Sheriff/Police/Fire Dept. Harassment 12/17/12



Drove up to Orange County tonight to buy a new stick (Thank you, Santa!). Saw no less than 5 cops on my trip. I love my new stick, can’t wait to get back in the water!

8:00 pm  Passed Sheriff patrol car at an intersection near my house.

8:15 pm  Passed Patrol Car parked on side of freeway. Parked perpendicular to freeway with headlights shining onto cars.

8:20 pm Drove through Border Patrol checkpoint. 2 agents there checking cars, got waved through. Are they usually there this late?

8:30 pm  Passed by Orange County Patrol car on freeway, patrol car was FLYING.

8:33 pm  Passed by Orange County Patrol car, also speeding.

9:25 pm  Passed “traffic stop” on the side of the freeway. Patrol car with lights flashing.

9:45 pm  White Sheriff or Fire dept. SUV entered freeway ahead of me.

11:25 pm  Firetruck with sirens on the Blvd. near my house. Turned off sirens and drove down my street.

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