Coast To Coast AM – September 20, 2015 ET Organisms, Interrogations & Gang Stalking

Published on Sep 21, 2015
Coast To Coast AM – September 20, 2015 ET Organisms, Interrogations & Gang Stalking

George Knapp was joined by author and researcher, Robert Guffey, who shared the remarkable story of Damien (called Dion in Guffey’s book), an unrepentant heroin addict who in 2003 sheltered a US Marine that had stolen 22 pairs of night vision goggles, a DoD laptop, and perhaps a few top secret files from Camp Pendleton, a military base in the San Diego area. Arrested under the Patriot Act, Damien underwent a six-day-long Abu-Ghraib-style interrogation by the NCIS, and was accused of trying to sell the military equipment to terrorists. Damien refused to testify against the Marine, or cooperate in any way, and was eventually released.

But after his release he began to notice he was being “gang stalked” around San Diego, with 7-9 people following him into a 7-11, restaurants, and various places. They wanted him to feel discombobulated and paranoid, Guffey explained. Vehicles were parked outside Damien’s house, and Guffey knew someone at the DMV, and found out that none of the license plate numbers “officially existed,” which suggested they were government vehicles. After this, Damien began to be bombarded with hallucinations, such as seeing multiple moons in the sky, and the dimensions of his apartment were changing. Further, invisible people were in the room, interacting with him and moving things around, and he saw a black amorphous energy.

A woman from the NCIS visited Damien on a number of occasions, asking if he was ready to cooperate, implying that the harassment would end if he worked with them. Guffey was able to track down Richard Schowengerdt, said to be one of the scientists behind a project code named “Chameleo” that involved bizarre experimentation including “cloaking”— electro-optical camouflage so extreme it rendered observers practically invisible, which correlated with what Damien experienced. Damien was likely used as a guinea pig to test out the effect of this technology, Guffey concluded, adding that he and Damien suspected the missing night vision goggles may have been especially important to the military as they possibly allowed wearers to see that which had been made invisible.
‘ET’ Organisms Found in Stratosphere

In the first hour, Dr. Milton Wainwright, professor at the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, discussed a new image which he believes reveals a mysterious extraterrestrial “organism.” Using balloons to test areas of the stratosphere some 25 miles up, he captured microscopic pieces of debris that contain unique forms of bacteria not found on Earth. Wainwright deduced that the organisms are coming in from space, rather than up from Earth’s surface, because if that was the case they’d be covered in pollen grains.

Coast To Coast AM – September 20, 2015 ET Organisms, Interrogations & Gang Stalking

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