Police/Fire Dept. Harassment log

4:45 pm- Passed by Police car while driving.

4:50 pm- Passed by Fire dept. SUV while driving.

6:30 pm- Private ambulance pickup at Therapist’s office.

6:40 pm- Passed by firetruck while driving.

6:50 pm- passed by Paramedic ambulance while driving.

6:54 pm- Passed by private ambulance while driving.

Tonight was my first Mindfulness class, held at my therapist’s office once a week. I was stalked by multiple cars on my way to and from the offie. A car alarm was blaring as I entered the building. As I entered the class a security guard stood watching in the hallway right outside the door. We filed in and sat in a circle. There were perps in attendence, one sat directly across from me and jingled her bracelet and repeatedly brushed her hair with her hand. She also did some mimicking. Why do so many of them look like death warmed over? Overall it was a good class. But the perps always like to make you feel like shit right after you did something you enjoyed, like a good surf session or yoga class. They are the most petty assholes on the face of the Earth and look for any opportunity possible to inject themselves into your space, no matter how minute. In class my seat faced the door which had a narrow window in it. For the most part class went well but during the last 5-10 minutes I noticed a woman standing outside the door. Her hair was pulled back and she had a paramedic uniform on. She stood right in front of the window so I could see the emblem on her shoulder. When I exited the class I found she had put someone on a gurney and was blocking the hallway with it. The patient and their family member had their brightest, finest stalker colors on. The same security guard stood in the hallway as I exited. The perps have done this at my therapist’s office multiple times before, faking medical problems and calling 911. It is always synchronized to occur right as I am arriving or leaving the building.

2 thoughts on “Police/Fire Dept. Harassment log

  1. They look like death warmed over because they are zombies: brainless creatures who incorporate actions into their behavior (as they’ve been told to do) and who incorporate phrases into their writings and conversations (as they’ve been told to do). They are pathetic — laugh at them if you possibly can!

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