Forgiveness is a process…I wish you would die.

I now pay people to do my laundry. I do not have my own washer/ dryer in my home. Laundry has never been enjoyable in my complex as I have to make at least 3 trips up the hill to the coin-op laundry room. Now it is even less enjoyable due to my super annoying gang stalking fucking neighbors. I guess I am lucky I can get help with it, but of course this comes with another price.

I drop off my laundry at a laundromat about 20 minutes away that has a pretty decent price for fluff and fold. I dropped off a couple of bags last night. When I enter a man and his young son make sure to block my path with their cart. Acting oblivious as always as I try to pass. This is done so frequently now I don’t even try to say “excuse me”. I just keep walking. As I make my way to the drop off desk, the female staff member just happens to be on her way to the folding table with a cart full of laundry. When I get to the desk there is a sign that states “find me at the folding table”. She does her best to ignore for as long as she can as I go over to ask for help. The young son syncs blocking me again on my way out.

Today I go to pick up the laundry. 3-4 woman are in charge of the blocking harassment on my entry/exit today, even adding some synced gesture harassment (pointing), and chemical harassment (large whiff of fabric softener in my face as I pass).

I have been coming here for about 2-3 months now and I can tell they have made the switch to the “gang stalking job corp”. Instead of getting help from the experienced/ traditional staff, I now get BS harassment from the new young/ stupid/ incompetent staff. When I dropped my laundry off it was in 2 bags, one large and one smaller. The young male who helped me today could not locate my order. He finally presented a large, clear plastic bag with about 85% of my laundry folded inside. He then handed me the smaller blue bag, which was left empty, and the larger blue bag, which had the remaining 15% of laundry in it. This is the kind of shit they pill on targets day in and day out.

When I tried to fit the large plastic bag into the smaller blue bag, the young male employee shrugged and said “It doesn’t fit”. There were a lot of personal items in the clear plastic bag and it felt awkward to carry it out to my car. Of course, this is exactly what they wanted. The large plastic bag should have gone inside the large blue bag. And they knew this. But they count on the TI being flummoxed and accepting it. The plastic bag was also so heavy it could have ripped and caused the clean laundry to fall out.

I’m sure this all made great fodder for the “TI Enquirer” that these dumb little twats update daily on their social media/ iphones. Complete with pics, vids, and a live chat room or comment section. These are “people” who will pull out any and all stops in order to be the biggest cunts in the Universe.

5 thoughts on “Forgiveness is a process…I wish you would die.

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  2. Customize shirts with this on it, so people around will realize right away that this is harassment.

    ‘Organized stalking victim’

    ‘Group harass 24/7 around me’

    • Part of this system over the years involves them assigning me acquaintances that I’ve met. It’s arranged yet designed to appear random. And there is a lot of texting going on, like they’d be constantly texting and receiving texts. It’s supposedly a friend of theirs, But immediately after some texts were received, the person would get very angry with me. And it was always when the person and friend they were texting were at work (at two different places). It seems like the friend was really an informant keeping them updated on what I’ve doing and posting on various forums.

      If I post something bad about the person, they’d get very angry after they found out about it via text updates. Notice how they are always on their cell phones sending texts, or pointing their camera at the target and then sending picture texts.

      I suspect they use facebook in order to post pics of us in their mobile uploads, but they keep those photos private and only accessible to their perp friends who are in on it.

      They also use their facebook and social media to post demeaning comments about the TI for the TI to see.
      And of course, they want us to see them, the photos and comments about us, and then they will try to control us with their social media content. If they don’t approve of what we look at, they might label us “creeper”. Interesting that they always make the TI out to be a creeper or stalker, when they are always updating info about our personal lives they have no business getting access to in the first place. And it goes on every minute of every day. So they are stalking us and creeping in on our lives, and if we see a comment about us, they are informed about our seeing their comments and photos.

      They want us to feel all bad that they don’t accept us. Or what they do is accept us “conditionally”, as in, yeah, we kind of like you, but…. followed by conditions that we must “follow” in order for them to like us.

      People involved in shunning us always have conditions or ways out in which they will minimally accept the TI. They want us to be marginalized.

      I get very blatant acts of blocking. And my favorite is, if I show up at the mall an hour before closing to get something to eat and do some walking, why, there are a lot of other people showing up late and having to go the mall all of a sudden. There must always be an entourage to watch us and welcome us. I don’t like it bother me, because I’ve been used to it for 8 years.

      • If they are using wireless tech/ communication/ social media to systematically and fatally harass people then the NSA knows ALL about it and is a knowing accomplice. Holocaust, depopulation. Fuck all of these lame ppl because that’s all they are.

  3. “I’m sure this all made great fodder for the “TI Enquirer” that these dumb little twats update daily on their social media/ iphones. Complete with pics, vids, and a live chat room or comment section. These are “people” who will pull out any and all stops in order to be the biggest cunts in the Universe.”
    I know this because I used to work inside the COINTELPRO. The “TI Enquirer” you refer to is actually a secret Facebook Group which the Perps have created. There is, for example, a Secret Facebook Group devoted to you, like there is one Facebook Group devoted to each target. Those perps you describe in the laundry shop must be coordinating their operations by getting their instructions from Facebook and through text-messages on their cellphone.
    I’ve got out, and it’s not easy, and let me tell you how you can get out of gang-stalking. You need to escape to those places in the world where there is very little infrastructure for internet and cellphone and other electronic devices, because this is what enables the perps to coordinate their effort. For example, you can get to North Korea or some villages in Latin America, where people don’t have cellphones, laptops, and Facebook. When I was hiding in a little village in Oaxaca, in Mexico, among the indigenous people, the government can’t recruit the people there to perp me, because many of them don’t even know how to use cellphones.
    If you have a Facebook page, it’s most stupid. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is a master Perp who works closely with the government. You need to stay away from Facebook.
    You should never report it to the FBI, or have anything to do with FBI or Department of Homeland Security. They run the perp program. Never do anything they ask you to do; they might be pretending to help you, only in order to set you up for more perping. Reporting gang-stalking to FBI is like Jews being sent to concentrate camps write letters to complain about it to Hitler.
    The Perps operate accroding to “reverse morality”. For eample, they will target you, and, if they fail, and you escape, they’ll blame you, as if it’s your fault. Although they have a Facebook Group on you, they’ll blame you for creating a Facebook Group to target someone else.
    Another thing you should do is go to your church. “Forgiveness is a process…”? I used to go to the Catholic chruch where the priest taught me to forgive my perps, pray for them, and try to see the image of Christ in my perps’ face. If you are a devout Catholic, maybe you can go back to that root. You’ll feel better.

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