Sunday, Sunday

Today I went to morning mass at the monastery. The perps were waiting for me with baited breath. But I really like this place. They burn incense at each mass and I love that stuff. It’s a beautiful monastery on a California vista with views to the ocean, very peaceful. And the homilies are good. I like this place.

They actually have a rule about not talking before and after mass and turning off cellphones during mass. But of course the semi-retarded perps cannot manage to follow these rules. During mass today I was treated to stalking harassment, blocking harassment, non-stop forced coughing harassment, mimicking harassment (including nose picking/blowing by the monk who served me communion), gesture harassment, noise harassment (high heels on tile, folding chairs after mass, a man w/ a walker that sounded like it was going to completely come apart at any second). Harassment also included ariel w/ multiple aircraft flying low over the church and directly in view behind the priest through a church window. Also directed conversation from a visiting priest from Kansas, who made a reference to the summer of 2012 in his homily. I knew it was coming, I just posted about the summer of 2012 in my blog last night. That’s when my targeting became overt and severe. During the homily tears started streaming down my face and I had no control over it, I just let them flow. It actually felt good in a way. I  really don’t cry that often and sometimes I wish I could but I’m not able.

After church I went for a walk at the beach. It was actually a really clear beautiful day, although some light fog started to roll in half way through my walk which is unusual in the afternoon. At the beach I experienced blocking harassment, gesture harassment, stalking harassment, synchronized harassment, ariel harassment, noise harassment, color harassment/ sensitization, mimicking harassment, crowding, directed conversation, innuendo, and street theater.

As I passed a blonde Mom and her 2 young kids on the sand she stated loudly “Look at this fog rolling in, that’s crazy!”. A Dad and his young son passed me earlier and the little boy said loudly, “It’s sounds crazy but it’s real.” Later 3 young girls caught me off guard and videotaped me. Another girl stood facing them and waited for me to pass behind her. As soon as I did the other girls started recording her prancing around in front of me as I walked. When I realized what was happening I pulled out my cell cam to take their pic. The girl who was filming then abruptly stated “got it” and stopped filming, at which point they all went into a huddle and hid their faces to watch the vid. I could see their parents sitting far back on the sand. I always look at the parents because they are the ones who put them up to it.

Last week on this same walk I got mimicking harassment by someone trying to juggle in front of me and a young surfer learning “pop-ups” on a board on the sand (2 skills the perps know I have been trying to learn for fun). Noise harassment last week included someone repeatedly playing a bagpipe near me, one time persistently following me for a stretch.

4 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday

  1. Oh, the clicking of the heels! What I’d like to do to these women is take their heels off and hit them. And the nose picking, of, course, they’re perfect they never pick their noses. You get the canes, walkers, wheelchairs, too. And you would think the monks would be decent people and not do something like this. Really, we can’t trust anyone if the monks are involved! I don’t have monks where I live and don’t go to church, but if I did, I’m sure the priest would be doing something to let me know that I’m a target.

    • The Catholic churches are heavily involved. The monasteries are infiltrated but not quite as severely. I’m sure there are some near Las Vegas, I would encourage you to visit one, you don’t have to be religious. Some of them even have retreats.

  2. I keep seeing a black van passing by. He’d better not be wearing a ski mask!
    Hopefully the beotch I caught trying to look into my home has given birth and he’ll only kidnap ;her offspring…just in time to garner support for their cause.

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