ULPA: Federal Grand Jury Investigation

Attention all TI’s: You need an invitation to attend this event. All you have to do to get one is contact Elizabeth Adams at ea@americaneedstoknow.tv or call her at 510-837-5951. You may also email her the email addresses of any public officials you would like to invite, i.e. state reps, chief of police, city council members, etc. She asks that you RSVP by 10/20/12 so she knows how much food to rder for the luncheon. She encourages TI’s to call her, she is looking for speakers for the event. She is also looking for TI’s to file for a grand jury investigation in conjunction with her in January 2013. She asks that you write out your story in 5 pages or less, 3 paragraphs per page with a header for each paragraph. My advice would be keep it concise, concrete, and as specific as possible.

Elizabeth also has a conference call every Thursday night, look for info about it on her Facebook page. I was on the call last night, it lasted over 3 hrs. 

Her website is: http://www.americaneedstoknow.tv


Her Facebook site: amknows@gmail.com

w/The Universal Leadership for Political Accountability

Community Leaders Connect in conjunction with The Universal Leadership for Political Accountability has organized an event of Health oriented Human & Civil Rights Activists who are concerned about health issues as a result of targeted Illegal RFID Implants, Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR), CIA Mind Control Programming and Organized Gang Stalkings.  The Universal Leadership for Political Accountabilty is sending out  invitations to a multitude of Politicians, politically oriented Health Professionals and established Self Proclaimed Human & Civil Rights Actvists  to come to terms on what is the best solution to stopping  these and the many other illegal advanced technology covert crimes,  in addition to


Location:     Oakland City Center
1111 Broadway
Oakland, CA  94612
Date:            Monday, October 29th 2012         Time: 11:30am to 4:30pm
Contact:      Elizabeth Adams  (510) 837-5951  http://www.AmericaNeedsToKnow.tv 
                     This event is being filmed on location for television and internet broadcasting

As of Wednesday September 6th 2012    RSVP Confirmed Speakers  (adding daily):
1)  Legendary Attorney Ann Fagan Ginger – Micklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
2)  Doug Millar – Private Investigator
Qualified Guest Speakers are welcomed, send your suggested speaker requests w/contact info to:  ea@americaneedstoknow.tv . . . For the Fed Grand Jury weekly conf call info check the website

A Word on Mimicking

Mimicking is a tactic used by gangstalkers to humiliate, isolate, and alienate their victims. Gestures and actions made by the victim in the privacy of their homes are mimicked relentlessy by perps in plain view of the victim. Note to all Americans: no one in this country has a shred of privacy left. When you are a targeted individual, every millimeter of your privacy is invaded. You are scrutinized, in and out of your home. Somehow targets are being monitered inside their homes and there are many ways in which this is done. It can be done electronically with hidden cameras and microphones, and possibly cell phones and cable boxes. It can be done by neighbors looking into your windows or using “through wall” cameras and radar. It can be done by neighbors who have access to the subroof over your the room sin your home. Some think it’s possible we are monitered from outside the home with infrared cameras, satellites, helicopters and drones. It may be done with brain mapping/ artificial telepathy/ remote neural monitoring, in which case they may not need any visuals at all to know what you are doing. There are also drones the size of insects and birds now and wi-fi can be used to track your location inside your home with sonar-like function. A couple of months before my stalking went full throttle, I bought new windows. The window guy, whom I now know was a stalker, kindly took all of my blinds down and said he didn’t know how to put them back up. As some of them were damaged, I told him to just throw them out. Now I know he was just making it easier for my stalker neighbors to spy on me through the windows. In some ways these people reveal a lot more about themselves to us than we do to them.

Yes America, I pick my nose, I fart, I pig out on junkfood, I forget to flush the toilet, I enjoy looking at Victoria’s Secret catalogs, and I rub lotion on my chest after I shower. These are the absolute, most horrific, most disgusting, most incriminating things my gangstalkers could dig up on me. And believe me people, they dug DEEP. The above actions and gestures are mimicked in front of me EVERYWHERE I go, up to and including the following: at church, at work, at the market, at restaurants, by pedestrians and other drivers, at the beach, at city council meetings, in my neighbors’ homes, at my therapist’s office, in public restrooms, at the police station, even at the FBI office. They are carried out by men, women, and children, including public officials. Yesterday morning, as I pulled into the church lot, A little blonde soccer Mommy in her gold SUV made a point of stopping right in front of my car and picking her nose. As I said above….”you have revealed yourself to me.” Note to perps: I do these things in private, not public. I hope you realize how stupid you look to others in public when you do this.

The perps will also mimic things you do/say in public as well. Most of my perps are usually nonverbal. I don’t wear a watch and when I was out in the water surfing, I asked a couple of guys for the time. After that, perps kept coming up to me asking me for the time. When I was at the police station I asked where the bathroom was. The man in line behind me came up and asked where the bathroom was. A hand gesture I made at work to stretch out my fingers has been mimicked to me multiple times from people driving near me.

According to a counselor at the Women’s crisis center here, one of the gestures the perps are mimicking is considered sexual harassment. I take good care of my skin and treat it with lotion after every shower. I am obviously spied on in my bathroom. Male and female perps mimic me rubbing lotion on my chest. This is done at all the same locations listed above. They used to mimic putting lotion on the arms, thighs, and calves as well. But they know the chest is more disturbing and graphic. As I drove home yesterday, a black male pedestrian suddenly exited onto the sidewalk from an apt. complex right next to mine. He looked at me and made a rubbing motion on one side of his chest. I document every single time this gesture is mimicked because it is in fact sexual harassment.

Luke 23:24 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.The above goes out to ALL stalkers and perps, but most especially to the ones in my Church. In particular, the ones whom actually get up on the altar and stand under the giant wooden crucifix in their bright stalker colors, judging me. Who then proceed to serve the Eucharist to the parish. Only God can judge me and determine my fate.

And to the stalker woman who I saw on the corner this AM on my way to church. You were walking your dog, who suddenly decided to take a dump in the grass as I pulled up to the stop light. Umm….did you happen to notice the resemblence between you and what came out of your dog’s butt? I do pity the pets and children of the perps….truly innocent victims of their career criminal parents.

My Guiding Lights

My Guiding Lights

When the gang stalking was very heavy one day, I was hanging out at the glider port. It is located on a grassy cliff that overlooks the Pacific ocean. I liked the view and the wind and sun on my face and I sat there for hours and got some lunch at the concession stand. I wanted the perps to see me eat. They wanted me to lose my appetite and start vomiting. The perps clustered all around me, some of them even paragliding, it was very crowded. When I got up to buy lunch, a bunch of them immediately got in line in front of me. A man in a red shirt took my order, when I aksed what drinks they had, he named 2 and then stared off into space, distracted. When I got my order it was wrong, they did this to me for a while everywhere I went, even at drive thrus. The “competent” server, who took over right after I ordered and took extra special care of the perps in line behind me, apologized. I went back to my spot in the sun and ate my soup and 1/2 sandwich. A girl came up and made a comment about going to the unemployment office. Another woman came over on her cellphone and said “Oh she’s a go-getter. She very kind and gentle with animals, but not so good with people.” One man loudly made a comment about jumping off a cliff as he arrived at the port. A campus security guard on ATV drove up and stared for about 15 minutes. Many of the perps tried to discreetly pose in pics and videos with me. They will often make a pointing gesture in the pic. White, black, Asian, Hispanic, children, teens, adults. They were all involved in the stalking. I’ve heard many consider it a sport and get a “buzz” off of it. I’ve also heard many of the middle aged stalkers do it out of boredom. When they get home they have the best sex of their lives from the “buzz” they get from stalking.

I am a single female in my early 40’s, a college educated professional. I have a career, independent and supporting myself for the past 18 years. I have no criminal history, I have no history of alcohol or drug abuse. I have no history of mental illness and have never previously been admitted for any psychiatric problems. I do not now, nor have I ever, needed to take any medications. I am not promiscuous. I have never been married and I have no children. I have no family or close friends in the city I live in right now in Northern San Diego County.

On 6/28/12, I was tackled and handcuffed at my workplace by 2 male police officers. I was then placed on a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold and was not discharged until 7/06/12. I could write an almanac about the events that led up to this day and what has occurred since then; all in the name of an atrocity called organized gang stalking. The American public needs to be AWARE and EDUCATED about what this is. I did not learn what it is until it was too late.

The pic above is one of my daughters, “T.” Every day I come home and tell her she is the best thing in the world and that I will love her forever. I also have another daughter named “C.” Although I would prefer to have a MUCH larger cat who would rip my gang stalkers’ faces off every time they illegally enter my home and car, I will happily settle with these 2 beauties. They both vomited the night the stalkers invaded my neighborhood with non-stop loud trucks, cars, motorcycles, and helicopters. But they never lost their spirit. Since then they have slept next to me every single night, one right beside my pillow. They didn’t do this before the stalking got heavy. They are my angels and my guiding lights and God made them perfect….so unlike humans.

Gang Stalking info

The world of Organized Gang Stalking is massive and spans the globe with millions of victims worldwide. Stalkers range from infants to elderly and come from all walks of life, all socioeconomic backgrounds, and may represent multiple organizations that have joined together. Stalkers may have varied reasons for stalking, some think they are actually “do gooders”, some are intentionally malicious, and some may not even know why they are stalking a person. I once heard one stalker tell someone she was  on her way to another “audition”.

In my personal experience MANY of them are on disability and have drug/alcohol problems. So many of them look like they crawled out from under a rock and have a reptilian look about them. Many are obese and unhealthy and lack any stamina or attention span at all. It can be comical at times. I have read on numerous sites that many of them have criminal records that were expunged in return for gang stalking, i.e. they are extorted. They then become slaves in the sense that they are recorded comitting crimes against the victims (entering homes, cars, theft, vandalism, voyeurism, etc.). This is evidence that can be used against them later by police. etc.

Eleanor White has excellent advice for victims on her website which is located in my links. Targeted individuals have to water down what they tell the public. There are things we can tell other TI’s that we cannot tell the public for the very reason that they are just so unbelievable. This is the nature of gang stalking; that the victim comes off as raving, ranting, and delusional. These tactics are very effective and it is very hard for the victim to prove. I could tell you things right now that would curl your hair. But I will not. It is hard for me to even tell other TI’s because it is very disturbing. I will start  with the basics and go from there as public awareness increases.

I have A LOT of empathy for people who are just realizing that they are TI’s. It is indeed a massive shock to your heart, mind, body, and soul. The best advice I can give you right now is to NOT react no matter how bad it is (and believe me I still struggle a lot with this). You can and will survive this and it all lies in having the right attitude and making choices. Live your life as normally as possible and DO NOT isolate. DO NOT back down. Gang Stalking is the snake in the corner that you eventually find out is just a piece of rope. If you make any changes in your lifestyle, they have to be positive ones that increase your credibility. Volunteer, exercise outdoors, go to therapy, go to church, go to HOA and city council meetings, join meetup groups online, get to know your neighbors. You will see stalkers in all of these places but if you are acting appropriately and being service and community oriented it is more difficult to accuse you of being a criminal or mentally ill.