TI Testimony- Deserie Foley

Published on Nov 17, 2014
A real life story of being gang stalked. Part 1.


9 thoughts on “TI Testimony- Deserie Foley

  1. I’m a computer security consultant who was stalked by a security firm known as HBGary. They tried to make my wife and I look crazy. Arizona police and FBI would not help me; even after I helped FBI with the case against HBGary that started the stalking. We had are children interviewed by Social Services and my wife and I were put on 72 hr psych hold. But, I was released after 4 hours because Doctors saw my IPhone pics and video. They hid in attic and modified A/C vents to keep them and equipment cool. This was in AZ, so cops just wouldn’t believe us. They never even looked in attic. They thought we were meth heads, but we tested negative at hospital. We showed them pictures, but they said we could have faked them. I’M still suffering from PTSD, and this was in 2011. I know how they hacked phones and computers, and police still didn’t believe me. I would really like to share my story with you. Also, I could share their techniques with you. They were very high tech and compromised our home security system and used EMF gear against us.

    • I believe you. It’s a whole new frontier people just can’t conceive of yet, plus it’s just too scary for them. Good job collecting evidence. Police Dept.’s aren’t prepared for this yet, or they are too corrupt to help. I’m sorry you had to go through this with children. These people are stone cold demons.

  2. good luck, it never stops, they try to ruin your life, yes they break into your house, I had scare off all my neighbors and people just to get some peace. I take pills now to calm down now, hope it works out for you, you will eventually be at peace but its hard to have a job and life with these problems happening. They some how use technology to make sounds of someone walking by, on roof, under you, it gets really annoying when its real bad, when someone actually shows up they shut up and wait till they leave. Your better off living with someone to keep your mind off of it. They target random people, there isn’t a reason your targeted, their all random. They try to get you to turn on your own friends and family, Sounds like you made it though, some people don’t, they freak out and go on rampages, kill themselves or harm others.

  3. I think she looks pretty and I think we should get our facts together first before we report it. Its more like bullying and backbiting on till you feel emotional then they harass you once they notice your feeling down

  4. Deserie, I believe you 100%, I am one of many TI’s …just like you. I had terrorized by cult
    since 2012…I was placed in MENTAL hospital
    AGAINST my will. Thank you for your story.
    NOBODY until now…believes me either.

  5. I didn’t know there was another person who went through gang harassment.. I have at least 13 years of almost every single day harassment and street theater going on, including very paranormal/ or high tech events. Very scared first, now got used to it. But I still have problems when it comes to keeping healthy relationship with my boyfriend because I want to share part of my life. Of course all my friends think I am mentally ill. Very lonely world.

    I do not have a lot of free free time because I take care of paralyzed boyfriend, but if you feel like getting together share your story. Let me know. I am getting tired of talking about it to my boyfriend and start fighting..

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