More Rosebay Group Masturbation Ops 9/27/15..

320 pm- Opened my front to leave for church, hear a car door slam very loudly in the parking area. This sound is followed by multiple car door slams that are not as loud. I’m guessing the first one was a signal for the “skit” to start. 5 minutes later I hear a male voice at the bottom of my stairs and 2 cars exit the parking area. I can see the driveway from my door, a compact and a white van leave within seconds of each other.

325 pm- Multiple people get out of 1-2 cars parked on the front curb in front of my building, they stagger it by separating in to 2 groups exiting 1-2 minutes apart. These people walk South in front of my building past my driveway. Their intention was to block the driveway as I exited in my car. I am still in my home.

330 pm- I exit my home. A female sits idling in a silver sedan in the parking area facing my car and the exit. After I get in my car she passes behind me and exits the driveway. As I exit the driveway. I find a large white pickup truck partially blocking the driveway exit. His truck is idling and it completely blocks my view of the road making it impossible for me to safely turn onto the road. The Hispanic male driver stands next to the truck pretending to have a reason to be there. When I ask him repeatedly why he is idling there he does not answer. He had a California license plate and if you would like the number contact me. This was a total of 5-6 vehicles laying in wait for me when I exited my home.

635 pm- I return home and take a different route entering my neighborhood. I pull into a small empty parking lot for about 10 minutes to make a phone call. I watch as the vehicular and foot traffic increases all around me. As I prepare to leave the lot, a large AAA tow truck pulls up and partially blocks the exit from the parking lot, the same way the white pickup truck did earlier, making it unsafe for me to exit. This is how perps rehearse for, and set up for “unintentional”  car accidents. One common trait of terrorists is rehearsal.





9 thoughts on “More Rosebay Group Masturbation Ops 9/27/15..

  1. Its great that you keep public logs of these tactical terrorist and other psychological operations they pull on you on a regular basis.

    Renata has begun showing her face on her You Tube channel, Godisourprotector so that should something ever occur there will be no disputing that it was her speaking in detail about her workplace perping/bullying.

    If there is a way to make duplicates of your online records you might want to do so.
    These order following pieces of lowbrow trash are SO hardwired to follow orders from their bosses that if say a cop handler told a perp to

    “Go up to them and apologize for harassing them then kiss their feet and I guarantee you won’t get in any trouble plus we’ll pay you five times your usual money”

    the perps would do it.

    I also have finally realized that in my and probably most other targets harassment its been MAINLY electronic mind control to perform classical conditioning, that it has been going on much longer than I imagined and among the main biological effects of perping are overactive Adrenals often leading to any inflammatory condition AND nearly any mental disorder in addition to the physical and mental symptoms which they cause with their electronic “toys. ”

    Also 90% convinced that the Dept of Homeland Security plays a huge role and/infraguard.

    We see, hear and think what they want us to and I am 100% that they are not only reading but are also programming us 24/7.

    After enough time of this shit certain patterns or lack thereof are unmistakable.
    They manipulate us solely through fear, intimidation, guilt, shame, isolation, doubt our sex drives and so on.
    Also just found out that the BEST WAY to treat CPTSD is using a combination of hypnosis and NLP to heal the subconscious where 90% or so of our mind and 100% of our conscious decisions derive from-Talk therapy helps people regain some function from PTSD but the unconscious mind has to be hit although I heard that combining tapping or EFT with NLP and hypnosis work best; A holistic approach as in any other health modalities.

    And one of the best methods they use to keep me from making progress in some areas is a daily dose of subliminal self-doubt.

    • Perps are insufferable trolls and terrorists who intentionally and relentlessly antagonize, harass, and provoke targets 24/7/365 and then unleash them on the community. Perps are 100% responsible for ALL of the ensuing violence, serious injuries and deaths that result due to this programming. Technological holocaust calls for a technological Nuremberg. I wonder how long they will last in our shoes?

  2. I used to have fun with perps that set up skits like this. In this situation, for example, I’d pretend like I was going to leave, get in my car, start to pull out, but then pull back in and go back in my house. Repeat several times. And then LOL at their faces as they got frustrated waiting for me to leave “for real”. It wasn’t quite like this, but there was something similar they did.

    And something that keeps happening is a scenario like at work or whatever, someone I work with will do a skit, say and/or do something extremely outrageous and disturbing, and then, I’ll find out they wound up quitting, or I never saw them again. Interesting. Maybe they didn’t need the job after the skit, because they probably got some sort of payment, reward, or stipend. I call this one the “grand finale” skit. The added bonus the perps get out of this is that I am left hanging with no closure, knowing they are gone for good and I won’t have an opportunity to get back at them for their final act (of greed). It’s also a form of cowardice, because they know they won’t have to pay for their actions, and they also get rewarded on top of this. This has the bonus psychological effect that I know they did a cowardly act of perping, so I can’t get back at them, and hence, it’s a form of torture.

    Also, I got another dream recently that they had assassins or snipers under order open fire under targeted citizens of my town. It happened downtown, and a PA announcer says “now hit the GROUND”! Shots were ringing out, from machine guns or automatic rifles. I’m scrambling down low trying to prevent from being hit. It was similar to the National Guard shooting at Kent State, where the National Guardsmen were clearly under orders to open fire on the retreating protestors. I’ve had occasional dreams about being “hunted” by a stalker with a gun, going back to 1992.

    I’m sure the Kent State shootings was planned all along. But who gave the ultimate orders, or should I clarify, who planned this attack?

    I’m sure they would plan something like this, having National Guardsmen planted in a town during a fair opening fire on civilians who aren’t compliant with their “plans”. Now a lot of times, they control and manipulate lone shooters into doing this, but it doesn’t matter. Either way, these are planned literal attacks on innocent people who are in their way.

  3. Just want to applaud your perps. What a great job their doing. The operation is so seamlelss. And they will do this do you to the end of time. And this is because it’s all in your mind!

  4. Stopogs, I’ve thought about what you wrote and statistically speaking, some targets DO act out killing or badly injuring their perps who I hate to say seriously f—-kng deserve their fates due to their relentless tormenting of
    another human being for “fun,” money and power/being “friends” with criminal, cowardly police and other traitors in government routinely abusing their power MAINLY under orders.

    As targeted individuals knowing that some TIs DO “lose it” is a painful fact as these are people like US who only wish to be left in peace but between the physical or street stalking and DEFINITE mind control to encourage an angry, confrontational mood over time slowly increasing the anger in the TI like they’ve been trying to do with me and many other targets-And I would bet anything that these shit traitor cops tell their civilian hate zombies that “he/she won’t do anything…” “They’re harmless” and of course in the case of neighbor perps who’ve been in on my targeting for up to ten years or more, since I have not snapped and these criminals feel safe they continue pulling this shit AS ORDERED and if they thought that any one of us posed a threat for one second they would ask their handlers if they could get out of the program-I guarantee it. I KNOW it.

    Once you get a good gut feel of the wants, needs and fears of people as SIMPLE and TWO-DIMENSIONAL (cardboard cutouts) as our perps and once you remove ALL respect (towards another human being), benefit of the doubt and ALL “looking for the best in people” they are easy to figure out.

    Life-Long: Its most likely that the workers who got fired after harassing you were relocated to another office (I think you’ve mentioned that you work at UPS).

    The detailed choreographing of our perping (like in a martial arts movie) STILL bowls me over sometimes, as they REALLY go all out to elicit some kind of fear, doubt, guilt, anger, obsessive thinking and so on-All the negative shit.

    Renata’s recent Talkshoe program covered gas lighting really well and the guilt these shit cops and shit security guards TRY to make you feel (criminals trying to make harmless people feel guilty!) is a perfect example of trying to make the person doubt who and what they are as “did I do something wrong?” Constantly questioning themselves and that’s what gas lighting is: Its not only trying to make a person think that they’re mentally ill, it attacks our core values of who and what we are through repetition and reinforcement of those doubts via mind control.

    Ironic, isn’t it that the police who are guilty of every conceivable crime NOT “just” gang stalking have the f—–kng nerve, the arrogance and stupidity to use their “intimidation” bullshit to try and make someone feel guilty!

    And your vivid violent dream is a great example of how they try to reinforce the hateful carefully planned out tactics they pull on you in waking life in your dreams.

    Not ONE of my synthetic dreams (or whatever these shits call them) have had ONE positive, happy, optimistic aspect to them:They have been devoid of any kind emotions, they have been greyish or just plain dark in color, lots of violence that only a sociopath or psychopath would love-And although SOME psych diagnoses ARE very real my obsessive compulsive intrusive thoughts have been far too intense, violent and sick for them to be of organic origin;They did NOT come naturally from my mind as my usual intrusive thoughts are NOTHING like the crazy shit I sometimes get:They do NOT fit “normal” OCD.

    I’m visiting one of my brothers in Miami for a little while and as SOON as I got to Miami airport a dickweed fat slob security guard opens the door to the security office nervously eyeing me and all other kinds of things that ONLY happen to targets.

    Just to note, at THIS point with ALL of the shit they have pulled on me I have LEARNED from these losers and I am 100% convinced that they use energy-based mind control on us far, far earlier than most of us could imagine.

    Quick example: I went to Buffalo State College about 18 or 19 years ago.
    Three or four months before I began classes I began getting repetitive obsessive thoughts of names students would call me, how people would spread rumors about me and all kinds of other happy shit in a V2K but with MY OWN INNER VOICE and what happened when I began classes? The teachers and students began using the trigger words and phrases, the stupid looks, campus scumball security-They were working with the Buffalo Police and probably local FBI and some other scumball federal agencies most likely but my point is that I’m asking anyone reading this to please go over your perping history and think if early on, before you even knew you were a target if you had violent, perverse and/or humiliating intrusive thoughts in YOUR own inner voices.

    I used to think that MOST of what they do to us is classic brainwashing in our awake, aware lives but I am SURE that MOST of the poison they force into our minds, the doubts, fears and insecurities have been done using some kind of hi-tech military grade mind control weapon(S).

    No matter what we do, remain silent or try and publicize this shit they will never let up so its more dignified to spit in their faces so to speak by making this as public as possible.

    And since these degenerate, lazy sacks of filth break all kinds of laws, then as targets it might not hurt to bend the rules as much as possible just SHORT of legally breaking them:They cheat. They have no morals.
    As targets we can treat them with the same disdain or worse they treat us and this will not turn us into “evil monsters” as we WOULD HAVE ALREADY and those of us who have not snapped yet after years of targeting will probably never snap so being as heartless as possible to those who CLEARLY wish us serious harm does not in any way make us a “bad person” and never will;I am in no way advocating any kind of violence but I AM for bending the rules as much as humanly possible when dealing with this disgusting army of order-loving traitors to themselves and the rest of the human race because of what the horrible shit they do not only to targets but other people they are making the world worse for everyone including their own sad asses and any friends or family they have;This applies to all traitors working for the corrupt government of the world, not just the cowardly police but all civilians who could not enjoy true peace and happiness if given the chance.

    • And perps are crybabies as well. Or maybe what they’re doing is part of their games. Sometimes when I go out for a walk, a cop will pull over and tell me things like “were you screaming at cars?” I told the cop “no”, but actually, I was. I was pissed, and I was venting very loudly. A nuisance, for sure, but it’s definitely better than taking out anger in other ways. And cars that were driving by had people leering out of their windows smirking at me. I told the cop about that one guy who kept yelling at me from the side of his truck. The cop already seemed to know about the guy yelling at me. He then told me “OK I have to go fill out some paperwork”.

      I don’t see how anyone would dial 911 just for a person ranting out loud at the perps driving by. It now seems like the local police have some sort of system where they get notified whenever a target acts out like this. I’ve seen many times when I’m out walking around to relieve my anger and stress at my targeting, they send out perps in cars, calling my name, and doing this thing to calm me down. It seems like the persons monitoring me at some station somewhere, if they notice I’m too pissed or angry about something they did, they will send someone out to “calm me down”. I suppose they need me to calm myself or lower my stress level so they can continue their brainwashing campaign.

      I’m sure that cop knew the reason I was ranting at that it was completely expected outcome-wise. They need us to act out so they can have a cop come around and question us like we’re breaking the laws. Having the cop come around is part of the scare tactics like it’s supposed to make us accept being targeted more without acting out. But that’s dangerous, because that makes the brainwashing sink in more effectively. They don’t want us to be angry at them, because they know they are in danger of them “losing” us. They want us connected to them “spiritually” on some level, so they can give us “commands” that facilitate their control over us.

      I think the ultimate goal is to have complete control over us, not necessarily to have us be angry.

      And at the university, I did notice some acts of what I know now as gangstalking, but I didn’t notice it back then. An example if from summer of ’94, two Asian grad students were standing face to face laughing at something as I walked past. It seems like I had other incidents like this, but I figured it was some metaphysical thing I had going on about me that attracted these types to do such things. Never thought it was a sanction underground program to control and break me and install mind control programming into my brain. In retrospect, I look back over my life, and I can say “Um hmmm, yeah, that was just another incident of what I go through now” and that makes me think my targeting goes back to even before I was born. Some people they target even before they are born, like the story of King Herod having babies killed because he was afraid one of them would one day overthrow him.

  5. Life-Long, the police show up for two main reasons:

    To try and create and/or reinforce feelings of guilt
    To try and create and/or reinforce you questioning your mental health
    To try and create and/or cause fear, the main manipulating tool of these tools.

    The feelings of guilt and shame they push are classic gas lighting tactics which ALL targets get and I say this with 100% confidence as gas lighting is used by manipulators as the universal means of control because gas lighting goes right with classic brainwashing’s making you question your core beliefs;Who and what you are:

    Did you just do or say something that may have offended or threatened someone? Did you do or say something embarassing, offensive or “illegal” a minute, day or week ago?

    When you have someone questioning their guilt, sanity, decency and basically who and what they are while adding in the stress street stalking is meant to cause AND reinforcing this shit with energy-based mind control it is EASY to dominate much of the person’s mind/body and with nearly non-stop stressors putting that target into a state of Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which fucks the sleep cycle, the production of Melatonin, amps up the secretion of Cortisol, fucks with the overall neurotransmitter balance, often causes the target to self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs, often causing the target to seek psychiatric help and most of us (used to) trust authority figures so when the piece of shit mental health “professional” prescribes their pseudo-scientific poisons it only clouds our minds even MORE as week take shit which makes it EASIER to both traumatize AND dumb us down into the NWO-type of compliance they’re trying to do and sometimes probably successfully so to targets.

    Keep in mind also that the police are following a strict protocol of orders as to when to fuck with you and when not to NO DIFFERENT than when our regular perps are told to perform for us or to stand down and pretend that everything is “normal.”

    It ALSO very, very possible with their mind control toys that they are MAKING it seem as though you are yelling at the assholes passing by you in the cars while it MIGHT be them making you speak even though it seems 100% of your own free will-Its like the “problem, reaction and solution” model in which THEY create the problem by sending perps and/or manipulating your reaction which may include a lot of mind-clouding anger (which I usually get too), the “solution” is officer cowardly fuck driving up to
    see you to see if you need help and this “solution’s” goals include as I just wrote, reinforcing and/or creating guilt, fear, anger and self-doubt not to mention depression and keeping your Adrenals and entire body in a panic mode or again, a constant state of post traumatic stress disorder.

    Remember when Stopogs wrote about how she was harassed by the dimwit girl as soon as she got to the beach? Her reaction to the moron girl MAY have been maniuplated in real time via mind control OR it was a normal reaction for her to politely speak to the girl. So the shits behind this program CREATED Stopog’s problem to set up the reaction and solution-Its planned that way for ALL OF US. I know it. It is too flawless, too time-tested of a mind fuck technique NOT to be used not only in the U.S. but across the world on targets and anyone else being fucked with by the shit, illegal governments of the world.

    Stopogs then had the asshole lifeguards “keeping an eye on her” even though THESE ass clowns KNOW what a real threat is and HAVE fucked with OTHER targets than Stopogs;I guarantee it.

    Then the solution was the trio of cowardly cops giving Stopogs the third degree asking her about the state of her mental health and trying to reinforce feelings of guilt.

    I am telling you that as complex as this program CAN BE it is also very simple in that one of the main, standard ways to fuck with a target is the Hegelian dialactic of:


    Think 9/11:

    Create the PROBLEM of a terrorist bombing.
    Expecting the REACTION of a public scared shitless looking for the government’s OLD pre-planned SOLUTION of taking away people’s rights under the pretense of protecting them while starting a war and 9/11 has led to all kinds of insane “legal” laws and loss of privacy and freedom.

    Just as they have been pulling the street theatre, gas lighting, discrediting, smear campaign and so on on US from day one when we were put into this program which easily could have be a monitoring of ALL people from the day they are born.

    Their entire control grid is far too efficient with super-advanced monitoring technology NOT to have been in place for at least fifty years to weed out the free or lateral thinkers, the creative people, those with too much compassion, ect-And no. There are plenty of people who are NOT targets who are free thinkers, compassionate and activists and so on.

    I’ve said it before and it seems patently obvious at this point:
    They put people in this program who are the easiest to isolate and I do believe that they ALSO target people who are more difficult to isolate and impoverish but they stick with the easiest course of action as all cowards do.

    Life-Long, do a basic news search on all the reported crimes committed by the police not only across this shitty nation but across the world and you will see of course a FRACTION of the evil shit they do from evidence tampering, evidence stealing, murder, rape, pedophilia, extortion, blackmail, wife/girlfriend abuse, stalking (not our kind), torture, animal cruelty, the list is almost endless! The police ONLY serve and protect the VIPs of this world.
    That is IT.

    Some service to the public to look good but very, very little.
    They are a gang of thugs, cowards, losers, perverts, low IQ psycho and sociopaths who are ONLY making this world WORSE even if a cop saves a life now and then all of the evil, bad malicious planned things they do outweigh what little PUBLIC RELATIONS good shit they may do.

    ANY person that intentionally and willfully causes more harm than good, who is making things worse is part of the problem making the entire world shittier and it is not only the criminal traitorous police but all government workers world wide and all civilians who through of their own free will have been turning this planet into a fucking nightmare.

    Just keep in mind, all of you that MOST of the negative shit you are experiencing is due to SOME form of energy based mind control technology and I believe very little of what Dr. Duncan, Dr. Hall, Dwight Magnum (an FFCHS “expert” on tech) and many others including Deborah Tavares and Lauren Moret state but I try and take what makes the most sense to learn from it.

    Like Tim Riffat who has been on that controlled opposition, Jeff Rense and others has gone into how mind control has been used against demonstrators, vagrants and other “enemies of the state” in Great Britain but do I believe all he states? Of course not.

    But I have reached a point in which it has become too “in my face” obvious that MOST of the shit they have and continue to do to us is absolutely undeniably technological mind control reinforced by the street stalking. PERIOD.

    What we have to do is look into reversing this shit via Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, hypnosis and other techniques which hit hard the effects of chronic post traumatic stress disorder, stop any alcohol, caffeine, try to get off of any psych drugs we’re on (under the supervision of a hopefully honest doctor), take supplements which help our Adrenals, Thyroid and clean our bodies out, learn as much as we can about mind control, brainwashing, cult, ect-I only know a FRACTION of what we should learn.

    Please keep in mind anyone reading this that as shitty as OSEH is it is “only” ONE aspect of this evil fuck NWO and again what they do to us for the most part is:

    Create PROBLEM (extensive, detailed planning tailored to each target’s mind set)

    Control our REACTIONS making them seem as though they are always of our own free will

    Create SOLUTIONS usually making is seem of our own free will.

    EVERY FUCKING TIME you criminal, cowardly bastards REMIND me of all the shit I will NEVER have because of the smear campaign and other shit,
    EVERY FUCKING TIME you losers REMIND me of what I have lost due to this program while TEACHING ME what you are doing to ALL OF US I will CONTINUE to fucking PASS IT ON TO OTHER TARGETED INDIVIDUALS as this program will never stop if we say something orI we do NOT say something.

    While take this abusive violation of our entire beings quietly?!
    Abuse from the WORSE, most ugliest, scumiest, brainwashed, craziest mind-controlled children in adult bodies to every pop out of a toilet!

    Hell. Make a list of all they’ve taken from you (any TI reading this) and you’ll be writing for days!

    And I ALSO know that part of the guilt-inculcation process includes making TIs FEEL as though we DESERVE this abuse because of the GUILT and SHAME and FEAR they induce and I should know as I’ve felt these and too many other negative emotions:There is no positive aspect to this program.

    I sincerely hope this post helps some TIs insofar as insight goes.

  6. I see the “police” here in town have a nice, new, shiny, large SUV they are tooling around in. When the cop questioned me, it was in that shiny new SUV. I’m sure he wanted to see where all those hard-earned tax dollars are going. It’s not like they needed a new vehicle at all… the others they had were good enough. And now, they got a big shiny SUV. I’m sure SUV’s are part of my mind control conditioning process, and that’s enough of a reason for them to be tooling around in one. There has to be a reason they got one of those when they had pefectly fine cruisers (that were the tradional sedan type, the Crown Vics, for example).

    Look at how much money is being thrown around, and you get the sense that organized crime is involved, or people/”special interests” with vast amounts of $$$ are involved, or that this is a big money-maker. It’s funny how the cops were nowhere to be found last night when three guys (typical big-mouthed loser perps) were standing on their front porch being loud and beligerant. Or that perps drive around with one headlight, and never seem to get them fixed or get ticked for that. They allow a certain amount of crime to happen, as they see that as an acceptable cost to allow the shadow system to keep control over us.

  7. I could make a nice list of things I have lost. I have lost a few friends, at least I thought they were friends, and it turns out they may have been perps. Disappeared totally from my life with no chance of getting them back. I’ve lost a couple of jobs. One job I lost because I was provoked and lost my temper. In this case, a girl with a cell phone was doing harassment, and she was saying things that I was conditioned to believe were belittling and insulting. (Come to think of it, do perps EVER do anything other than belittle and insult targets?) I should’ve seen that one coming. That was in Sept. 2009. Big loss. (The perps countered with the message “big win”. Haha, so “loss” translates into “win”, for them, at least.)

    But lately, I’ve learned to keep moving on, to keep on keepin’ on, as the saying goes. I don’t even stop and grieve over losses anymore. (One reason is that perps will be there mocking me over this. Another reason is that as a target, you just learn to move on. Nothing surprises me anymore. Lose a friend, been there. Lost a job, been there. Lost my priviliges to go anywhere I want as a free American protected by the Constitution, been there.)

    One thing I’ve learned is: don’t play into the traps the perps set. They set traps to have you react, and they use this as an excuse to “punish” you and to take away certain freedoms, when in reality, the situation should NEVER have gotten to that point in the first place. I should have the right to go wherever I want to without any kind of BS skits, no tresspass letters, harassment, people knowing stuff they shouldn’t about me. The one cop I talked to just understood and he had it right. he said that “it’s a shame. You’d think that as an American citizen, you’d have the right to go wherever you want without any kind of trouble or bannishment”.

    Yeah, right on. Some cops know what goes on, and some of them have morals or aren’t playing in on the local lynch mob to run targets out of town. Which is what they are doing to me here in this town.

    The one thing I haven’t lost, though, is my sense of self, of who I truly am. I can see now they are always trying to make me doubt that: my sense of self, and other things about me. I haven’t lost my dignity.

    They’re real brave, because the entire town is on the Lynch Mob squad, including police and mayor. And why even have police, when there is a higher authority out there who can monitor the perps and targets and everyone else at any given time, and see everything that goes on, and they have civilian operatives (perps) working for them anyways? With the large force they’ve built up, they can see any crime, even predict when crimes will happen and where, and stop it. So they don’t even need police. Not only do they have police, but they have too many on the force, and they also keep buying new vehicles to ride around ignoring the perps in. I guess the police have this big intimidatin factor, because they know that people fear getting arrested for something, and they use that in their psych. warfare. Why have police, and why keep the constitution? To make the public think they are living in a traditional democracy, when the entire legal system and everything else is sabotaged and manipulated to their advantage. Protect the Elite pedophiles, rapists, and sick minds who have money. That’s ALL they’re doing.

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