2 thoughts on “Message to Americans- A Critical Appraisal

  1. I am one of these Targets My name is Leslie WIlliams My Father was Cheif MP to General Curtis lemay Retired Cousin in NASA Uncles and First Cousings in Air Force-Ex Husband Submarine Radar Antenna Electrician e-5-( MicroWave Audiotory Effect ) Ive been Non Concensual My Entire Life Monarch Pandora Monteuak and Phenoix-Also Blue Beam Like you wouldn’t belive You whouldnt belive what I know and have seen Quantum Leaps from whats in the Academia and Public Commerce is allowed to have or displays-Im giving them hell with my own End Game theories being implemented incrementally Toplogical Social sets miltary warfare stratigie’s Fold them onto them figure it out because they do exsist contact anytime
    Leslie w San diego

  2. Bro we need to talk lol. You are the man. This has been happening to me for over 6 years. I have tons of stories and examples. Email me— Milbury81@gmail.com. Clearly you understand why I am not afraid to post my email lol. It’s not like they don’t know it already anyways. Please email me I would love to talk about this stuff and raise awareness with you. I know exactly how the whole thing works similar to you. I have been hesitant to speak but I’m ready.

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