I’m not sure what pissed my perps off more, putting up Christmas decorations around my home or meeting another TI for coffee this day. Just imagine yourself the only Who in Whoville surrounded by an entire city full of Grinches.

I met T. for coffee at a place on the on the 101 highway. Meeting other TI’s is difficult for many reasons that I will not get into here. Let’s just say I have lowered my expectations a lot due to trust issues. I will go, and I will hear you out, but it no longer means I trust you or take you seriously. Just keep in mind, even if they are not who they say they are, you still may get some useful info out of them.

We sat outside on a balcony facing the old highway and talked for a couple of hrs. The place was full of perps. Towards the end, a Sheriff’s patrol car passed back and forth no less than 3 times. On the 3rd pass he stopped and parked on the corner near the coffee shop. My new TI friend became uneasy and wanted to leave shortly after.

We parted ways. I was parked one car behind the Deputy. I pulled out onto the highway and snapped his pic with my cell phone, drifting slightly into the left lane as I did this. He saw it all and quickly turned on his lights and followed me. As soon as he pulled me over he spat out his overly rehearsed lines, perp style. “What were you doing with your cell phone?” “You weren’t paying attention to the road.” Deputy S. was young, bald, and inexperienced. No lecture, just asked for my license and registration, insurance and got back in his car. I watched his face in my side mirror as he wrote my ticket…so eager. He reminded me of the elf from the Christmas special who kept saying he really wanted to be a dentist.

He came back and said he was citing me for “Unsafe speed” since the only safe speed while operating a cell phone is zero. I called a traffic attorney today, she said this is only the second time she has seen a ticket like this for a cell phone violation.

What bugs me the most about all the harassment is not the actual things they do. It’s the way they are done. The sheer premeditation and planning, the predatory nature of it. They way they lay in wait for you and then disperse as soon as it is over. Call them skits and theater, but they are way more vile than that.

Perps continue to drive all around my neighborhood in loud cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Between 3:36 pm and 7:22 pm tonight, I counted at least 25 cars passing my home with loud engines/ mufflers/music. The thing is, the entire neighborhood has to suffer through this, not just me. Including the air harassment and trucks and bikes that sit and idle loudly. They are conditioning everyone here to living in a police state.

Anyway, thanks Deputy S. for the $200 reminder. Next time I will safely photo document your stalking and harassment from the sidewalk or a parked car.

2 thoughts on “12/12/2012

  1. Same ticket…not sure what the fine is yet but I looked it up on the net and that’s what other people are saying. Hopefully someone in the judicial system will have some Mercy.

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