Eight Signs of Terrorism

Provided by the San Diego Joint Terrorism Task Force. Every single one applies to Organized gang stalking. Terrorists stalking innocent citizens under the guise of fighting terrorism, with the goals of causing chaos, destruction, and death.

1.) Surveillance   (To deteremine a target’s strengths and weaknesses.)

2.) Elicitation  (Gathering info about the operations and security of a potential target.)

3.) Testing security  (Trespassing in a restricted area.)

4.) Funding

5.) Acquiring supplies   (Weapons, transportation, communication systems.)

6.) Impersonation   (Impersonate law officers, firefighters, EMS or paramedic personnel, mail carriers, company employees.)

7.) Rehearsal   (May include measuring response time by emergency responders, and possibly using police radios.)

8.) Deployment   (Putting plans into place, getting into position, moving equipment and supplies, and launching an attack.)

In July of 2012, I went to the local FBI office and spoke to S.A. McCarthy, who treated me with sheer ignorance and scorn, seething with mysogyny. He claimed to know nothing about Organized stalking and asked me if I was supposed to be on medications. I bought literature to the meeting but he refused to look at it, cutting the meeting short. He also engaged in mimicking during our meeting. As I waited at the guards’ station in the parking lot before the meeting, 2 “agents” pretended to inspect a car in the middle of the small lot, blocking the rear of the lot. I heard one of the guards say they didn’t want anyone “back there”. I suspect they were using the car to block  a surveillance camera in the back of the lot.

One thought on “Eight Signs of Terrorism

  1. Nope. They are just trying to avoid training a real police force by turning it over to their “journalists” who make more money teaming up with unlicensed PIs and “bounty” hunters.

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