3 thoughts on “We Are Not OK

  1. I am currently at the library in Brooklyn Center, my gang stalkers have followed me here saying how they plan to kill my facebook and then kill myself……this is the type of things I am subjected to daily…..We are going to kill your kid, We are going to kill you, Insulting my homelessness, having men following me around. My name is Sabrina Taylor originally Sabrina Fleming. I thought initially this was an insurance fraud ring that was trying to covertly eliminate me for insurance money then I realized after further exposure that it was indeed military inspired in conjunction with law enforcement agencies…….The mental abuse alone is a torment that will have karmic implications for my gang stalking perps, the intrusion of my thoughts being read and interpreted is a violation of privacy and human rights to the degree that I must ponder why in the world are people such as myself are allowed to be forced into this?????????? I am not an terrorist, I am not affiliated with any hate groups nor do I have an police record. WHY?????? is this stuff allowed to happen to me WHY???? are people walking around with devices that either burn the target or hones in their location to be relayed to either satellite or Gwen towers Cell towers……….This microwave abuse needs to be addressed seriously. We NEED TO ASCERTAIN THE CRIMINAL ELEMENT THAT IS CARRIED OUT BY THIS……..I am constantly being told I would be murdered, but the proof of premeditation they want to eliminate to avoid culpability for their actions. If this is our future if this stuff is continued to be allowed no one will be safe and a perfect crime loop will have been created.

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