Harm’s Way

In the past months, I have seen the perps put their young children in extremely dangerous situations 3 times. All in the name of “street theater”. As I left for church one morning, they blocked the intersection on my street with a black Jetta. It was stopped in the middle of the street next to a parked car on the shoulder. As I went to pass it and honked my horn, there was a suddenly a man opening the rear drivers side door letting a young child out into the street. Who stops in the middle of the road to let their kid out?

The second time I was lost trying to find the freeway and ended up on a dead end with an industrial cul de sac. There was a UPS truck and a compact car stopped on the same street.  As I u-turned at the end they had a perp truck with a trailer on it suddenly back out and block me. I f*cking hate when they do this. It was too big to pass. They started to drive ahead of me, I went to pass it on the left. As soon as I did this, they had a young child exit the compact car and run out into the street. I got back behind the truck and attempted to pass again, this time they had the UPS truck drive straight towards me. I kept driving and passed.

Tonight, as I left the volunteer event, a large SUV sat idling opposite my parking spot, facing the exit. As soon as I backed up and started to the exit, it pulled out in front of me and drove really slow. I went to pass it, and of course they had a woman and a young child trying to cross the street a few hundred feet in front of me. The SUV was so big I couldn’t see them.  A message to perp parents: You are complete psychopaths and criminals. Do not take your kids stalking with you and put them in harm’s way like that.

One thought on “Harm’s Way

  1. I just read this entry:

    Having reluctantly admitted to myself that I AM at the receiving end of electronic harassment, ELF and Remote Neural Monitoring in addition to who knows what else-

    And having seen the mind-alterering and mind reading patents and technology in development they LET us know about.

    And knowing how sadly slow-minded, sluggish, stupid and unorganized most people are regardless of the calls, emails and text messages they get from their handlers (Traitor police, traitor Feds, Fusion center scum, ect)-

    It is next to impossible to execute and coordinate some of the very complex forms of stalking carried out by cilivians-There is just too much room for error. And “they” want the skits or games to be as “efficient” as possible as to aggravate and confuse the target.

    So considering the complexity and details involved in so much of the perping carried out by mainly low IQ, dumbed down drones I am convinced that they are being mind controlled-In fact they have been brainwashed and mind controlled so deeply that these sadistic slobs have no clue that they are pathetic puppets.

    I’ve heard many stories where a TI is out in public and crowds of people perform a complex ritual to harass them and considering that the average person can not BEGIN to think independently they are being mind controlled because the technology is there, the technology as usual is being abused and the perps are just tools to be made fools of and used to further the targeting agenda.

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