Police Dept./ Ambulance Harassment 3/23/13

3:25 pm  Passed by private ambulance.

3:30 pm  Passed by Police patrol car.

3:40 pm Passed by Police Patrol car on freeway.

3:43 pm  Passed Police traffic stop on side of freeway, lights flashing.

3:50 pm  Passed Police traffic stop on the side of the freeway, lights flashing.

One thought on “Police Dept./ Ambulance Harassment 3/23/13

  1. You know, I live in a well travelled area of a busy city, where im sure theres a lot of crime activity, but I have never before seen so many different types of police vehicles, nor so frequently. Last night I had a pair of SUVs get on the highway behind me and take the same exit as me. I slowed down trying to get more around the legal limit and they passed me.

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