7 thoughts on “Organized Stalking/Air harassment by Sheriff’s Dept.

  1. Sabrina Taylor
    I am an American Citizen being unjustly
    targeted by by a american convict backed
    group who is Muslim Centered primarily in Mn
    and ill and indiana and wisc. This group
    terrorized me unjustly assisted by corrupt
    cops, security guards, bus driverg, taxi drivers
    and multiple Muslim business owners they have
    infiltrated hospitals- rehabs 12 step programs
    shelters low income resources greyhound bus
    terminals period bankg and retail This group is
    huge relying on hacking via cell phone cloning
    sim card readers and stealing private info id
    and birth cert and ss cards the funding for this
    domestic terrorist group slash mind controj
    group is huge they operate as if CIA — at The
    United States Department of Justice.
    The United States Department of
    To enforce the law and defend the
    interests of the…
    Jan 22 in Washington,
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  2. I am a victim of organized stalking in Dallas. They hacked my Cell phones over last 4 yrs local Att employee activated two ph. at store and loaded 1.8 gb of corrupted os on it. My hard drive + birth certificate stolen. They opened a checking acct with MetaBank in my name. Closed another bank acct + my home gas acct. Breakins to my home w/o forced entry locks chg multiple times valuables stolen oritems damaged + my food tamper. Vicious lies + slander campaign ag me as excuse to keep anyone from helping me.

  3. Yes…the police and military do it…usually its very non invasive….one sprayed a message at me to insult me with the so called chem trail business….helicoptors in formation….serious offenders flying by close overhead….i even had one years ago go by so close i could look at the man in the door…thought that was actually pretty cool…obviously the gangstalking was low level in the beginning….mostly just rude christians….its expanding under obama bin laden to include the gamet of democrats christians….police…thats how i met the aclu…repeated stops by the law….i have no criminal record…and ive quit drinking and come to know jesus truly and deeply….

  4. Hey this is Tommy Clark. I’m in danger of being shot off by some team out of Tampa and I’m scared to death. I want to say Tampa law enforcement. Theyve been following me around for 5 to seven months now., or since mid-March. What happened was some statements got out of a jail, and I seen an audio bug light go down there in Tampa followed up by a laser pointed at me. I was completely compliant as I told them to come get the bug. The next day they formed a perimeter around me as they harassed me sexually about these statements and they’ve been using the counterintelligence program and gang stalking me since. I’m in Statesboro, GA where theyve followed me. If you can please send someone in to remove them and/or relocated. That would be great. They’re threatening to murder me because of this lawsuit. Please! If you can help, please contact me via email or by phone. My number is 9123589803. Feel free to call. My address is 1010 Misty Ln, Statesboro, GA 30461. Please help! It’s urgent! Thank you.

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