ULPA: Federal Grand Jury Investigation

Attention all TI’s: You need an invitation to attend this event. All you have to do to get one is contact Elizabeth Adams at ea@americaneedstoknow.tv or call her at 510-837-5951. You may also email her the email addresses of any public officials you would like to invite, i.e. state reps, chief of police, city council members, etc. She asks that you RSVP by 10/20/12 so she knows how much food to rder for the luncheon. She encourages TI’s to call her, she is looking for speakers for the event. She is also looking for TI’s to file for a grand jury investigation in conjunction with her in January 2013. She asks that you write out your story in 5 pages or less, 3 paragraphs per page with a header for each paragraph. My advice would be keep it concise, concrete, and as specific as possible.

Elizabeth also has a conference call every Thursday night, look for info about it on her Facebook page. I was on the call last night, it lasted over 3 hrs. 

Her website is: http://www.americaneedstoknow.tv


Her Facebook site: amknows@gmail.com

w/The Universal Leadership for Political Accountability

Community Leaders Connect in conjunction with The Universal Leadership for Political Accountability has organized an event of Health oriented Human & Civil Rights Activists who are concerned about health issues as a result of targeted Illegal RFID Implants, Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR), CIA Mind Control Programming and Organized Gang Stalkings.  The Universal Leadership for Political Accountabilty is sending out  invitations to a multitude of Politicians, politically oriented Health Professionals and established Self Proclaimed Human & Civil Rights Actvists  to come to terms on what is the best solution to stopping  these and the many other illegal advanced technology covert crimes,  in addition to


Location:     Oakland City Center
1111 Broadway
Oakland, CA  94612
Date:            Monday, October 29th 2012         Time: 11:30am to 4:30pm
Contact:      Elizabeth Adams  (510) 837-5951  http://www.AmericaNeedsToKnow.tv 
                     This event is being filmed on location for television and internet broadcasting

As of Wednesday September 6th 2012    RSVP Confirmed Speakers  (adding daily):
1)  Legendary Attorney Ann Fagan Ginger – Micklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
2)  Doug Millar – Private Investigator
Qualified Guest Speakers are welcomed, send your suggested speaker requests w/contact info to:  ea@americaneedstoknow.tv . . . For the Fed Grand Jury weekly conf call info check the website

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