Cell phone tips for TI’s

Things I have learned about cell phone ownership over the past 10 months. Everyone should do these things even if they’re not  a TI. I am learning the hard way.

Assume your cell will eventually be stolen. Get it insured by your wireless carrier. Its only 5 dollars a month. If it’s not insured, you won’t be able to make a police report when it gets stolen.

Record the serial number of the phone. You can find this information inside the phone by removing the battery. You will also need this information when reporting a stolen phone.

Do not leave your cell in your car even with the doors locked. Yesterday, I had my cell phone stolen for the second time this year after leaving it in a locked car.

Back up your data/contacts now before it’s too late. Otherwise your carrier will not be able to transfer your contacts to your new phone. Your carrier does not automatically back up your data, you have to do this yourself, through the carrier.

Save any important pics/vids in the phone to your computer somehow. By emailing them to yourself, downloading, or saving to a disc.

Find a way to attach the phone to yourself before you leave the house. You want it to be accessible for pics/vids but you do not want to put it down anywhere and forget it, including your car. Perps have unfettered access to your car. Before they started stealing my phones, they would just pick it up and leave it on the driver’s seat every time I left it in the car.

Don’t buy an expensive phone. All you need is a basic phone that takes decent pics and vids. Buy a cheaper basic phone and you won’t be as disappointed when it eventually gets stolen by perps.

Buy low GB memory cards. Use them up and take them out. If you have a card with huge GB, it’s going to be in the phone for a long time. When the phone gets stolen, there goes hundreds to thousands of pics and vids. 

Don’t rely solely on your cellphone for taking vids/pics of perp harassment. I think we should have other types of cameras that are better suited for this such as a blogger cam, “go pro” cams that can be used as a dash cam, and/or motion sensor cam for the home. Google glasses would be ideal, esp. if you could broadcast the recording in real-time on the net. I recently read on FB Google Earth has live satellite coverage of people’s homes now, I’m working on how to access this.

Any other suggestions?


Please wake up

It really does seem like there is a mass targeting of single women taking place in the U.S. right now, with very eager “gang stalking rats” being rewarded for seeking them out. Getting the impression that many of these people are brainwashed into thinking they are fighting some kind of war, and they are willing to give up their lives for it. Of course their leaders are telling them to start with the most vulnerable targets. It seems like only a matter of time until we start having the public gang rapes that have recently made the news in India. They have already been given license to sexually harass female targets in public. In a society that is already so covertly and thoroughly lawless, where do you think they are going to draw the line?

Stasi/Cointelpro style harassment is now being used on a mass scale to perpetrate a global holocaust. The people committing these heinous acts are tyrants, sadists, sociopaths, serial killers, rapists, thieves, and are addicted to fraud. Many of them are already involved in trafficking of people and drugs. They believe they are the “chosen” ones and they are “lucky” to be on the other side of the fence. Ready and excited to move full speed ahead into the “new, improved” world. So ready to point fingers and eliminate all the groups they blame for society’s problems (fascist). The fact that violence is a never ending cycle has been downplayed by their leaders. “The measure of a society is how it treats its weakest members.”- Ghandi. And since society will always have it’s “weakest members”, where do these people think their leaders will draw the line? There is always going to be someone weaker than you, and there is always going to be someone bigger and more powerful than you, who is ultimately, I believe, God. And who, with Jesus, is our example of how to stop the cycle of hate. “…as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me.” (Matthew 24:50)

“In the end, only kindness matters.” (Jewel)

Police/Sheriff Dept. Harassment 4/09/13

9:15 am  Passed by Sheriff patrol car right after leaving church.

11:06 am  Passed by Sheriff SUV.

3:05 pm  Staged “accident” right in front of the vet clinic where I had an appt. today for my cat. Police car on the scene w/ lights flashing when I left the vet at 3:20 pm. (see pics)

3:40 pm  Passed Sheriff patrol car parked on the side of the road, deputy standing in front of a digital speed sign.

6:30 pm Sheriff patrol car parked in college parking lot where I had a class. (This is normal I think. But if I were not a targeted individual, this would probably be the only law enforcement sighting I would have had today.)