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Today I asked one of my neighbors passing my home in a large, loud, black truck if he thought his car was loud. We spoke for about 3-4 minutes and I did not get an answer. I asked him if he thought people had a right to live in a peaceful, quiet neighborhood. I asked if he knew what noise harassment means. He told me he only passes on the way to work and back and he does not sit and idle. I told him there’s about 30-50 loud cars or more passing each day. There was a woman in the passenger seat who started to snarl when I said this. Her response was “Then why don’t you just move?”. Yes, I think I’ll move out of my home of 12 years because you feel that every man, woman, and child needs to hear your truck roar past their home. Awesome, how neighborly of you. Are you going to be cool with it when I poke holes in my muffler and drive past your home 40 times a day?

This neighborhood was quiet until the weekend of June 23, 2012. Exactly one week after I found out I am a targeted individual. There has been a vehicular noise campaign ever since, up and down my street and my complex driveway which runs right below my balcony. Loud cars, trucks, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, delivery trucks. Anywhere from 30-70 loud cars a day, last week it even went up to 90. Mostly it’s loud mufflers and engines…add in some loud music, car alarms, squeaky brakes. And somehow they rig vehicles to make a particularly loud, jarring noise w/ vibration as they go over the speed bump right below my balcony.

Today I saw a city truck with a flat trailer attached exiting the driveway. Making maximum noise over the speed bump and loud rickety sounds as the trailer wobbled side to side. I hear this same vehicle driving repeatedly up and down my street and my driveway. A city vehicle has no business on this property. This is private property we hire our own vendors and landscapers.

I haven’t confirmed this yet but it seems extremely unlikely that a single warning or ticket for a vehicle noise violation has been issued in my neighborhood in the past 10 months. In my city that means means you can hear the vehicle from 50+ feet away. Universal morality means that if you think it’s OK for you to do something, then you better think it’s OK for anyone and everyone else to do the same thing. If you run a yellow light and just barely make it, you have to ask yourself if it’s OK for EVERYONE else to do the same thing. If the answer is “no”, then you have no business doing it either. You are not special or a talented driver, or above the law just because “you are you”,  you’re just an inconsiderate moron. And you wouldn’t like the outcome if everyone else started doing it too.

As far as the fear and intimidation campaign with the big, bad, loud trucks, I think the word we’re looking for is “Paper Tiger”? Any pussy with 20 grand can go out and buy one, sorry. And any pussy knows how to turn an ignition and step on a gas peddle. The problem is, as soon as I get a loud car too and start driving around the neighborhood like these little dim-wit perps, I will get pulled over and ticketed for a noise violation faster than you can say sh*t.

9 thoughts on “More about Noise Harassment…

  1. I feel you 100%. The vehicle noise campaign is one of the main modes of harassment used against me and it is almost non-stop. It starts at 4 or 5 am every day and doesn’t stop until 1 or 2 am. I can’t begin to calculate the hours of sleep I’ve lost over the 7 months I’ve been a target. Every day I wake up and pray tha they’ve stopped. And almost as if in response to that thought, a loud vehicle comes barreling down the street.

    The biggest irony of all is I live on the same

    street as the local police station! And
    you bet your bottom dollar the cops are participants… As of late they like to follow me to a particular convenience store…scumbags. When the cops are the criminals, what hope is there for justice?

    • Wow. I bought a small hand counter and I document how many I can hear from inside my home with the windows closed each day, it’s gone as high as 90 loud cars in a day. I may start posting the monthly stats on here.

  2. Had that….lived on a street with constant traffic….i will say i met alot of nice young women walking my dog in that neighborhood…mostly men that stalk anyway and their stockholm rape victim assistants

  3. Here In Greenville, Texas Too Now A LOT Lately, Here In Greenville, Texas Too, people! This Is How Societies Finally Fail! also: Nothing Really Seems To Help Either! for example: They Have Loud Noises, So Then I Turn On My radio to Loud Noises, or my TV to Loud Noises Too, And Open The Window, And Blare It back at them, But Then They Just Turn Up Their Loud Noises More, In Response To Me, Blaring My TV or My radio on Loud music or whatever, back at them too! They Seem To Like That! It’s A Challenge To Them! ha, HA! That Is Some Screwed Up $hit Going On Here In Greenville, Texas Lately, Or Something! so it’s the cops?!?! the cops are doing this $hit too here in Greenville, Texas?? I ask myself: Why Even Bother Blaring My Noise back at Them?? It’s Only Going To ruin my junk, or whatever, and it’s pointless, because They Are Pointless Losers, To Even Bother Blaring Loud Noises back at, Here In Greenville, Texas! Pathetic Noisy LOSERS! I think half of Them are Mexicans, possibly Illegals here in Greenville, Texas, or just low lives too? Both Illegal Mexicans, and low lives here in Greenville, Texas, too? boom, boom, boom, Boom! (goes the Noisy noise makers noise!) oh, Here They Come Around The Block, Some More, Again, For The night shift! The Day shift is All over, so Now It’s Time For The night shift to start, Because The Day shift, is All over with, for now, anyways! boom, boom, boom, Boom, goes the Loud Noise! And They Aren’t Even Counted In The Community Book?? Or Whatever……..

  4. Im tired of all this noise, everything posted in this article is what is exactly happening to me. At times i just wish i can end up in the worsest city in the world and see if they pull this crap there, i believe the answer would be no! These pussies need to feel as if they are in control and need several people, well fuck all that Im a ONE MAN Army and will defend myself if it ever has to come down to it, at all cost, im not going to let some punks think their tough because they can drive up and down with a muffler or because they make noise at a certain time.

    • Man, I was just about finished with my comment when my system…on a brand new operating system. I am very very sick of the same people running the stop sign in front of my house so they can show off their shitty muffler. What kind of grown man has a muffler that bugs the shit out of people, just to screw with someone??? Pathetic people! Mentally sick. I’m so sick of the “coincidences” and chance encounters. This has been going on to some degree for 10 years. It ebbs and flows but now is unprecedented in the volume of hate. I’m not a murderer, sex offender or a thief…that would be reasonable if I were; but still, even then, what a pathetic waste of your life just to screw with their life. These people are a truly sad, broken bunch of slaves. Obviously there is a puppet master somewhere…

  5. They obviously wait until you “discover” that you are a targeted individual before they really turn up the heat. Once they know that you have found out your a TI then the harassment starts 24/7/365. They don’t tell you that you’re a TI, they want you to figure that out yourself. However they do enough nasty and weird stuff to a person and keep increasing it until a person finally does an internet search for what’s happening to them. Once you’re a fully aware TI then the crap really starts….not that it was any picnic before you discovered your targeted status but it just wasn’t as intense.

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