13 thoughts on “TI Testimony- Deserie Foley

  1. I’m a computer security consultant who was stalked by a security firm known as HBGary. They tried to make my wife and I look crazy. Arizona police and FBI would not help me; even after I helped FBI with the case against HBGary that started the stalking. We had are children interviewed by Social Services and my wife and I were put on 72 hr psych hold. But, I was released after 4 hours because Doctors saw my IPhone pics and video. They hid in attic and modified A/C vents to keep them and equipment cool. This was in AZ, so cops just wouldn’t believe us. They never even looked in attic. They thought we were meth heads, but we tested negative at hospital. We showed them pictures, but they said we could have faked them. I’M still suffering from PTSD, and this was in 2011. I know how they hacked phones and computers, and police still didn’t believe me. I would really like to share my story with you. Also, I could share their techniques with you. They were very high tech and compromised our home security system and used EMF gear against us.

    • I believe you. It’s a whole new frontier people just can’t conceive of yet, plus it’s just too scary for them. Good job collecting evidence. Police Dept.’s aren’t prepared for this yet, or they are too corrupt to help. I’m sorry you had to go through this with children. These people are stone cold demons.

  2. good luck, it never stops, they try to ruin your life, yes they break into your house, I had scare off all my neighbors and people just to get some peace. I take pills now to calm down now, hope it works out for you, you will eventually be at peace but its hard to have a job and life with these problems happening. They some how use technology to make sounds of someone walking by, on roof, under you, it gets really annoying when its real bad, when someone actually shows up they shut up and wait till they leave. Your better off living with someone to keep your mind off of it. They target random people, there isn’t a reason your targeted, their all random. They try to get you to turn on your own friends and family, Sounds like you made it though, some people don’t, they freak out and go on rampages, kill themselves or harm others.

  3. I think she looks pretty and I think we should get our facts together first before we report it. Its more like bullying and backbiting on till you feel emotional then they harass you once they notice your feeling down

  4. Deserie, I believe you 100%, I am one of many TI’s …just like you. I had terrorized by cult
    since 2012…I was placed in MENTAL hospital
    AGAINST my will. Thank you for your story.
    NOBODY until now…believes me either.

  5. I didn’t know there was another person who went through gang harassment.. I have at least 13 years of almost every single day harassment and street theater going on, including very paranormal/ or high tech events. Very scared first, now got used to it. But I still have problems when it comes to keeping healthy relationship with my boyfriend because I want to share part of my life. Of course all my friends think I am mentally ill. Very lonely world.

    I do not have a lot of free free time because I take care of paralyzed boyfriend, but if you feel like getting together share your story. Let me know. I am getting tired of talking about it to my boyfriend and start fighting..

    • If your friends think your lying. Then they are part of it. I caught on real quick that my friends were in on it when I would tell them stories and they said they didn’t believe me. Or they would just say things yeah and mmm and oh. And then one day it clicked. I noticed my friends gf fuckin around on her phone and the camera was down but pointed my way. Then the flash went a few times. I asked why that was going on. She said oh the battery is low and that’s how it warns you. Like I’m fucking stupid. Smfdh and I lost a lot of so called friends. I would never go against a friend and do this to them. Ever. So you prob have no friends either just FYI and if my assumptions are right they report what you say or what you did to them. Yup. No friends are better than these pos . And sure who needs enemys with cunts like these looking out for you

  6. Im in phx . I’m not from here though. Like it matters anyway… Is there anyone I could talk to personally. Help getting techniques to fight back,catch them spying. Anything! This all began last Nov. And has gradually got worse. Its going to continue to get worse I imagine as I fight back . I’m not gonna let these fucking cock suckers get the better of me.

  7. I AM A TI AND THIS CAN HELP YOU, PLEASE READ. I have been a gangstalking target for the last 3 1/2 years. I live in North Phoenix, AZ and have filed police reports as well as complaints to the FBI. They originally showed up in alot of trucks and cars with the logo “elite” on the car doors. They follow me everywhere I go including work. They apparently have a garage in the area that they are able to repaint the vehicles and apply new logos as needed. The logos are offensive and have been designed to instill anger, fear etc.
    I have learned to use an umbrella to block their visual attacks. They also use sounds such as owls, loud cars, various trucks, honking horns etc. I have learned to use my headphones to block them. I choose to focus on any other than them. I am a Christian and listen to sermons which are
    positive and motivating such as Joel Osteen, Charles Stanley, John McArthur. Some time ago I realized they broke into my home and put some sort of
    substance in my food that forced odd thoughts. I filed a police report. It was some sort of a mind control type of substance. I no longer leave food in the refrigerator and the odd thoughts stopped. Next thing I know I was being targeted with a voice to skull type weapon. This seemed to only happen when standing outside waiting for a ride. I no longer wait outside and the odd thoughts that they want to try and control with me have stopped. These individuals wait in a vehicle so protect yourself. I now call for a ride and ask them to call me when they have arrived so that I can go safely from the store (bldg) to my ride.

    They have also used this inside my home when sitting in front of the tv. I moved big boxes and
    other items to form a wall and have learned to use “grounding” to protect myself. I went to Home Depot purchased a large copper pole placed in deep into the ground and purchased some copper covered grounding wire approx 40 ft long, used a wire stripper and wrapped the copper end of the wire around the copper pole (did this for all 3 wires) and ran them under the sliding glass patio door. I then added an alligator clip on each of the wires and can now attach the clip to fabric that blocks their weapons. I also went to Amazon and purchased a portable grounding cord
    GROUNDING CORD | 6-foot long, 3-prong gator with clip

    Sold by: FilterEMF

    I went to Amazon and purchased a type of material that was designed to block radio frequencies etc. ArgenMesh Conductive/Shielding Silver Fabric

    Sold by: FilterEMF

    I place the material under a baseball cap making sure the material drops over both ears (it stops their ear ringing devices no more tennitus) and it also helps to stop whatever frequency type weapon that produces odd dreams. Have not had one odd dream in months! I also purchased
    a product at the grocery store called Yoshi Copper sheets primarily used for baking. They can be purchased at Amazon, Walmart and at some of the larger grocery stores https://www.walmart.com/…/As-Seen-on-TV-Grill-Mat…/123260074
    I simply attach one of the copper sheets to the alligator clip, place it on my head under a baseball
    cap along with the specialized fabric I purchased on Amazon. It blocks all voice to skull transmissions inside the home as well as blocks the odd dreams and tinnitus. Important to note: the entire neck area must be covered. This worked so well I purchased additional boxes of the Yoshi Copper sheets and placed one of the sheets over the circuit breaker
    box inside my home door using Duct tape and then attached one of the alligator clips to the copper sheet.
    It INSTANTLY BLOCKED THE ELECTRONIC WEAPONS!!! I still get a teeny ping every so often and I believe they may use the motors from fans (such as the fan in the bathroom and kitchen) They seem to use digial equipment such as cell phones, speakers, and tablets too. I noticed the harder hits came when I use my Kindles. I no longer use the Kindles inside my home and keep my cell phone covered with the grounding material.
    It is best not to have any cell phones and tablets inside the home. They use them as weapons.
    The copper sheets can be placed over anything and when grounded 99% of the electronic weapons will be stopped.
    I now use the copper sheets over the fan in the bathroom ceiling and can soak for hours
    without really knowing they are around. Some semblance of normalcy atleast for a few hours has proved to be extremely helpful.

    Of course all the voice to skull messages are harassing and strongly suggest that I purchase
    items that would definitely be harmself to myself and others. I am a 59 year old Christian, and live as the Bible instructs. I use a subliminal MP3 by Louise Hay to “erase” the destructive
    messages that the gang stalkers use. I will continue to play the subliminal message over and over again and it really does erase or atleast diminishes their messages to slight blurbs. Massive amounts of subliminal is needed.

    Self-Esteem Affirmations: Motivational Affirmations for Building Confidence and Recognizing Self-WorthJun 17, 2004 | Original recording

    by Hay House and Louise L. Hay

    Can be downloaded from Louise’s website http://www.hayhouse.com or it can be purchased though Amazon and used through their Audible membership.

    I have learned that by going outside and walking around barefooted I can naturally release
    most if not all of the electronic energy. The ground also naturally releases the best antioxidants known to man. It could be part of the reason why the perpetrators make so much noise outside, they dont want use to discharge the harmful energy. https://draxe.com/earthing/ here is a link to a website that I found extremely helpful http://www.normalbreathing.com/e/how-to-ground-yourself.php The ground also releases the most powerful anti-oxidants known to man. The internet has alot of information that could prove helpful to you.

    It became obvious to me that the perpetrators prefer to use their electronic weapons on the bottom of feet. It could be because all of the body’s nerve ending can be found on the bottom of the foot, check out the diagram on this webpage http://www.doctoroz.com/article/reflexology-foot-chart please protect yourself! Big, thick rubber boots are helpful. Rubber can also be grounded using the copper grounding wire and blocks their weapons. I also use many rubber bath mats to cover targeted areas. Soaking the feet in an Epsom salt bath will remove any of the energy they managed to get into the body through the feet http://www.livestrong.com/…/101291-benefits-soaking-feet-e…/
    I take epsom salt baths once or twice a day, I also use sea salt regularly. Their electronic magnetic weapons cannot penetrate the sea salt/epsom salt baths. I do not recommend using wet towels and sheets around the feet as moisture in the home can lead to illness as well as mildew etc. Protect yourself.

    It has become obvious to me that these groups of perpetrators hang-out online as well as
    off-line. I originally ran into a few of them unknowingly in a Yahoo Group and in a site
    called Desktop Nexus https://www.desktopnexus.com/ I have reported this to the FBI and to my
    awareness several of the gangstalking members have been arrested and are currently serving time in prison. They also seemed to have been employees of Google (advertising) and there is some connection
    to Bing.com and Yahoo.com. The individual that is responsible for posting the advertising inside of the free-aps play.google.com as well as Yahoo.com and other advertising online is definitely involved in this gang stalking group. I have kept notes etc and have shared all of this helpful information to the FBI. I am hoping that others have noticed and are willing to share their perceptions/experiences with us. I am also hoping that everyone that has been a target would be willing to share their experience online. Tell us what worked for you, how did you protect yourself? Please sign the STOP PREDATORY GANG STALKING petitions online and join the fight with us! These gang stalkers get away with this because it is not widely known and is difficult to
    explain etc. Please do a search online “gang stalking petition” and sign them. Let your voice be heard! We need you. Covert harassment is a crime against humanity. Please protect yourself and fight back. Fight for those people that are being stalked that have children. Fight for the pregnant women that have been targeted and for those who may be self employed and are exposed to this type of abuse.

    If you are a Christian you may want to know that there is a dynamite Christian pastor that has wrote several books regarding this same subject…no doubt in my mind that he was also a gang stalking target. A quick search on Amazon will give you links to dozens of Dr. Olukoya’s books. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2…

    I have learned that the gang stalking group wants us to get angry, angry enough to do some of the destructive things that they suggest. Please do not let them get you into a place of anger.
    The drug that they place in the food wears off in a few hours. The voice to skull stops after a few minutes. All of it can be diluted with alot of subliminal messages. I trust Louise Hay’s subliminal messages and I trust Dr. Olukoya, Joel Osteen, Charles Stanley and John McArthur.
    As I mentioned previously, I live the way the Bible instructs and keep my eyes focused on
    Jesus. I have prayed my way into breakthroughs and feel extremely blessed to be able to share
    the tips I’ve shared.
    I want to thank each and every person that has taken the time to post online. You are in my prayers daily, my heart goes out to you and I absolutely believe the victory is ours. It is my belief that we are called to share this information online, place “the light” on the darkness so that they cannot hide anymore. All the gang stalkers can do is harass, I live alone and there is no fear.
    Their threats are empty threats. They do this to instill fear etc.–mind control.
    Stand firm, keep your thoughts on anything but them and their nonsense. Keep positive, think of positive, happy thoughts. We fight evil by doing good. I listen to Joel Osteen almost everyday. Tap into the things that bring you joy. The joy of the Lord is my strength. I refuse to be terrified or discouraged for the Lord is with me wherever I go. Joshua 1:9 The Bible is filled with positive, life promoting thoughts.
    The power of the Word sets me free. I bring my spirit, soul and body in line with God’s Word.
    Amos 3:3. Jesus saves, He really does!

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