Happy New Year

I see Patty, and Kerry, and Deana, and Kristen…

I see Tommy, and Sarah, and Beth, and Elaine..

I see Eileen, and Lucy, and Latrice, and Travis..

I see Dan, and Frank, and Cara, and Dr. Lozar..

I just wanted to send a New Year’s greeting to all the perps of the past, present, and future..

You will never convince anyone, including myself that I am mentally ill. To all the fucking losers of years present and past who have gaslighted me, you are epic failures..at everything. Despite your best and most painfully micro-managed and epically financially wasteful efforts you have accomplished zero…zilch..nada. You are the ultimate filth of the universe. Go ahead and knock yourself out with “transhumanism”, turning yourselves into a bunch of fucking Frankenstein freaks. You will never accomplish eternal life no matter how hard you try.

On the other hand, myself, friends and family will be guaranteed eternal life. We will live for eternity in joy, love, happiness, peace, and freedom from suffering…not giving one single fuck about you, your family, your friends, or anything you did to us. You will be completely and utterly forgotten, cold, pulseless and dead.

Happy New Year perpies. Enjoy your synthetic, anesthetized, enslaved, toxic, pedophile lives while they last.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. dec. 31, 2014 new years eve
    I have been gangstalked for 10 years and this is my first media stance of not being silent. Silence goes nowhere! Today The perp(s) went into my cars glove compartment and took my dog’s bone out while I was out of the car. My dog was in the car while this happened. For the new year may these miscreants, the lowest form of life, lower than shit, lower than sex predators, lower than serial killers, may they leave this earth in the most atrocious way. I pray it’s worse than the suffering they caused. They are pathological incurables that are wasting their time and money on me. In 2015 I am going to have the highest quality and best life Let them go fuck themselves to death!!!!!!!

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