Family/ Friends Harassed Pt. 2

clown mugBest friend: Stalked by former coworker named M. I pleaded with her to go to the cops. Instead she confided everything about it to another coworker named J. and he counseled her about it. I suspect J. is a perp as well. He once called 911 for her without her permission for an irregular heart rythm. She also told me M. has a lot of cop friends and keeps surveillance equipment in the trunk of his car. She was genuinely concerned he was a psychopath.

Best friend: Boss showed embarassing video of her dancing at a wedding to everyone during a staff meeting.

Best friend: Harassed by guards at courthouse she attends regularly for meetings. She has a pacemaker and it is not supposed to be exposed to the security wands. She ended up completely frustrated trying to explain it to them and had to go all the way up the chain to NSA or TSA to get them to stop.

Best friend: Police came to her house one night and said a woman reported her for not clearing ice off the roof of her car. She said a sheet of ice fell off my friends car and cracked her windshield while driving behind her. My friend was stunned, she was certain it wasn’t from her car. And why didn’t the cops just call her instead of show up at her house?

Best friend: Rude/irritating coworkers. Rude woman at her gym. Rude clients. Switched to another dept. at work because one of her superiors did not like her candid attitude. Put in a remote office by herself near a back entrance. Cold air blew in during the winter every time someone came in the door.

Best friend: Videotaped by a cop on dash cam falling off her bike at a fundraising event. The cop showed it to her and laughed.

Best friend: House broken into, robbed.

Best friend: Someone urinated in the unshoveled snow on her front lawn after a Christmas party. It was right by the front entrance, we could not find any animal tracks.

Best friend: Her best friend, B. was a victim of a noise campaign by her neighbors on a cul-de-sac. From what was described, it was done very perp style.

Best friend: Aunt and Uncle were hit in a bad car accident while I was visiting. Her aunt has still not fully recovered. They were hit by a pickup whle making a left turn at a light. Witnesses say the pickup had a green light.

Best friend: Multiple car accidents. One of them involved one of her former clients. My BFF is a social worker and works with many homeless/indigent clients.

Best friend: Her brother’s best friend died after a tonsillectomy due to a complication. Was very close timing to their Father’s death.

Best friend: Close male friend hit by a drunk driver while jogging. His boyfriend had a weird rash all over his upper body last time I saw him.

Best friend: She was very irritated with her husband the last time we travelled. He wakes up very early and wants to stay in the hotel room all afternoon.  He would not turn off the email alert on his smart phone at night. He told everyone to wait in the lobby for her one morning after she said she didn’t want to go to breakfast. She was pissed when she came down later and they were all waiting for her. These are things perps do…just sayin’…

The above trip was the last time I was with her group of friends and A LOT of weird/bad things happened. There was definitely a bad vibe. We saw someone get assaulted, our rental car got locked in a garage, 2 of the couples were fighting the whole time, the couple with a child got the tiniest room. One restaurant wouldn’t seat us. Someone came and peed on the ground near us while we explored a beach. Staff members kept entering my room right after I checked in. My reserved airport shuttle never showed up after I arrived at the airport.

Organized Stalking is death by a thousand paper cuts. They study you thoroughly and know exactly which buttons to push to get you bent out of shape. When friends/family seem really bugged out over small events please don’t shrug it off and make fun of them. I remeber a couple of people in my circle saying “I felt just like you” when they got completely perplexed and exasperated with someone/ something. When you finally realize your entire family/ circle of friends is being targeted  it is like being hit by a tsunami. This is what makes organized stalking terrorism and it’s the moment perps live for. Single women of all ages, you are EXTEMELY vulnerable to organized stalking and we are being targeted as a group.

I swear some of these perps went to real clown schools. But there is nothing cute or funny about them. They really do move like clowns. They way they wait for you to walk up to a register and then careen in front of you out of nowhere with their shopping cart, getting in line ahead of you at an empty register. It is theatrical yet predatory and chilling, completely inhuman. It is done in such a way that there is doubt in your mind they are a perp. But to an outsider they are doing NOTHING wrong. And if you react to it, YOU are in the wrong. The problem is when you see the frequncy and duration in which this same act is performed over and over and over again, it is VERY VERY wrong and it constitutes group stalking. Our challenge is getting Joe Public to understand this, that is if he hasn’t been recruited by the perps yet.

One thought on “Family/ Friends Harassed Pt. 2

  1. You sound like these goons that comb public records looking for family members to harass because they may have gotten a speeding ticket or may know someone they can get to tell rumors about for the purpose of hawking those rumors to the media…for “charity” of course.

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