Palm Springs, CA

I moved to Palm Springs in the Fall of 1997 and lived there for 3 months. This is the earliest year that I am 100% certain I was being gang stalked. Weird, bad things were happening there that I now realize are typical gang stalking techniques. I have also since learned that Palm Springs is a little hotbed for OS/EH. I had a roomate named A. who was obnoxious and hostile. She was from Alaska. We worked at the same hospital on the same floor, opposite shifts.

When I was on the phone in my room, A. would pace up and down the hallway outside my open door, talking loudly on her cordless phone. One time my sister heard her and asked me who it was. When I told her she said, “Tell her to shut up!” A. would even talk loudly about me on the phone to others while I was within earshot.

The new Getty art museum had just opened in LA and I saved the article from the magazine section of the LA Times. I left it on the coffee table under some other papers. I was excited to go there with some family I had in LA. About a month later I realized the section was missing. About the same time A. returned from a trip to LA. She announced she had gone to visit the Getty that weekend with a group of friends. She had never mentioned wanting to go there before and never invited me.

At Thankgiving, I told A. I was going to visit my family in LA and we were taking my nephews to Disneyland the day after the holiday.  A. was also going to visit friends in LA for the holiday too, but never mentioned Disneyland. The day after Thanksgiving is the most crowded day of the year at Disneyland. As my family and I arrived to the front of the line to enter the park gate that day, I looked over to my right and guess who was there? A. and her friends were standing at the front of the line next to us.

For New Year’s A. invited me to go to Las Vegas with her and her friends. I wanted to see Vegas but had a bad feeling about it. A. got hostile when she realized I had no intention of getting time off from work to go. She invited our neighbor instead, a girl from Ireland. Ann and her friends spent the entire trip alienating and isolating this nice girl. I felt sorry for the neighbor but relieved I didn’t go. I don’t think they ever spoke again after that.

I met A.’s Dad once he was very nice, a pilot in Alaska. I even sent them home baked cookies for Christmas. A. made sure to tell me that she didn’t eat a single one.

Palm Springs was also the first place I now know I was being stalked/ harassed in public. Small things:

A young couple sat right behind me in the back of a cinema during a very uncrowded matinee. The male kicked the back of my seat throughout the entire show. And right as I was leaving the parking garage, the same couple walked out in right front of my car.

Palm Springs is where I started to get stalked at the supermarket by the employees. You are singled out as they go out of their way follow you down an empty aisle asking if they can help you find something. On the surface it looks like they are just being helpful but when it is done to you repeatedly, and you notice they are not approaching other customers like this, you know you are being targeted.

I also remember standing outside this same market one night talking to my sister on a payphone and ALL of the outdoor lights suddenly went off. I remember my sister saying “Weird things always happen to you!” as I stood there in the dark.

Then there was the day I came home from work to find my entire bedroom carpet completely saturated with water. We lived on the first floor and somehow the outdoor sprinkler flooded my room. I went to management and all they did was offer me some fans. Some of my belongings were ruined due to water damage and I had recurring respiratory infections and allergy symptoms from the mold in the carpet for the rest of my stay there.

I also remember an incident at the DMV here that involved the tactic of  “directed conversation”. I was waiting in line to apply for a California license, which involved a written test. Two female hispanic teenagers got in line behind me and started talking about career plans. “I don’t want to be a nurse,” one said as if that was the worst thing you could be. “I want to be an artist, I’m not going to be a nurse.” I am a registered nurse and I felt insulted by this. But I had also longed for a more creative career like art or writing.  When I sat down to take the test, one of the girls sat next to me. A large group of male teens then came over and loudly chatted with her during the entire test, it was annoying. She finished her test before me but had made more errors.

After I left Palm Springs I moved to San Diego to work in an Oncology dept. until 1999. There was one nurse, M., from my dept. in Palm Springs that ended up in that same dept. right before or after I got there. I’m not sure if he was involved in OS. I returned to visit this hospital this summer after my stalking became overt and received mobbing and gaslighting from 3 different departments I used to work in. I now know what a terrifying place hospitals are for patients and staff who are TI’s. It is like walking into the lion’s den of perps. This summer I was also psychologically abused at 5 other medical and psych facilities in the San Diego area.

10 thoughts on “Palm Springs, CA

  1. I live in Palm Sprngs and became a victim of gang stalking about a year ago. How do I protect myself from the elf’s and I go to the casino and there are always people hanging around me NOT gambling and they continusly walk by me with their phones pointed at me. I heard they were zappg me with a code in their phone that sends bad electricy thru my body. I break out in a heat induced sweat. I lose more than normal. Could their smart phones be jamming my machine? or is it all electricity directed at me. How can I prove this to security? I need help. I also am infected with Morgellons disease and the dr. from loma linda didn’t diagnose me I did. She believed me and referred me to a shrink. I didn’t go of course. I want help from someone, how can we start a class action law suit against the government for this insane bully champagne against the USAs own innocent citizens?
    I am leaving my phone number in hopes you can contact me and please make sure it isn’t posted to your web site.
    Thank you in advance,
    Susan Johnson
    PS I assume you worked at desert hospital, when I gave birth there, the nurse refused to call the dr. I delivered with no dr. present. My baby eyes hemmoraged and I had video of her face bruising and you can even hear the nurse say that. I filed a complaint with the hospital, the arburtaye said they found desert hospital did nothing wrong. sick isn’t it, my baby ended up not talking and had to go to speech therapy when she was five to develop her words. She is 18 now and can sing like a bird. please call me 951 796-6888

  2. This is the third attpt to write you back… sheesh! Please do link to my blog. I dont know how so if I need to do anything let me know what I need to do. Obama is here thisnweekend n pd mayor declined to meet n greet him saying he had previous plans with his family. I am really glad u wrote. Any info u can pasd along to help me I know im drugged and they know everything I do say or have when I wake up 12-15 hours later I dont remember anything n clothes im wearing r changed so many things happenning I dont or have anyone to turn to this whole thing is so sick. Why r we ti,s ive been to germany many times ad a child. My dad sold life ins to the military over ther my dad committed suicide 6 years ago my brother n sister nor I identified his body n the state as a courtesy cremated him. Nice huh? Dad was a wire tapper n the korean war. His death doesnt add up. Please write. There are safety n numbers.
    Thank u
    suzi chessler-johnson

    • I am linking your blog now. Thank you for your comments. I am sorry to hear about the destruction OGS/EH has caused to you and your family. I don’t know why people are doing this too us. It all boils down to evil and demonic people, even the tech harassment. My Dad was in the Navy in the Korean War too. I think something started there and affected my whole family. Over the years it has just built up to a tsunami level of destruction.

    • Hi there, I do not know how to start, It sound crazy but I truly believe that it does exist either a well organize band of criminals/advocacy organization/violent extremist organization. That operates in the Coachella valley and the way the operates by torture you by harassment you by tirth persons by speak loud for you to hear to create fear. (referring to you about terribles crimes) threat you scare you. when you confront them they will say they where talking about another person. they constantly trying to set you up to commint a crime. they some how communicated trought cell phone text or an application which they follow you 24/7.

    If you are a victim of gang stalking, cause stalking or cyber terrorism. Contact me and we will all organize and collaborate ideas. We will end this forever once and for all. Basically instead of crying and hiding SKMRONE says something we turn around and shoot them in the head I have personally fought back in more intense a manner and it has helped intensively for ongoing shots of time if we pull together and start attacking the attacked together in numbers where we are the only witnesses and always in favor of of each other out numbering them than we will slowly cause them to shut the FUCK up and back the FUCK off five these sick, rich twisted pieces of sh)t what 4th eye are asking for and win for once and for all. We are telling new agenda we are the new voice and we will come out of the shadows and destroy the fire that has burned us for so long we can do this together of we just find the guts to stand up and fight back, no matter what it’s Tue freedom its your privacy its your right as a FUCKING citizen no matter what anyone else believes.

  4. I’m from Palm springsCA and I have been harass for many years by a violent extremist organization operating in the CoachellaValley / Palm Springs CA. Which I’m an active TI via SO when I found out they trying to get me into committing a crime until they succeeded when the owner of osbaldo automatically electric in PS with my extremist neighbor set me up / frame to when they let me use his car to report the crime outside CA I when to AZ when I crossed state lanes in Blyte I stopped a fire truck to call sheriff when Deputy Ramirez got there I was arrested because they reported the car stolen. I was taken to La Paz Adult Detention facility in Parker AZ. At times of bookings the guards assaulted me when I requested my rights. When I requested medical attention they refused one of the wounds got very infected I was out for 45 days in antibiotics. When I got out I complain which in retaliation they have been neglected my case. In September I was contacted by FBI especial agent Michael Morgan and my case until today is ongoing in Phoenix office.

  5. I am also a victim of gangstalking which started in Palm Springs, CA. It has followed me to HI, NY, and FL. Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley is an evil place. You are not the first person I’ve met who went to Palm Springs only to be tortured/gangstalked. What do I tell people? Stay away, stay away.

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