F*cktard Army Strong

Message to perps:

To all perps who like to criticize things I do in the privacy of my own home: F*ck. You.

Get a life, get a real job, get off the drugs and the booze, get off your fat asses, get an education, stop thinking about how to earn the next buck for your crack fix and get a brain. Start thinking about the future because they’re going to be coming for you someday too.

If you don’t like what I do in the privacy of my home THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WATCHING IT YOU SICK DEPRAVED FUCK. You are the absolute most sociopathic people on the face of the Earth. And you are also the weakest and least intelligent. Someone sought you ought and banded you together to ruin this country and I hope you are proud of yourself. But when your usefulness finally runs out, you will also be treated like the garbage that you really are and you will be eliminated too.

Only a sheer, 100% socipath would look at pictures, video, CCTV taken of me in private and want to “punish” me for behaviors I do IN THE PRIVACY OF MY OWN HOME, which are not even illegal or deviant. You are the same people who look at child porn, molest and rape kids, sell drugs to anyone, traffick humans, pimp women and children, commit thievery, rape, fraud, and arson. You are the people who get sexually excited torturing people and watching people being tortured. You are the all time filth of the universe. You are the monsters and the devils and God will eventually punish you for all eternity. Enjoy your power while it lasts, little microdicks. Your just a little drip in the bucket.

2 thoughts on “F*cktard Army Strong

  1. Its ironic how so many members of law enforcement (local, state & federal) have committed so many crimes, are deviants and the very act of perping us is a criminal conspiracy;Its ironic because these criminal traitors with monkey suits and badges arrogantly calling us “dangerously mentally ill,” “pedophiles,” “terrorists,” ect themselves.

    Our civilian perps are guilty of all kinds of crimes too of course-My scumbag Buffalo, NY neigbhors have the arrogance to pretend they are “good citizens” and “patriotis” as they screw with someone who just wants to be left alone-Literally-I barely spoke to these pathetic assholes BEFORE I realized I was a TI.

    I am not “at peace” with knowing beyond any doubt that some overpaid criminal piece of sh-t is watching and listening to me in my most private moments. I’m not at peace with it but it has become a part of my life that I give little thought to;These cowardly wastes of flesh get off on us getting pissed off and fearful knowing that we are under full surveillance.

    Of course the filth at the fusion centers, our neighbors, the corrupt police and other sh-t watching us and SHARING our private information with friends and family are ALSO under 24/7/365 surveillance:THEIR most private moments are being recorded and probably laughed at and criticized by strangers somewhere-Its just makes sense since time and time again the government has CLEARLY SHOWN that it has NO concern for the dignity, safety and welfare of its own troops (as an example).

    In an imaginary world in which justice suddenly took over, the number of charges our perps would be brought up on would number in the hundreds or thousands if you include every single major assault and slander and other indignity thrown at TIs?

    Let the perverts, the freaks, the degenerates, these low, crawling things that nervously call themselves “good people” spy and criticize and laugh-I am beyond grateful that I have never and will never be one of them;What kind of f–k sick ugly mind gets off on this sh-t?

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