Perp Docs

I was stalked by my attending psychiatric MD today. She was my MD when I was admitted to a locked psych unit this summer for a 5150 hold. I went to a holiday volunteer event today at the fairgrounds down the coast. As I drove through the long entrance to the parking lot, a man and a woman were walking my way. The woman was my MD, Dr. N. I recognized her immediately. She looks a lot like one of my sister in laws. She was dressed in a turquoise, white, and black dress with her big black eyeglasses on. She looked right at me. One of the bulidings had a sign with her hospital’s name on it like they were having some event, maybe a holiday party. Whether it was an actual scheduled hospital event or not, I’m sure that will be her excuse for being there.

I was also stalked this summer by the ED doctor who saw me after the cops detained me for 5150 hold. I could tell “Dr. S.” was a dopey perp the moment I met him. Dr. S. stalked me at another hospital a few weeks after I was discharged. He drove right past me as I was backing out of my space in the parking garage, I got the license plate number. Both times the doctors made sure I saw them.

The public also needs to be aware that the newer hospitals have broken the emergency departments down into small, separate sections, some of them locked. The easier to gaslight you with. They can fill an entire section with perps, just like they did to me. The target patient will be put in their own section surrounded by perp doctors, nurses, patients, security guards,etc. That way you will have noone to help you.

For those of you who think this is some fun little game or prank, I want you to know that one family member is already dead. And I suspect at least one other family member is dead. Because all communication between me and my family is redirected, I have no way of knowing what is really going on with any of them right now. I hope you are all having a nice little cozy holiday season with your loved ones, while I sit here alone wondering wtf happened to mine.

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