Ghosting is a common tactic used on TI’s but I recently learned it has another meaning. Most TI’s who are subject to psychological abuse/ harassment are familiar with the tactic of perps moving items around the TI’s home, making items disappear for days/months and returning them (or not). And ghosting by swapping, where the original item is swapped out with a flawed reproduction that is obvious to the TI only.

Another form of ghosting is identity theft. Perps take the swapping to a whole new level by assuming other people’s lives. Identity theft by ghosting is not new but may be taking place at unprecedented levels right now and should probably be considered a form of terrorism. Impersonation and look- alikes are standard harassment tactics of joint targeting. Ghosting involves completely annihilating a target and seamlessly replacing them. The perps then gain another mind controlled person that looks, talks, and acts just like you do. They will live in your home, eat your food, sleep in your bed, spend your money, attend your church, and even act like they are related to you. Many times these ghosting perp “replacements” are criminals (as well as socio- and psychopaths) who are very happy to take on a shiny new life.

Whereas as traditional ghosting involved assuming the identity of a person that died of natural causes, ghosting via joint targeting involves intentionally eliminating a TI specifically for the purpose of ghosting. In a completely covert manner.

This is something every TI should know about because we are very vulnerable to it, as well as our friends, family, and coworkers. It also may be happening more frequently now in the entertainment business and the government. It could be one of the ultimate uses for all the “harmless” metadata the NSA is gathering on all of us, along with depopulation.

Some of the telltale signs of ghosting are a sudden appearance or disappearance of medical problems. Dramatic changes in physical appearance (weight gain/loss, change in height, accelerated aging, hairline/hairstyle/hair texture, skin hue/tone). Sudden change in style of dress, lifestyle (incl. spending habits, drug/alcohol use), speech/accent, eyesight, occupation, motivation, etc. Sudden change in social circle, may hang out w/new or very old friends or friends/ family members they previously didn’t get along with. Revealing secrets, telling you personal things about themselves from past and present. New replacements will may act nervous and uncomfortable around the target in the beginning. And of course they will act like perps. Many TI’s who are unaware that they are TI’s, and some who are, may not be aware of ghosting and come to believe their loved ones are possessed. Upon noticing all of these subtle changes along with standard perp harassment tactics like artificial telepathy and mimicking, they may think their loved has been demonized. This can and will frequently escalate into violent situations and there are stories in the news like this almost every day, with the TI claiming the person they hurt was a demon.

Some links on identity theft by “ghosting”. Can you imagine if some of these “ghosting” frauds actually get exposed for their heinous crimes?

“Ghosting” is also a term used by the CIA when they imprison people in secret locations without documenting their presence.

6 thoughts on “Ghosting

  1. This is all like a sci-fi horror movie.

    All of this time, energy;Work, resources to what end?
    And these motherfuckers (perps in civilian and government alike) have the audacity, the balls to call TIs “crazy,” “perverted” and/or “terrorists” while they pull this kind of shit and so many other crimes off?!

    My god! I can not begin to imagine the fucked up mindset of the neighbors who KNOW that a TI’s been replaced by a lookalike and play along like nothing has happened.

    I speak NOT out of fear but my surprise that these motherfuckers never, ever stop showing me what insanity they so joyfully partake in for power, money and just because they are irreparably damaged inside.

    The hundreds of billions spent on perfecting targeting just in the U.S. alone (as in the D.A.R.P.A. patented weapons, the shit our traitor air force, navy and all of the corporate and university research bastards have created including every imaginable kind of psy op.

    The most vital historical data on gang stalking and work place mobbing taken from Russia, Germany, China, ect has been refined here and spread across the globe and not just NATO nations (I’m assuming).

    The ghosting you mention reminds me of one of Talk Shoe’s best TI hosts, Alda who on one of her shows spoke of a woman who dressed and looked like her at a distance was being used to make HER look like the guilty party in a crime she believed they were trying to frame her for (she’s extraordinarily sharp and in the know like yourself, Stopogs).

      • Happy new year!

        Just saw your reply.

        Alda’s Talkshoe TI show is usually on three days a week with no set days or times that I know of but her HUNDREDS of archived shows are like “TI Gold.”

        Alda’s show ID is 99521.

        The f–ks at Talkshoe make it easy to find FFCHS’ government-sponsored show but other REAL TI calls have gotten hard to find even though hateful white supremecist and other crazy shows are easy to find.

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