First Responder Harassment Log 3/18-3/19

March 18-19, 2014


12:06 pm-  Passed by Oceanside Police Dept. Patrol car at Oceanside Blvd. and Avenida Del Oro.

12:15 pm- Passed Traffic Officer (Sheriff dept.?) stopped in the median turn lane  opposite my lane, making a left turn. Oceanside Blvd. near I-5 North interchange.

12:31 pm- Passed by private ambulance on Encinitas Blvd. at Saxony Rd.

4:33 pm-  Passed by red ambulance at Oceanside Blvd. and El Camino Real.

5:43 pm-  Passed by Firetruck at Vulcan and Leucadia Blvd.


3:05 pm-  Two Sheriff dept. employees at my door including one deputy. “Investigating” a call from my neighbor that I used my car as a “weapon” and called her a whore last week. (I am threatened by perps using their cars as weapons on a daily basis while walking and driving. See blog post “Motorcycle”. )

5:38 pm-  Passed by Sheriff dept. patrol car while walking. Vulcan and E street.

5:55 pm- City Council meeting. Sheriff dept. deputy standing in middle aisle at City Council chamber talking to people behind me.

8:44- Sheriff Dept. chief walks in front of me and stands jingling keys repeatedly in his right hand while he talks to city council members.

Same deputy that stood behind me earlier now walks over and stands in front of me as he shakes hands with city council members.

@9:30 pm- Fire dept. chief gives a brief presentation at city council meeting with repeated forced coughing during presentation. Same behavior performed repeatedly by city council members, city manager, city attorney, and city staff throughout the meeting.

10:05 pm-  Exit City Hall, Sheriff Dept. Patrol car idling directly in front of exit blocking my path. Patrol car leaves as soon as I pass.






2 thoughts on “First Responder Harassment Log 3/18-3/19

  1. My name is Summer. I am a black woman living in Northern California. I have been gangstalked by the government since 2009 for my spiritual beliefs. I am a licensed security officer and mother. I am sober. I do not drink alcohol or use any type of street or pharmaceutical drugs. I am healthy mentally and physically, and would NEVER commit suicide. I am being harassed because of my spiritual beliefs. I have shut down all my social media accounts due to constant banning and harassment by it’s inventors. I stay to myself. I do not watch television and spend most of my time reading the Holy Bible. I am being harassed by phone and email. Today, I took a stand and screenshot and recorded calls that are coming in from them, the government. Call spoofing is the latest tactic they are using, on top of strange vehicles parking outside of my home, following me on the road, or agents pretending to be customers while out shopping. I refuse to be victimized for my beliefs. We have no more amendment rights and Freedom of Speech in America is dead. If any American oppose the views of our political parties, we will be targeted. Please keep me in your prayers and thanks for sharing your story. I do not feel alone in this fight. Thank you.

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