3 thoughts on “9,000 Nazis Conduct MKULTRA

  1. San Antonio, eh? That explains why those Texans are nuts.

    People ’round here think if someone works for the govt. they have master intelligence. I figure if they have to put name plates on the bedroom doors of their own house, they aren’t that swift.

  2. Hello my name is A Fortner i live in northern California and i have been a victim of gangstalking for a year now… from controlling nearby devices to recording every move i make . ive gotten different camera detecting apps and everyone goes off like crazy in my room.. on april 2 they declaired me a transient on my gmail. I am Angry i got wrapped into getting arrested in Wyoming about a month agoon an out of the blue trip across the nation they have done everything from use astetic latex to change the looks of different ppl to all look like my bf and some other friends. i am electronically threatened i am thwarted from being able to use any phone or internet for a year now i am pissed and betrayed i am not high or whatever i smoke weed and have for years but one day he is a 32 the next 36one day he is 6ft the next he is 5’10” people walk up to me and tell me im being recorded. im so done being monitored and censored. i know im being tricked into sleeping with someone who is not my bf i have resurched his name countless times and nothing.

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