First responder Harassment 2/05/14

1:58 pm- Passed by Red ambulance w/ lights and sirens while walking near Leucadia Blvd.

2:00 pm-  Followed by Sheriff dept. helicopter circling/ hovering > 10 minutes.

2:29 pm- Passed 2 Sheriff dept. patrols cars sitting bumper to bumper at intersection Leucadia Blvd. and Garden View.

5:32 pm- Passed by Private ambulance on 5 South freeway at Del Mar Heights Rd exit.

5:39 pm- Passed by Red ambulance at Gennessee and Regents Rd.

5:45 pm- Private ambulance at intersection of Gennessee and Nobel.

11 thoughts on “First responder Harassment 2/05/14

  1. Oh dear. Business as usual. No shortage of petrol then. No concern with pollution. No work that needs to be done somewhere else. It looks like ther is a lot of fat that could be trimmed from public services saving quite a few tax dollars.
    I find heavy metal blots out most unwanted extraneous noise, but not everyone likes it. Regards.

  2. Since I have email alerts to new entries to your blog I have noticed that the perpy cult members in my area take cues from what is enacted on you and I see the same scenarios played out-with 1st responders of with other cars. Duality being played out. I have also subscribed to another blogger that has a wordpress blog and goes by the name stopgangstalking99. What struck me was the name similarity to your blog. Again the duality? The twin effect?????

  3. No idea. This stuff is like a virus. If I write about harassment tactics that were done months ago, they will suddenly start doing them again. They are sick enough to take pride in what they do and probably enjoy the publicity. It seems many of them have been brainwashed to take insults as compliments.

  4. Maura, again, nice log. Just a note. Remember how I told everyone that my controller (my perp) was busted by the government on Nov 1 last year? It seems that those women who claim to be victimized by me and are going after me with police help have gained access to the control center and become my new perps, controlling the computer system which links to the chip in my brain. It’s really bizarre, and I’m not sure about the details. It’s just my hunch. You might read my post about it:

    Just remember: if these women (they have a Secret Facebook Group or something like that) come to recruit you, don’t join them. There is something very strange about the amount of resources they have been able to mobilize, and about their continual blunders in the past. I just don’t want to see you get into trouble. Don’t join their perping of me.

    • I will never consciously perp another being. I am not a Nazi traitor, never have been, never will be. Extrajudicial punishment and social justice have NO place in this country. I value my freedom and I will NOT go quietly. I want our freedom back now, we have EVERY right to it.

  5. Thanks Maura. Gee, in less than 3 days I counted 52 arrests among my perps, for some of them, it is their third time being arrested. I’m just glad you didn’t join them. There is only one person in that Secret Facebook Group who refused to join in on the perping of me, or as it seems to me on my log. The rest will gladly do so for a few dollars. Including 4 persons from my own family. I thank God you have escaped this tragedy. Long live the animal-lover!

  6. Everyone has “bad thoughts”. The difference is most people have the self control not to act them out. We are NOT our thoughts, no one should be judged or punished for a thought.

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