Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Noise Harassment

Noise Harassment or “noise campaign” is a BIG part of organized gang stalking. As I write this, a neighbor blasts the stereo and a noisy motorbike drives by my apartment. Noise harassment comes in all sizes, shapes, and forms and they have tactics for every type of environment and setting.

At home it is loud cars, motorcycles, and trucks up and down the street. This includes commercial vehicles like FedEx and UPS, EDCO garbage trucks,  and even the ice cream man. Vehicles are weighted down to make loud jarring sounds when they drive over speed bumps. Loud mufflers and engines, squeaky brakes, horns beeping, cars backfiring, car alarms going off, car stereos blasting, vehicles idling below my balcony, children screaming/singing/playing instruments, multiple dogs barking, power tools at night, loud gatherings at neighbors’ homes, loud laughter, loud coughing, plastic dumpsters being dragged to the curb, breaking glass, slamming doors, windows, sliders, even clicking and banging sounds coming from IN BETWEEN the walls. Police/ fire/ and ambulance sirens coming from the boulevard 2 blocks away. Small planes and helicopters flying over the neighborhood periodically (military, police, commercial, private). At one point my deactivated ADT security alarm kept going off until I finally unplugged it.

At church I hear coughing, sneezing, hiccoughing. Jingling change or keys, shoes that make squeaking/shuffling/clacking or loud flip flop noises when walking, excessively loud babies/children, excessively loud chorus music, cell phone ring tones, watch alarms, clapping, items being dropped, plastic wrappers and water bottles being crumpled, excessive/loud talking and whispering. Perps will frequently rub their hands together rapidly for sound wherever you go. They will have one person sit directly behind you and pray/ sing loudly through the whole mass. Vacuums and loud power tools/ lawnmowers being used by landscapers. Loud chatter near you before and after mass after the church has emptied. TI’s will hear frequent forced coughing in pretty much every setting where there are people.

When I go out for a walk they ride by on bicycles without pedaling so it makes a low ticking sound. People will breath heavily near me while running, biking, etc. A lot of skateboarders. And they FREQUENTLY run the trains whenever I am anywhere near the tracks, honestly. The loud car/truck/motorcycle/helicopter noise is pretty much a constant everwhere you go. When you drive through tunnels they try to have a loud car drive through at the same time so it amplified.

If you walk out on the pier, they harass you by dragging loud coolers by on the dock. If you pass through a walk way under the Hotel del Mar, they push heavy, loud carts up and down the tunnel. Everything is done in an extremely hostile, manic, and agitated manner so as to make the victim feel the same way.

At the beach, kids and teens suddenly jump up and start screaming when you pass (while running in front of me). Jet skis, loud footsteps, heavy breathing, jogging in water next to you for splashing sounds. If there is a staircase down to the beach, they stomp loudly behind you all the way up or down. They will have groups of men or kids kicking a soccer ball around and running around on the sand in your path to agitate and block you.

If you go into a store or a bar, they make a point of playing songs with lyrics that have the words “crazy” or “insane” in them, or songs that have something to with suicide. For some reason they play Gotye’s “Somebody I used to know” EVERYWHERE I go. If you go to a restaurant or cafe, they will drag chairs and tables around loudly, rearranging them. They will seat a large party or noisy children next to your table. During a meal at a Lebanese restaurant in Long Beach, I looked down to see someone had dipped their finger into my hummus.

When I was an inpatient, the staff and “patients” were continuously slamming doors, pushing loud carts up and down the hall, using power tools, loud patients roaming the halls all night, arguing and antagonizing staff all night. My room was right next to the elevator, the water fountain, the lounge, the social worker’s office, and the nurses’ station. One time the nurse slammed a door so loudly, she scared her self and apologized. For a few of nights the helicopter hovered over the hospital for hours at a time. My rommate acted like she was struggling to breathe the whole night. At times, I could hear audio or video of my “5150” detention at work being played in the lounge, when I was being held down by two “cops” and screaming for help.

Organized stalkers will maintain their innocence until the end. It must be one of the first things they learn to do at stalker school, complete with the fake, utterly surprised expression when confronted. Their denial is obnoxious and their acting is horrible. All of the harassment falls under “plausible deniability”. Plausible deniability is a legal concept. It refers to lack of evidence proving an allegation. If the victim makes any accusatory statements at all, you are either a bitch or crazy or an ingrate. And doing so just fans the flames, making them hate you and stalk you even more for doing absolutely….nothing. Also confrontation is not recommended with these people as many are highly unstable.


5 thoughts on “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Noise Harassment

  1. the people (If YOU can even call Them people at all!) who Used To Possibly Know Me, In Washington State. MANY years ago, possibly? and who Might of have been Possibly? cyber harassing Me randomly, On An Ongoing Basis, For MORE Than three years now, Starting With A Weird Email Message Of: Are You The Elise GINGERICH, Who Used To Live In Seattle?? and Then The Torture Troll Crap, Really Got Started, And I Don’t Think It’s Ever Really Stopped! One person, that Keeps Coming Up, Or Kept Coming Up, In ALL Of The Weird Discussions Was Or Is: Some Former Staff, Named Betty LENSKY, Who Used To Work At A group care home out there, In Washington State, MANY years ago, in Mount Lake Terrace, Washington, Called the Resource Center, And ALL Of The Other Weird Random Conversations, About ALL Things Washington State, Mostly! It’s Probably No Mystery, Who Is Possibly? Doing ALL Of This Psychological Torture Troll Harassment, Possibly From Washington State, Maybe? Gosh, I Wonder WHO COULD POSSIBLY BE BEHIND THIS TORTURE TROLL ABUSE, FROM WASHINGTON STATE, POSSIBLY? Could It Possibly Be I Don’t Know: One Of The Many Former group care home staff, named Betty LENSKY, Possibly? No, Really? She Was A Bit Off Of Her Rocker, Anyways, And A Bit Mean, Anyways! Hey, Betty LENSKY?? Why Did YOU Even Bother Becoming A group care home staff again?? Couldn’t Find YOURSELF A REAL JOB, Betty LENSKY? Are YOU A Possible Targeted Individual, Too? Is That Why YOU Possibly Torture Troll Harass Other people, Around YOU, Betty LENSKY? If It Is Actually YOU, anyways! also: It Might Also Be Some Of The Other Clients Too, You Know? Who Really Knows, What Those Other Clients, In That Washington State group care home, were Really ALL About, Or What They Were Really There For? nothing good! also: I wish I had a real time machine, and had Never Moved Out To Weirdo Washington State, Because It’s Like The State Of Washington, Is In Some Electronic Torture Zone, Or Something? And Maybe It Is Actually In Some Electronic Torture Zone, Like ALL Places Are, These Days! No Place seems safe! also: None Of Them From Washington State Are My Friends, And Never Really Were My Friends, and that goes for ALL Of The other clients, too! They Ain’t Nothing But Trouble!

  2. They carry out Gang Stalking in West Yorkshire, the council, authorities and residents, universities, hospitals, shops,neighbours. They ruined years of my
    life here, they are still messing it up now. Several illusionist practice some similar garbage as well, they call it Tricks of the Mind on their shows = Stalking and psychological harassment, these men are creeps. Derren Brown, Alex Mc Aleer, David Blaine, Dynamo….. to harass and stalk isn’t a trick! People here don’t know how to mind their own business but seems worst in America.

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