Sheriff/Fire/Lifeguard Dept. Harassment Log 10/28/12

Went for a walk on the beach today.

2 pm- Passed by lifeguard truck while walking North.

2:30 pm- Surrounded by Lifeguard trucks and jeeps at drudging site while walking North. One Sheriff dept. jeep present. Multiple city workers present in orange vests.

2:50 pm- Passed lifeguards and Sheriff’s jeep again while walking South.

2:55 pm- Passed by Lifeguard truck while walking South.

3 pm- Passed by Lifeguard medic truck while walking South.

3:20 pm-  Lifeguard truck stopped with red lights flashing, passed it walking South.

3:40 pm- Passed firetruck and Paramedic ambulance stopped at Denny’s entrance on drive home from beach.

The city is currently drudging sand up onto the beach. The drudging boat magically appears anytime I walk near the coast. The boat stayed with me walking North at the same pace as me until it arrived at the drudge pipe which surfaced on the beach. As I passed this section a city worker in an orange vest aggressively approached me and made a scene. I changed my path and the drudging started right after I passed. They told everyone on the beach they couldn’t walk South past the pipe again, I did it anyway after I turned around at the end of the beach. It is interesting the city has workers out drudging the beach on a Sunday. I walk this beach A LOT and I never see city workers out on the weekend doing routine work. City workers and Lifeguards are just as involved in the harassment as the Sheriff, Police, and Fire dept. Victims of gang stalking will see the “orange safety vests” everywhere….doing road or roadside work, construction, directing traffic, landscaping, volunteer work, etc. Pretty much any excuse to wear one, and you will find a flurry of these types of activity everywhere you go.

My stalkers are getting more aggresive and touching me. I was hit by one on Saturday while doing some volunteer work (adult male) and hit again at the beach yesterday (young adult male). Yesterday afternoon I was almost hit by a Volkswagon Jetta while exiting my apt. complex in my car. I was almost hit again this am by a green van driven by a woman. The license plate started with “5V”. I should have taken a video or pics. They sped in very fast and passed me after I cautiously looked both ways before exiting. It is normally not a busy street but the view is often not clear due to so many parked cars on the shoulder. This morning I confronted the woman in the green van. She said she lived in the neighborhood but wouldn’t tell me her name. She was extremely aggressive as I approached her car and kept saying “You didn’t look both ways.” It was obvious it was synchronized harassment and she was looking for a confrontation. It is unfathomable how horrid these people are…inside and out. Sometimes I honestly wonder if they really are human…as another victim recently told me, they are demonic.

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