TI Testimony: Cynthia From New Mexico (Growing Up In An Illuminati Family – Gangstalking Almost Ended In Suicide)

Published on Dec 11, 2014
What is the illuminati really? We got Cynthia from New Mexico to call in and share her story of growing up in an illuminati family i.e. close ties to freemasonry and secret societies that worship satan. How deep does this go? After you hear about where she grew up and the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death, you’ll find out. More at eternalplanner.com

One thought on “TI Testimony: Cynthia From New Mexico (Growing Up In An Illuminati Family – Gangstalking Almost Ended In Suicide)

  1. Mormon church is the biggest fraud of the century. When I resigned from Mormonism they gave my name to their network which the cults has all over the world. Targeted individuals are harassed followed and targeted 24/7. These cults make our lives a nightmare. They put listening devices in our home. They hack our cell phones they hire the homeless and drug addicts to follow and harass us. It goes on no matter where we go. Apartment managers are in on this evil. It’s never ending they will brain wash ad put our own children under mind controll they will fabricate lies to the neighbors and our friends to turn everyone against us so we have no support. Their goal is to make us homeless or appear mentally incompetent or try to make us retaliate against the bishop or someone in the cult so we will be in prison for the rest of our lives. The government is part of this evil. Our country claim they are fighting terriorism in other countries yet there are criminal acts every moment of every day against those of us who leave these cults . Jehovah witness/ Seven Day Adventist/ Church of Christ and Sciencetologist are all freemason cults hiding behind religion. When a member find out what they are doing and resign they will make our lives a nightmare. No use calling the police because they police that will show up is a mason and they will make it seem as if we are mentally unstable. This is sheer Lucerferian evil these people are all Satanist. I resigned from the LDS cult in 2008 they have stollen all that I own. United vanlines picked up my household goods in 2008 I was new as a targeted individual not knowing they had the smoke detector and tv spying on everything I did in my home when I went out on errands they stole my bill of laden I never saw my furniture again had no proof it was picked up. Lord help America if Mitt Romney make president he will make Obama look like a saint. For all of you who do not believe that the Satanic Freemason Illuminati has not high jacked the world you are truly blind.

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