First Responder Harassment Log 2/19/14

First Responder Harassment during trip to Joshua Tree Courthouse from Encinitas, CA on 2/19/14. Perp Harassment on this trip also included extensive lane closures for “roadwork” on Highway 62 East into Joshua Tree. This is a recurring theme in my harassment protocol.

6:46 am- Passed by Motorcycle Cop on Hwy. 76

7:30 am- Passed by Police Patrol car Hwy. 215

8:38 am- Passed by Police Patrol car Hwy. 60

9:00 am- Passed by private ambulance w/ lights/sirens on Hwy. 62

1:40 pm- Passed Police patrol car w/ flashing lights on as officer pulled a truck over for a “traffic stop” on an exit ramp on Hwy. 10

2:00 pm- Passed a Police Patrol car parked at a weigh station Hwy. 10

2:15 pm- Passed a private ambulance Hwy. 60

2:20- Passed by a Police Patrol car Hwy. 60

3:03 pm- Passed by a Police Patrol car Hwy. 215

3:10 pm- Passed by Police Patrol car Hwy. 215

3:43 pm- Passed by red ambulance Hwy. 76

3:52 pm- Passed by Police patrol car Hwy. 76

8:50 pm- Passed by red ambulance Genesee Ave., La Jolla CA.

There seems to be a trend with first responder departments now asking for new radio systems, many of which are designed by Motorola (who we know also makes wireless communication devices). The trend is to redesign their radio communication to have a “regional” dispatcher that covers multiple towns/ cities instead of just a local dispatcher for each location. This type of system seems like it would also help better facilitate gang stalking so targets can be tracked from one city/ region to the next with “seamless” harassment and proxy stalking. I am wondering if this also helps them to better broadcast the target’s activity to perps out in the community. First responder departments are asking for millions of dollars of taxpayer money to make these upgrades, with new thermal/ through wall cameras being included in the deal in my hometown on the East coast. (And I’m certain these disgusting little perps are only using them during fires/hazardous situations.) TI’s PLEASE pay attention to local politics and GO to your local city council meetings. Get familiar with all the public “operators” in your city. Know thy enemy. They already know who you are.

11 thoughts on “First Responder Harassment Log 2/19/14

  1. It seems the only person who can find a cop is a TI. They did that here – created centralised centres. It is a complete mess. The person in a call centre miles away does not know the local area. Police and ambulances getting lost and misdirected has been one consequence.

    • I’m not sure what set this person off but I took his comments off. I have met this person before at meetings multiple times and it became obvious to me he knew my harassment protocol. He also became very interested in another legitimate TI I was communicating with overseas. I try to be decent to people, perp or not, but you have to draw a line somewhere, it is self compassion.

  2. I was tempted to attend a local city meeting for same reason, but wasn’t able to. Is there any proof keeping connected reduces these nut jobs? They pass us along like lucky pennies, ya know.

    It stopped for a bit, but got worse after I discovered a friend had a recorder in her jacket. After that seems surveillance picked up to make up for her lack if info. When she was here, she harped on and on about a certain charity I had stopped thinking about. When she finally got a reaction, she smiled smugly. Soon after I found the recorder.

    What tends to happen when you are able to get even just one of these people arrested?? Does it help?

    • I look for any legitimate means of filing complaints on them and getting them in trouble. You will catch them breaking rules and violating boundaries. Pick your battles, with success comes sweet satisfaction. Yes artificial telepathy is criminal psychological abuse.

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