directed conversation. Considered how much more enjoyable this class would be without the harassment.


4 thoughts on “The Qigong Show

  1. You go to a therapist to work on your PTSD and the paid, trained assholes show up.

    You go to a Qi Gong class and there’s are least TWO perps to ruin that for you too.

    This on top of a near-endless succession of asshole losers trying to interfere with every thing you do to heal and improve yourself.

    You should see the parade of poorly and well-trained scum perps at my gym here in Buffalo, Best Fitness. I count at LEAST eight of these fucks over the last two years playing the “intimidation” to the gay shit (I’m not) to try and rattle me:Both common themes for TIs of both genders who join a gym.

    Because working out, taking Qi Gong, Yoga or any other physical/mental commitment takes us out of our depression, anxiety and anger just enough (or more) to realize just how much of their “games” are pure psychout bullshit.

    Hell, I like to consider myself fairly bright but I had to hear the obvious on an archived TalkShoe call: We (TIs) never did one fucking thing to ANY of our perps.

    If someone wrongs another person you get them back legally or otherwise ONCE and its settled. You go after the offending person AGAIN if they’re dumb enough to screw with the same person again.

    But to pull this shit year after year for no reason because the state and their thug, coward, fascist, dumb fuck agents flash a badge, talk shit about us and show them a smear file on use DOES constitute a few forms of torture and I have never and will never call myself a victim even though these evii fucks have taken my OCD and anxiety disorders and cranked them up to the max while putting me in a perpetual state of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    So of course these stupid, sick, cold ugly motherfuckers will interfere with psychiatric, mental and physical therapies to overcome the years of ground stalking and DE conditioning they’ve done to us.

    Its scary in the surreal sense, how much behind the scenes work goes into each target’s script, how much money (budget) is wasted on us in the sick fucking movies each of our lives have become with all of our personal information given to complete strangers (which includes neighbors).

    Nearly all of the perps know full well that they are causing mental and physical harm by simple logic: If your intentional behavior elicits a negative reaction from the same individual over a period of time then you know that you are causing harm.

    All this pointless, avoidable grief from total strangers we never did one thing to. Any time I have given a dirty look, flashed the middle finger, muttered something angry under my breath and other harmless behaviors has been in response to their intentional provocation (which I rarely respond to now but I AM human and they get under my skin now and then).

    Your new year’s post of telling your perps to go fuck themselves and how they have not and never will prove you are crazy (as THEY ALL ARE) was beautifully written, Stopogs!

    • Yes the gym is bad. I was going to one here called “Frog’s”. Many of the members/employes/instructors actually stalked me outside of the place all over my community. One even showed up dressed as a priest during a Latin mass in June 2012! I reported him to the diocese. Another showed up at my local church, involved with the school and leading the Rosary group after mass. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why someone would always show up late for yoga and plop down next to me crowding my space. The place has been completely cleaned out since then, new management/ employees/remodel/new name. It’s now called “Fit”. Thanks for your support, stay warm over there.

    • I do give a lot of asshole perps the finger. And then they put these two cops parked outside a convenience store to “talk” to me. The cop told me “I saw you flipping someone the bird. You sure like flipping the bird a lot, don’t you?” Interesting, because I never saw that guy when I flipped the bird. No police car in sight. But I did flip a couple perps the bird at the mall earlier before I went for a walk uptown and saw the cops hours later. I realize now that’s what they’re referring to. He was always being very… demeaning to me in his attitude, like I bored him and secondly acted like I was a trouble maker. But the handlers know how much shit we get as TI’s, and it’s hard to prove it because the harassment is based on triggers that only TI’s know. So when we flip the perps the bird, we get in trouble. Actually, flipping the bird is protected free speech. And the cop was drawing attention to this to make me feel like I was the one causing the trouble, not the many perps doing stuff like wallet-checking that is anchored to something. They act like nobody ever does anything to us and we are trouble makers when we give the obvious reaction.

      The cops had his hand on his Taser gun as though he were “contemplating” tasering me. And he asks me if I’m still teaching? And I tell him no, because the head faculty at the college where I teach are perps and won’t give me any classes (but I don’t tell him this, only that I don’t teach there anymore). Then he launches into this “gee, why not”? (Again. this is the “you are a troublemaker” mind game.) I then tell him I’m working at UPS now. He did more mind games, like I must be a loser for working at UPS when I am college educated. I think he knows that he and his buddy are too out of shape to even think about working at UPS. I don’t think a lot of perps could ever last more than 1 hour there. Yet, there are a few perps there too. Like the older women who laugh repeatedly right at me when I’m walking to the Unload to do my job there. Again, women doing an easy sorting job while I get to bust ass on the Unload. One supervisor there called me “faggot” right to my face. I really did want to punch this asshole in his face in the parking lot. But then, the security guards and the front office people would have come to his defense, I’m sure. There are a few higher up supervisors that were nasty to me. One older bitch was a higher up supervisor, and she was mean and rude as hell to me. I really wanted to tell the bitch off, but I held back, but didn’t take any shit from her either. A lot of these assholes just hate their lives, and they want us to feel bad while they get their release projecting it all onto us.

      • Hahaha me too! Allllll daaayyy looonngg I look up. See them either in their cars driving past , or in their cars parked up when I’m at a bus stop . Or the ones that drive city trucks etc. All day long. I smile. I flip them the bird and I tell them to go fuck themselves.

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