“Focus on Proactive Policing, Gang Stalking, Bullying, Community Harassment”

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Published on Feb 18, 2015
“Gang Stalking” is a form of community mobbing and organized stalking combined. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognized as legitimate, this is the community form. it’s a psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.”

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Gang Stalking is stalking by more than one person to a victim, usually involving community harassment, or the “mob”, using people from all backgrounds and vocations to harass, tracking 24/7, sometimes organizing lethal vehicle accidents, poisonings, electronic harassment, home invasions/property destruction, corrupt or ignorant doctor diagnosis given to stamp the victim as bogus mentally ill with delusions, paranoia, or schizophrenia, etc. Everything is done covertly, and with a sophisticated real time dispatching system to organize the criminals’ harassment and attacks, often in the hundreds to thousands of criminals participating as a coordinated mob at any given time while the criminals due their normal routines of work, shopping, commuting to and from work, leisure, etc., using the method of moving foot and vehicular surveillance techniques, and computers, cell phones, verbal and visual cues, and every other conceivable type of communication.

Often, the local network of this mob is connected to a national and international network – funding is done by illicit drug industry/crime syndicates, CRIMINALS working in:corporate environment, and government sponsored terrorism for military weapons research using non-consenting human beings. It’s similar to Cointelpro or red squads, and it’s being used on a lot of innocent people to ruin them and make them look crazy. Gang Stalking is all about government disinformation, and using civilian spies/snitches to help with stalking and monitoring innocent people.

Gang Stalking is a form of bullying and intimidation from multiple perpetrators.

Whereas ordinary bullying is usually one on one, and workplace mobbing is where multiple people in one workplace attack one (or a few) person(s), Gang Stalking involves multiple people attacking one person in any situation.

Groups of people, or, loosely organized people pick a target, and attempt to destroy the victims life in any way that they can.

They attempt to scare and terrorize their target, causing anxiety and other problems.

They will do whatever they can to get the target fired from their job.

People become a victim when they have attacked a member of a group (ie gang) as part of revenge, or, in the case of political groups, attack their political opponents such as authors, etc.

The effects of this crime goes beyond Targeted Individuals.

Licensed criminals: FBI informants authorized to break the law 5,600 times in one year

“Psychological Warfare or Manipulation: In Covert Type Investigations” http://www.psychologicalharassment.co…


37 thoughts on ““Focus on Proactive Policing, Gang Stalking, Bullying, Community Harassment”

  1. No matter how much we experience and learn as “veteran” targeted individuals, to keep grounded, to improve our perspective and never forget just how much they have done to us and taken from us we must periodically review the basics or the “ABCs” of organized gang stalking.

    I have learned how useful it is to review the fundamentals of gang stalking to get an entirely new take or way of thinking about a specific form of perping and understanding EXACTLY why they do it;What their short and long-term goals.

    For example, I now realize that the intention of all perping is to keep us in states of distraction, to have our attention directed at the unimportant things, to keep us tired, angry and terrified as to not see this as the fear-based psy op it IS and they also want to keep us out of touch with our true selves;They do not want us to go anywhere NEAR our self-esteem or confidence, they do not want us to have a shred of hope, to be able to relax:They WANT US TO THINK that being in this program IS “the way our lives are supposed to be” as in “this is our fault” and “we create our own hell” (I do not view my experiences as a TI as “hell” and have never had the victim mindset).

    THIS is why I’m so “hot and bothered” post traumatic stress disorder because that is the main psychological state we are ALL put into and by looking into and eventually using proven techniques to treat PTSD such as EFT, self hypnosis and a few other treatment modalities.

    If a TI is lucky enough to practice and get results from PTSD treatments they must be done for the rest of their/our lives (in my opinion) as modern society because just living in this shitty diseased society keeps most people in a chronic or perpetual state of super-high stress.

    In the meantime, I have found excellent results from taking alcohol-based tinctures of adaptogens such as Holy Basil, Ashwadanga, Australagus, Fo-Ti, Schisandra Berry, Licorice Root, Maca, Ginseng such as Panax or Rhodolia and so on. They give you a subtle yet very real sense of calm or energy when you need it and they (depending on what you believe) help heal the Adrenal glands which ARE worn out due to the constant stress these motherfuckers put all of us under.

    TIs should also take Black Walnut, Kelp or another high-Iodine content herb or food for our Thyroid.

    The only water we drink should be distilled or reverse osmosis ANS we should add in saline-based mineral drop to compensate for the lack of minerals in purified water but at least you will not be getting Fluroide, Chlorine or thousands of other poisonous compounds.

    Here’s the book on PTSD I’m reading which offers a lot of promise:


    The author interviewed on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0jCYNX1H8A

    Its not just the FBI or the local, state and county police involved in this but I get a strong feeling that the department of homeland security is involved in this as in fighting “domestic terrorists” which many TIs are labeled I’m sure.

    This informative post is my way of saying thank you to the shit cowards in the Buffalo, Tonawanda and Amherst, New York police and the civilian handlers who have trained and sent legions of scumbag perps at me including at my new gym, LA Fitness;These people are ugly and diseased inside and out and although I am not scripturally religious but these losers do give off an air of satanic-type self-absorbed ego;They literally have no true sense of who and what they are and everything is selfish instant gratification.

    The only true power these motherfuckers have is:

    (1) Advanced neurotechnology (mind control “toys”) which includes however they monitor our and DIRECT our thoughts and behaviors (they can make us perform complex actions-Its EASY).

    (2) Military-grade fear-based psychological operations based on perhaps sixty or more years of accumulated, scientifically shared data on how people react to stressors, what motivates us and so on.

    (3) An unlimited budget, an unlimited number of low IQ greedy sick sadistic perps.

    And they make all of this SEEM to be flawless because they control our reactions to how we’re perped AND I honestly believe that many of our reactions to triggers are so filled with fear and anger because we have been SET UP to react a certain way to their perping skits and blame ourselves when we react negatively and or just plain react when the fact of the matter is that we are set up with the triggers from the mind control weapons, the perps know exactly what we are going to do, where we’ll be when and what we’ll say and how we’ll react and this perpetuates a negative cycle of hypervigilance, low self-esteem, fear, anger, learned helplessness, ect;They know what they are doing and I guarantee that we have all been in this program far, far longer than before we knew we were TIs and its very likely that EVERYONE IS MIND CONTROLLED:I do not believe that they need chips and if there are chips then everyone has them because they can make total strangers act out using mind control tech.

    I stated earlier that we must periodically review the fundamentals of gang stalking because I clearly remember the mindset of worrying about “if I do or say this they (perps) won’t like it” and that’s part of the conditioning. Making us think that this is “normal” life for us. Making us think or believe that our lives will never improve in any way which is a fucking lie.

    These people are not supposed to know that we exist and we are not supposed to know they do.

    But again, thank you to the cowards in law enforcement for showing me how much you control my mind and the patterns or theme on variations of perping-Basically the same shit with new actors and some minor changes in perping.

    And keeping in touch with our “roots or the basics of gang stalking is to keep in mind that we always, always, always have something new to learn and we MUST be of this mindset because they are always at least four to five moves ahead of us as TIs due to the remote neural monitoring or whatever these spineless, scummy traitors to humanity call their waste of money toys.

    When you step back and get a better picture of the extent to which they torment and surveil people, the utter pettiness of it blows your mind.

    One last note: I spoke to one of my new gym perps at LA Fitness in Amherst, NY and the asshole told me that he’s been a member of many gyms. Some targets seem to think that there are not that many targeted individuals and think how well they control our awareness: There are many, many more of us than we ever could have imagined. You might have three or four TIs living within a mile radius of you for all you know.

    A good percent of my perps (including law enforcement, neighbors and security guards) stupid as they are are very experienced and very well trained at what they do and the logical conclusion is simple: They have perped and continue to perp many other targeted individuals, not just me meaning that there are probably a couple thousand other TIs in Buffalo, NY.

    For those who are interested my Talkshoe TI show, Snitzer1’s TI Contact show is on every Saturday at 7:00 Eastern, call number 138602.
    Phone Number: (724) 444-7444

    Not saying or writing about being threatened, robbed and slandered by these shits is the SAME thing as someone attempting to murder you and you not reporting it to the corrupt, cowardly, unprofessional psychotic police (and by the way, any time one of you targets has to make a report to these criminals motherfuckers have someone you can trust on the other end of the phone as a witness or someone there with you).

    As TIs we have to do as much as possible for ourselves and each other as so many people we once trusted have failed us due to the smear campaign and/or mind control.

    • Bit of a long read there but good points… Absolutely true about how one must review the fundamentals almost every day.

      At first, I could not understand why I would only think about gang stalking the entire day, nothing else, same thoughts repeated 100 times in a day. At some point I started forcing myself to think of other more positive stuff but it only worked for a few weeks.

      Its so sad because my perpetratos watch and study the live telemetry of what neurons I use to fight my way out of the repetitive thoughts and then get to work to destroy them. Right now its virtually impossible for me to think other thoughts simply because neurons have been killed.

      Same pattern for all other positive activities I do, such as prayer, 100% of my prayers are jammed, interrupted with negative thoughts. What about TV, also this is now getting jammed, I find myself not watching TV or listening to music as much as I used to.

      Instead I only think about the work place mobbing and gang stalking that Started out for me at some Digital Agency in Cape Town, South Africa. The remote neural monitoring started out there, my screen was shared live stream style to most other people in a bid to have me completely embarrassed.

      Day, night, first thing in the morning as I wake up, I am made to only think about the work place mobbing.

      • Yes. They can cause you to feel anger, depression, terror, obsessive thinking and so on.

        The best things TIs can work on is to research into:

        Complex PTSD and ways to cure it such ss EFT, hypnosis and double dissociation, bioenergetics or how emotional trauma including from yeara ago is literally stored in our body and can be released.

        Exposure response prevention for OCD

        You might want to use your cell phone’s voice recorder to tape yourself in a calm and mentally sharp state of mind staying how they use hi tech, psy ops and the conditioned sensitized state you have been put into makes it SEEM AS THOUGH THEY HAVE POWER OVER YOU and by playing a reminder recording of yourself before work or other potential perping situation it will give you a perspective you never had before, as if a trusted friend was giving you a pep talk to deal with these evil, cowardly assholes.

    • In addition, they like to fill us with false hope. An example is when I applied to resume study at my Alma Mater, a university in the Eastern US that is well-known. Well, I followed the admission results on gradcafe.com, and they all told me the truth, that if I didn’t hear back from them by a certain date, I was rejected. But when I visited that department’s graduate office, they told me different. They told me they were still “working on getting people into the program”. This opened the door for false hope that I would be accepted, despite the passed deadline. And they also went as far as to deliberately leave 2 sections of a course blank, making it look like they were making room for one more teach assistant. When the semester started, I called the grad. office, and she said that I wasn’t accepted. But it’s interesting that she never sent me the email telling that I was rejected, but every other student who was rejected got the email notification except me.

      The purpose was to fill me with false hope, to have me thinking that I had a shot at getting in, when they were stringing me along the entire time. I can imagine what the purpose was… I think it was to deter me from applying to other graduate programs at other schools. The perps wanted me to think that they would “help” me get in to that graduate program, and that they “had a plan” in place. I was wrong. They were simply selling a false dream to me.

      This is a school rich in tradition, one which I wanted to go back to because I had graduated there before, so I thought it was important for me to get back in there. The way I see it, it would be nice, but things aren’t the same as they once were. Universities, from our perspectives, are like the loves of our lives, in a sense. We love our Alma Mater as though it were our wife. The truth is, universities ARE money machines, and they play along with the dirty business of covert warfare. The perps want us to think that we could go back to school, but the truth is, in a practical sense, with all their control and favoritism of conformist students, it is practically impossible.

      It may be time to look into other schools, and not a graduate program at the school, but as a employee instead of a student. Then I can return to wherever I want if the opportunity is right.

      • Its probably a text book trick they play on all victims in one way or another. Anything to stuff up with your emotions and mental state.

        In my case, after having lost my job and practically all my cash the perpetrators kept on fooling me that my previous company would hire me back but in a different role. And boy did I believe them (early days of being a victim)

        I also fell for the part where the fooled me I would no longer be a victim as this as all just some kind of medical experiment and what’s more I would be getting paid for my trouble.

        Off course its a lie but more than that, they actually map pathways in your brain to believe some of the lies, this is a powerful trick but only wears out once the victim has a full understanding of what can be done with remote neural monitoring.

      • They do give us false hopes and make us waste time, energy and money. They want us to feel disillusioned and hopeless and the fact that you are keeping your mind open for future opportunities is great, Life-Long!

        And we fall for their mind control false hopes, dead ends, distractions and other games much more when we allow these sellout, sick twisted assholes to temporarily drag us into the same negative emotions they live with 24/7/365.

        I will not forgive them but I now recognize this for what it is : Business, human experimentation, NWO-type divide and conquer tactics, human trafficking, sadism and Satanism (in some cases ) but the one thing OSEH is not is personal as these chickenshit pathetic parasites make many of us believe via mind control and thorough conditioning (which the mind control is part of). People do not just wake up one day and fear the color red because they were consciously made to fear it-Its subliminal, bypassing our normal psychological defenses.

        Everything this program does to each target is anticipated far in advance based on the 50 plus plus years of experimenting on human beings worldwide.

        All they are behind the scenes is tactics and technology. As people they are empty shells devoid of anything worth while.

        Heard a caller on Renata’s Talkshoe show, ‘Conversation And Support For TIs ‘ state that the most intensive gang stalking is in all of the biggest English speaking nations from the US, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia.

  2. Hello. In my particular case I am being stalked electronically. The stalkers use methods of intimidation and threats. They demean me in every way possible. They threaten my family and myself. When I am not with my kids they say horrible things such as they have killed my kids and my kids have been in a terrible accident. They go under the pretense of promoting for a cause and use it against me. Their harrassment is on going. They seem to know anytime I am using my phone, text and email. They call me discussing names. They have dug into my belongings and contacted people from my life. It seems they are trying to isolate me from the world. There seems to be no limit to what they won’t do.

  3. I guess the majority of people will not be able to understand how lethargic, antagonistic, and incompetent German Law tends to be. Still after my stalkers first major triumph, my first winter as urban homeless, I can only say: Forget the legal bullshit – strike to kill!

    Like most targets I had scapegoating and gaslighting to make my days, or actually to ruin me and my days. Changes came due the alliance or gang-up of self-declared ever-righteous avengers committing their lynch-mob justice had their own ups and downs of loyalty.

    Since last round a new streak is added to the no-evidence, no-touch-torture crap. While a skipped false friend wanted me to suffer and commit suicide a new whoever actually thought its time to convert my to fucking Islamism and take one of those vests… I needed a year to avoid instant-frenzy whenever seeing any bearded male.

    I spoiled my last job by whistleblowing, provoking a higher-up gone criminal to pay for some of ‘the pranks’. Still illegal, but many who dislike me consider it ‘prove’ that it is my own fault. Luckily my first interviewer in the job-office worked for him, and an ex-girlfriend of the bunch worked on the payments. Easy to abuse a job, when control is absent.

    After an onslaught of harassment and accusations from 2002 to 2015 my life lay in ruins. But I didn’t. While right yesterday someone told my to cut the ateria in my throat AFTER resting my head on a railway (to behead me IF bleeding out fails) I still don’t feel that eager to give-up. I loved life, never made the mistake of giving a BEEP about other people’s demands on me.

    To give a hint: Do not rely on friends, as you will mourn their death and torment. Do not rely on professionals, as those who work for money will earn more turning against you, simply fact. Find avengers, those who had to face the same psycho-fuck and were ready to kill. Vengeance and Hatred are damn hard to bribe away.

    If I manage to get it done it will run like this: I will die as Andrè M. Pietroschek because I purchased a faked or alternate identity via The Deep Web (where the onions rule and bitcoins roll) or similar. Then I will have to go kinda serial killer (The Punisher was an example I remember), hunting down everybody even vaguely acquainted with any of the main culprits, raping, torturing, and killing. For nothing else ever stopped the crap. All who survived for a while know that police is a bad joke and no help after all… Otherwise I will fail, or be felled, I guess.

    • i know a lotta ti’s are strictly against violence but this guy is right about using violence against gang stalkers. as long as you can get away with it, i fully encourage ti’s to use violence if they know what they’re doing. i would if i knew how to get away with it. no one’s helping us. why would you wait for the fuckin bullshit “authorities and government” to get their shit together? fuck that im not waiting for these pathetic schmucks, who’d probably kill me anyway if i was somewhere in a remote isolated place

      before you guys get your panties twisted remember, i said AS LONG AS YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT, use violence against your gang stalkers, IF you know what you’re doing. this is where i see ti’s constantly lose their minds and tell me ima perp or w/e. they dont really understand violence. they’re trying to fuckin kill you for fucks sake and nearly no one is gonna give you any significant help, unless of course you have money. and we know most ti’s dont have a lotta money. vile scum “human” race wont show any human compassion to ti’s unless you can throw tens of thousands of dollars their way.

      appealing to a corrupt system that fully backs gang stalking, from judges to lawyers to cops to fbi to whatever the fuck, is not my way of doing things. unfortunately, since the pple who are actually doing something about their oppressive ruling class decided thats best strategy, i dont have much of a choice but to do the same, but im still gonna do things my way.

      assuming shit doesnt hit the fan anytime soon, i believe gang stalking will eventually end but not for a long ass time.

      • I fully understand where you’re coming from.
        The “Ghandi approach” (he was controlled opposition) does nothing when you consider that the courts, police from local to federal, the media, all other corporations and neighborhood watch groups all cover each other’s criminal assess as far as getting some kind of legal resolution to this shit.

        Then you have the obvious: That the triggers which annoy or infuriate the target are things ONLY the target notices (and a LOT of why we notice is directly due to complex post traumatic stress disorder which literally changes the structure of our brains putting or mental autopilots on a constant state of hypervigiliance, hyperawareness and cortisol secretion as our bodies are in a non-stop state of fight or flight or autonomic dysfunction which is one of the MAIN GOALS of this program:To condition us with repeated traumas and keep on reinforcing those traumas with a combo of street stalking and energy-based mental manipulation.

        The YEARS of damage to our brains from this shit leads to:

        Obsessive thinking as in unwanted intrusive thoughts (which are also created by their electronic “toys” documented researched technology with the motivation to abuse it.

        Depression from the non-stop negative, fearful state of our brains in addition to learned helplessness from feeling so frustrated (also by design of course).

        Panic attacks, anger, aggression, ect:They send our reptilian and mammilian brains into OVERTIME by design.

        I have NO problem with the idea of some very well-deserved ass-kicking but the only time I WILL tear someone up is in self-defense and the corrupt, cowardly cop pieces of shit taking my report can choke on any “excessive force” lies they might consider bringing up.

        We are not supposed to think of any of this insane shit such as “beating the shit out of someone” but one of the MAIN DIRECTIVES of this program is to keep us in the FIGHT or FLIGHT response as in thinking ONLY in terms of anger and terror:Pure survival instead of rational, calm thought.

        We also age prematurely and get sick here and there due to the CONSTANT stress the energy-based weapons and the fury and fear this program ARTIFICIALLY CAUSES in us;There is a daily secretion of cortisol, the main stress hormone and we produce a shitload of free radicals so I strongly recommend that you ALL LOOK INTO taking Adrenal glandulars and trying alcohol-based herbal tinctures and teas of adaptogenic herbs and other plants such as :

        Holy Basil
        Chaga (mushroom)
        Reishi (mushroom)
        Stinging Nettle (supresses the secretion of cortisol)
        Antioxidants such as vitamin C (FOOD BASED not ascorbic acid), Vitamin E (FOOD BASED) and take Vitamin D3

        DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH especially if your are on meds, other supplements and/or have any kind of food allergies, but these supplements can truly help calm down the anger, fear response.

        Also look into: Mindfulness and mindful meditation.

        How to reverse complex post traumatic stress disorder

        We can not stop the energy-based or chip or nano-implant based mind control.

        This is an impossibility to me at least for NOW.

        We can NOT stop these asshole cowardly petty pieces of shit from being whore, loser, pathetic sellouts to humanity but we CAN alter our perceptions and how we react to this shit and it is ESSENTIAL that we work on reversing the literal resizing of portions of our brain such as the Amygdala.

        Please check into this great book on post traumatic stress disorder:


        It applies DIRECTLY to targeted individuals even though it is a mainstream press book written for people with PTSD which ALL TIS HAVE to varying degrees thanks to a combination of the street stalking and energy-based subliminal programming.

        And no. I don’t have “everything figured out” and I do not pretend to.
        I do not know exactly where these assholes operate from as a central location for our perping but keep in mind that there could easily be ten TIs within a mile radius of you but due to the mind control or neurotech you have no clue because they let us see and hear what and when they want us to-A degree but you must acknowledge this fact to move on.

        Keep in mind that in addition to the fact that everyone is supposed to mind their own business and these shitstains are not even supposed to know we exist that we are “only” a paycheck, that all of their dirty or perverse looks are trained, rehearsed and that 98% of what our perps due are ORDERS.

        We actually have more free will than them and sure as fuck more dignity and pride as human beings.

        If targeted individuals were the evil, sick fuck criminals these shits with badges and uniforms who are running around with their fake criminal files calling us these names and worse-We would NOT be targeted. As Renata Murray of Talkshoe’s Conversation And Support For TIs (call #114616 every Sunday at 12 Eastern) recently said, “the perps don’t turn on their own” meaning there are no criminal TIs and of course in a “democracy” law enforcement is supposed to do their own fucking investigations and not recruit civilians into this shit but many of these fucks made deals with the devil so to speak as to avoid jail, fines, ect.

        I hope this short reply was helpful.
        Every little thing I can do to help out fellow targets is just another way of spitting in the face of the cowardly, sickening, pissant pieces of filth that put me and so many others into this program, destroying lives slowly and with no mercy or hint of compassion.

        I believe in god in the non-scriptural sense and I am telling each and every target that reads this to be thankful that you were not born as and are nothing like any of these sick motherfuckers:They can live with themselves partly because they have very little to now true sense of self, no original creative thoughts and no empathy which makes them ideal for this cult-mentality, order-following, instant gratification program of absolute sick fuck sadism.

        My name is Scott Snitzer. I’m a targeted individual living on 9 Frontenac Ave, Buffalo, NY. I have a Talkshoe call every Saturday at 7:00 PM Eastern call #138602. Its about self-help, not a shielding or class action lawshit FFCHS-style wasting target’s time bullshit.

      • first of all Scott D. Snitzer/t , you claim gandhi was controlled op? i tried looking it up on google but cant find anything about that.

      • Thanks, but it is, by far, not all about my temper. I had attempts of an armed mob storming my private rooms, and I had what above was called shallow, criminal perps coming to my new rooms just again.

        There comes a point, where, by German Law, I can kill them in self-defence. BUT people in the early stages, and lesser cases too eager for self-pity comforting, underestimate how for such criminals will go in the future steps anyway.

        Two years ago I still prefered psychology pages, as I had hopes of recovering. But I guess I will not be the only one who found new sabotage lurking all around.

        Further there is an aspect of truth in that kind of ‘crime’ being favored by followers of Communism and Islamism (the extremism of Islam, not necessarily the Muslim faith itself).

        Oh, and if one of the people playing the avenger had a job in the media or considers himself or herself a ‘hacker’ that tech-toy-abuse part becomes easily explained, too.

        Still explained is not neutralized, as I would have more than enough to do with paying off bank loans, rebuilding my life, and simply going to work, when it comes to that long ago ‘normalcy’…

  4. why do you think you were targeted for this bizarro freAk show?
    Impossible to comprehend the time and energy and ignorance and endless sheep involved……. All because some narcissistic malignant coward got a bruised ego.
    I call it…..ACID.
    No other word to describe this new, ridiculous, back door tactic.
    Thank you for sharing this insanity.
    My story is not much different.
    Practicing…….Meditation, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion is finally beginning to help.
    Best wishes

  5. Good point about the fight-or-flight responses. When that kicks in, we have this “fight to ensure our survival” intensity that kicks in and makes us extra strong. It also makes us look very ferocious, and of course, the little perp shits will take these reactions out of context and spin it to make us look dangerous and crazy. I was never a fan of their passive aggressive approach to fighting us. By being passive-aggressive modally and then plausibly denying everything, they make themselves look like little angels, while our “monstrous” reactions make us look like dangerous potential killers. So many whores and really not so bright assholes are involved in this. They take specific instances of things I did when I was gangstalking, and they’ll mention it in a conversation to me. As in “Oh you’re so scary when you get mad” and “people run away when you get mad”. First off, perps are passive-aggressive little weaklings and cowards who feed off of drama and who lack any kind of intensity whatsoever. [As I’m writing this, I get this “feeling” that I am being monitored as to what I am writing in real time, so it can be recorded and used in further psyops against me later.] I can’t think of any time I saw little perp shit being emotionally intense about anything, except to flap their jaws like a little bitch. They clearly can’t relate to us; they are not on our level, and not anything like us. We aren’t cowards and passive-aggressive little twerps like they are who need to cause drama to get their “kick”. Our intensity when we get angry with them is something that scares them. Ever notice how perps never seem to get mad or intense about anything, and that their emotions are very superficial? Astounding that as a target I should actually be intense emotionally. I am a man after all. They are little girls in adult male and female bodies, basically.

    And the latter statement stems from an incident where I was being provoked by an staged street-theater setup involving multiple people. I started screaming at them, and they were doing this act where “Oh look at that, wow, he’s crazy” or “He’s talking to himself, look at that”. All wusses, of course. They weren’t scared, but kicked into a set of acts about it. But then I mentioned “gangstalking” and the one old loser told the other perps to back off, and they all got scared and started backing off. So yeah, they were being exposed, and they knew it, and they had to bail. If they were real men and women with real convictions and they knew their actions were right, they wouldn’t have run off like that. But this was fed back to me like 3 years after the fact as well I got mad and I am so scary when I am mad and I scare people wahhh. But in reality, I was exposing the cowards involved in this skit, and they knew they had to back off.

    And to the higher-up cowardly punks who run and oversee this thing, let me drop you some info: you are a cowardly little girl in a man’s body. Face me on the street one day. Bring all of your perp buddies. We’ll see how tough you really are. But you won’t. Know why? Because you’re a cowardly little loser, and they only way you’ll ever be tough is to get the backing of corrupt law enforcement and other weak little untalented assholes who partake in your gangstalking skits. So why don’t you fuck off and give up, because you are going to lose big time one day, and will be spending significant time in prison as well as paying restitution to your victims. Fuck off perps, because I don’t need you in my life. I don’t love you, and you don’t love me. And you can win little battles, but you will still lose the war when you fight me. have a nice day, stinky nasty little higher up perps. Find out what deodorant is, you perverted nasty jerkoffs and whores.

    • Life-Long, I’m sure that you know they try to get us to react to reinforce the “he’s/she’s crazy” smear the police and gossiping civilians spread about us.
      Thanks decades of media-reinforced lies of mental illness being equated with “dangerous;life-threatening, not credible, unreliable” and so on when we DO react to their non-stop circus of triggers their main goal seems to get more members of the community on board with the lie that the target is dangerous but it comes down to a couple very simple things:

      (1) Committing someone is not as easy as the movies/TV makes it look and people have waaaaay more rights to just be put away than they think so we should all research our rights regarding this shit just in case they try and pull this on any of us.

      (2) Its a cynical, almost depressing way to look at it but the damage done to the reputations of ALL targeted individuals through our smear campaigns is irreversible;Assholes with badges and nice manners, neighbors, business people have talked shit about us and considering how fuck gullible people are in so far as believing ANY authority figure its a waste of time and thought to even CONSIDER trying to change people’s minds about the lies spread about us and they will constantly try and reinforce those lies so we just have to move on and accept that mentally ill criminals have destroyed our reps.

      (3) If the mentally ill or other label does not stand in the way of getting a job for you in the future, then fuck it!

      (4) Even if I was not in this shitty situation I still would NOT want to be friends with these hollowed out sacks of hate-filled skin perps and most non-perps I come across let alone acquaintances with any of them:I actually feel as though they have a disease that I don’t want to catch (their evil shit presence is nearly palpable to me now);You know that you are a decent, good and kind person and 100% mentally stable and that is all that matters;The opinions of others is inversely related to our self-esteem meaning that the higher my self-esteem is the less I give a shit about these losers.

      Please keep in mind that:

      They keep us in a mental loop much of the time due to the mind control so that they can keep us in their “virtual prison” and once we begin seeing enough cracks in their illusions we can fucking punch our way through it regardless of any mind games they pull on us;They make us create our OWN self-imposed limits with the street stalking and the neurotech mind control (guessing a bit here) as part of their “making it all look as natural as possible.”

      Visualize these fucks sitting in a classroom, getting trained, rehearsing their lines their different stares, how to use DE weapons on us, how to operate any surveillance equipt the government gives them (some of my neighbors have this shit I am 100% common sense sure now), watching videos of you,
      laughing as they drink coffee, pop and eat junk food talking to their civilian and/or police instructors on a first-name basis (whatta privilige), visualize them high-fiving, knuckle bumping, back slapping and bragging of what they do to you and the rest of us as its the nature of cowards to do this-Let the shithead cops and security guards give their hateful glares:They are practiced lying criminal pieces of shit and please keep in mind that the SAME ASSHOLES CALLING ALL TIS CRIMINALS in law enforcement and the civilian perps are criminals many, many, many times over and that’s “just” outside of gang stalking!

      Its their “job” to make us feel shame, fear, anger, guilt, to feel isolated, depressed, helpless and sadly the WORST part of post traumatic stress disorder IS how the sufferer feels helpless DURING the trauma that put them in their state of mind: They scared the living shit out of ME when I had no idea what was going on and I now know that MOST of this was being reinforced with energy-based mind control weapons PUTTING MY MIND in a fear-panic mode so based on neurobiological research the human brain DOES physically change keeping the person with PTSD AUTOMATICALLY in a constant state of obsessive or intrusive thoughts, anger, depression, nightmares, hypervigilence, flashbacks and so on-Its up to US to do as much as possible to do things which give us as much of our power back as possible but PLEASE keep in mind that our non-stop fight or flight mental state keeps our immune systems supressed leading to all kind of illness, decreases our digestive tract’s functioning as we’re kept in a Cortisol panic mode due to the non-stop perping.

      But we CAN break out of this cycle and I am convinced that every thing they do, big and small has a purpose and one of the main purposes IS to keep our brains/bodies in general from HEALING so that we can relax and see past the illusions of threats and the triggers accompanying them BECAUSE we JUMP at these triggers due to the years of conditioning and they KNOW ALL OF THIS;This is a multidisciplinary program;They have done their homework so to speak and it IS within our ability to heal despite what they have done to us-They WANT us to believe the lie that there is nothing we can do to better our situation and as far as stopping their antics and changing the opinions of others who’ve heard the lies about us, we can NOT change that-We can only change how we CHOOSE to get better and the treatment modalities which work the best for US-Why give a shit what paid, trained assholes with advanced technology think? We’re a PAYCHECK and a cheap adrenaline thrill for these scumfucks and that is IT.

      You are right as usual: They are passive aggressive cowards.
      No one who has an iota of pride, dignity or self-respect does this shit to anyone for any reason. Period. After being in this program long enough the criminals in it lose their TECHNOLOGICALLY-CAUSED appearance of fear and proudly show what cowardly little shits each and every one of them are.

      Stopogs, Life-Long and the rest of you, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year despite all of this demented evil shit and of course its common sense that you do not “need” a holiday to be grateful to god or to be thankful;Its something that should be every day of the year, not from this fake fuck social structure which thanks to our targeting is one big lie, illusion and multi-faceted tool of control.

      • One way to counter is to break through as you’ve described, and view it as a bunch of abusive losers playing mind games for the sake of keeping us suicidal or very depressed. Also, I’ve noticed a lot of what they do can be applied to a number of people, not just me. And if you look closely, a lot of harassment is indeed specifically tailored to the TI, but it’s kept deliberately vague and ambiguous enough that it applies to a number of people who pay attention to it. By “harassment”, I mean psyops and subliminals, used in all forms of media, including in-person street harassment. There’s nothing magical about it: it’s just a bunch of mind games to keep anyone down, perhaps even it’s aimed at specific perps. What they do is designed to keep everyone down, and to keep everyone enslaved and contained and powerless. Why would they want to do this to perps as well as TIs? Because they don’t want anyone breaking free from this virtual prison and gaining enough strength to rebel and fight the system. They have to aim psyops at everyone to keep everyone under the “bubble” and “contained”. So that’s why perps are being surveilled as well. I’m sure they realize it. It’s just that TI’s are smart enough to realize that this global enslavement is bad and they (TI’s) are the rebels trying to break free and break it down.

      • You make some valid observations, Life-Long.
        These people were brainwashed before approached by equally brainwashed agents/ass slaves of the government and over time they become irreversibly brainwashed (as in cults) as their indoctrination intensifies and they lose any decency they may have once had as their greed and power trips are the new normal for them. As they casually interact with the local, county, state and federal police and other agencies thinking that these assholes are their friends and they believe that they have special inside knowledge using hi tech to harass us it gives them an artificial sense of importance and meaning, a false confidence.

        Even as they see and hear TIs in their most private moments with their government-supplied surveillance data and devices it never occurs to them that they have no privacy either. They are that arrogant and numb dumb.

        We must get to the point where these shits merely take up space but not our attention and energy.

      • I know I am a notch cryptic here, but what i summarize as their ‘footsoldiers’, the low rank criminals stupid enough to pull of even the dumbest idiocies in public, those ‘people’ are tendentially of low-education, compulsive about being smart even while the facts prove them wrong, and they consider commited crimes power.

  6. While I agree with the basic assessment by ‘Life-Long Target’ I would daresay that ”a bunch of abusive losers playing mind games” is no good choice of words. It sounds more like fun than the criminal harassment it is for real!

  7. Hi. your site is very organized and thorough. I just recently figured out what has been going on for so long. Decades honestly. I am very grateful that there was info out there when I needed answers and now I want to contribute what has helped me and my family.

    I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses .When I pray to Jehovah He takes the pain and effects of the d.e.w. away. Literally. during my prayer. I had health issues that once I notice-they disappear without action on my part -without causing problems. (Scary lumps bumps digestive things etc.) I should be dead.

    Jehovah also comforts me with the fact that we are very close to His Government taking control of the Earth with Jesus as heavenly King .This is what the” last days” mean. The people who unrepentantly harm others will be removed from the earth and only peaceful people will be allowed to remain. Psalm 37 says the righteous will possess the earth and reside forever on it.This is also what Jesus meant when he said the meek or gentle would own the earth.

    I invite you and all other targeted individuals to learn about this Protector and Shield –Jehovah. He created the natural laws of light and energy and all the others that these people are misusing to hurt us.He can stop them. We are not alone .

    Please call or visit your local Kingdom Halls of Jehovah’s Witnesses for free Bible studies with no obligations and in your own home or place of your choice. Visit jw.org for more info on all this and much more. Please tell other ti-s. Thanks
    Laura A.

  8. This is all I have been doing, is writing and nothing ever gets done. No one has ever tried to help, give me lawyers who can help in electronic stalking. No one has ever gotten back with me or anything. 1) I don’t think my electronic harassing is coming from the government. Ithe started when I bought this double-wide and placed it in a park. I know who is doing this, but unsure why they are. I think they want this home. I was told this by 2 people, but still I am unsure. I am not a whistleblower, I don’t cause any problems with government agencies, plus, Im not important enough to be stalked by government. Before these people started doing this electronic harrasing, they started bothering me as soon as we moved in our home, by peeping in my windows, banging on our home, constantly walking by the same window, then the electronics started. I’m just tired of writing about it, no one will do anything about it anyway. I don’t even know why I am writing this to you. It doesn’t do any good. This should be a crime, and pursued. Everyone that is being harassed should be helped. What is wrong with this country? My husband is not being bothered, but I am. I’m the one that got the home and wished I never did. The owner of this park that I bought the home from (had it made by a modular builder) but actually bought it from the very one that is bothering me. I would love to mention his name but I won’t and know all who is involved. He started moving people in around me to do this. This is not helping me just to write, cause no one, I mean no one will ever help me. I along with other ti’s need some people to care enough to help us. I know who wants my home and I just don’t think it’s the govetnment.if it is, why aren’t anyone taking any action? No one deserves to be treated this way, I mean no one. I’ve lost 3 days from work because they think I am a crazy person. I lost a lot, most of all I lost me. I need to get some action done and the cops here are not going to help. I need to get everyone involved prosecuted. If someone above the cops can help get a warrant to at least 1 home, they can catch all of them, cause if one gets in trouble, that one person will not go down alone. Why are people reluctant to help us? Will I ever get these answers. I will not tolerate this much longer. If this is what America has come to, then I am very disgusted. No one wants to help anyone anymore. This is sad.I know if I can get one law enforcement officer or mayor to believe me, they can get all the perpetrators. They rather tell you your nuts than to help you. It’s easier for them to do that than give me or anyone the benefit of a doubt. It takes more than me to get them. They are peeping in my windows and bothering me with their devices as I’m writing this now. I can’t even find a lawyer to believe me, how can I find a cop to?I’m finished, and why I wrote this? It won’t help………………????????!!#!!

    • Kristine you are not alone, we are all going through it. We are stonewalled everywhere we turn for help it is true. But don’t stop asking for help and don’t lose hope. Take care of yourself right now. It is a spiritual war and we have to give this one up to God. But when he wants you to speak up you will know it. There are good people out there and this is a fact because we are good and we are still here. I just don’t think enough regular people are aware yet so they are just neutral. But once they catch on the fallout is going to be huge. Stay focused. These perps are cockroaches and are going nowhere because they can only associate with other cockroaches. They are trapped, not us, and we are going to leave them all in the dust as we go on to bigger and better things eventually, so be prepared. The key right now is to spread awareness of their criminal activity while we oppose and expose. One of my goals this year is to give out at least one copy of Dr. John Hall’s book “Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control” every month, I even gave copies of it to the FBI and CIA. Stay positive, with so many blogs, books, e books, conference calls, videos, and activism going on it is only a matter of time, the exposure is only going to build from this point on.

      • Thankyou, I have been having a hard time dealing with this, trying to find out what I did to deserve this. It’s unimaginable how people can do this to another human being, not even knowing the individual. When these devices gets into the hands of criminals (like they are) all hell breaks loose if they were raised bad, or had a horrible life. All their anger gets taken out on you. This is so hard for me when I am a very happy person, and it’s slowly taken its toll on me. I believe in God, and wonder if he knows how much we endure and take. I spent a lot trying to protect myself and some people take advantage and rip you off, so now I don’t or can’t afford anything to try and protect myself. I’m sorry, I’m having a real hard week. I realize there are a lot of people going through the same thing as well as we are, don’t mean to sound so selfish. I’m just tired. These people are relentless. Thankyou for getting back with me. These low life’s found a new way to commit murder, huh? Let’s keep in touch and thankyou, I’m sorry this is happening to you and all of us, we don’t deserve this.

    • Since you posted this over a year ago, I’m not sure you’ll see this . . . But maybe you could set up a few good, old-fashioned booby traps? Simple, even childish stuff like a piece of dog crap for them to step in or something to give them a scare. Turn the tables on the creeps! You might also be able to set up a security camera to catch them in the act, for example.

      • I figure by the time I croak I will have interacted with at least a million pedosadist gangstalking perp cunts. I should make each one pay me a dollar. I just hope they can take it a good as they give it, something tells me they can’t. Oh well they can always just go commit suicide then I guess. Hey Ally, can you use “booger” in a sentence too, or how about “crazy”..or “snot”?

  9. Hi Kristine,

    The architects and enforcers of this terrorism literally use our own minds against us making us our own worse enemy as we think that everyone in the world is against us and hates us when much of this is due to the remote alteration of our perceptions and using mind control technology to make a non-perp give you a hateful look, use a trigger word, wear a trigger color and walk in your line of sight (or you’re made to look at them through microwave hearing) and they can control how you react to a perping incident;Much of the time our minds are not our own which because mimicking our brain patterns, our natural emotional states and our conscious thoughts is standard procedure to these “people” and of course through the remote neural monitoring they can read our thoughts and share them with others (synthetic telepathy).

    Its just as easy for them to redirect our searches, tamper with our incoming and outgoing calls and USPS mail because that’s a part of the isolation strategy.

    I am now 100% sure that the main reason they sometimes wait a few weeks to blitz targets is to catch us off guard and/or bring us to a NEW, higher level of post traumatic stress disorder which all targeted individuals have including anxiety, OCD and other very issues and we CAN alleviate the effects of some of the stress using meditation, prayer, aromatherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, TRE or tension releasing exercises, EDMR or eye movement desensitization (whatever its called), using a pendulum or metronome to help calm the mind, taking certain herbs and supplements (check to see if they’ll go with any prescription or OTC meds you’re on first) such as:

    Holy Basil, Ashwadanga, Australagus Reishi mushroom, Chaga mushroom and other proven adaptogens for the adrenals and rest of the body.

    Look into high quality vitamin and mineral supplements such as from the Garden Of Life or New Chapter lines, take a high quality DHA fish oil such as Nordic Naturals, eat a lot of probiotic foods and/or take a high quality probiotic, take Vitamin D3 if you’re in a region that does not have much sunlight or is seasonal, take a high-quality multi-mineral supplement which is derived from plants and/or seawater and/or salt such as Concentrace or Positive Power Nutritionals.

    For targets with problems sleeping this video knocks it out of the park in its thoroughness and practicality (the speaker has a shitload of great health videos that are no-nonsense fantastic advice):

    If you’re not doing it now, please start writing in a journal in the AM or just before bed (which is better as it relieves your mind of things which otherwise might keep you awake).

    Realize that this behavior modification program is intended to make these cowardly criminals our “gods” or better put, gang stalking can be analogous to an abusive relationship because so many targets are so sensitized to the psychological operations from these s—ty animals that they often say or think, “the perps won’t like it if I do ______________ (activity)” which proves how MUCH they have changed some of us as they constantly try and reinforce the open air prison these bastards created for us using a combination of proven brainwashing, NLP, classical and operant conditioning techniques but MAINLY using advanced technology to give us silent subliminal suggestions which over time in conjunction with the street nonsense and other “games” changes a human being and I get the impression that most targets have never and will never lash out or “lose it” but this program DOES change all of us.

    Why else would someone give special attention to a person, place or thing that we would otherwise not think about or look at? MOST of this program is a computer pumping filth into our minds using (from what I know at THIS point) microwaves with messages in carrier signals and I THINK radio frequency-This is not magic or supernatural. Its technology which is why targets must realize that MOST of the street theater is the result of a lot of behind the scenes work just to get some kind of negative reaction out of us.

    Gang stalking is like looking at ONE ice crystal on the tip of an iceberg: The sheer amount of “work,” money, training, rehearsals, logistics, coordination of “human” resources, 100+ years of psychological research, advances in nanotech and tracking technologies in general and a lot more is what gives it its mystery when in fact this program was planned out perhaps a century or so ago and that’s not “nuts” when you look at some of the major players and their historical progression: Nazi Germany did this, then East Germany and now the rest of the world with more advanced tech used for mass mind control let alone this sick evil program.

    Just please realize and make it second nature that ALL of these “people” are doing a “job,” don’t give a s–t if you are liked or hated by people who wish you the worse, hold NO respect for ANYONE invoved in this keeping in mind ALWAYS that THEY are the criminals, the cowards and the lunatics and in a sane world they would be in prison and this program would come to an end, PLEASE keep in contact with other targets as often as possible to have a sounding board as we can not go into detail with family members, friends and MOST mental health professionals;Only another TI can relate to this evil shit.

    And if it gives you any kind of comfort, ALL of the twisted skits they have done to YOU have been (over the scores of years) and ARE being done to targeted individuals all across the world with many variations but in some cases targets are getting nearly EXACTLY what you get-This is all designed to make us break on our own. I just wanted to take some of the mystery out of this for you because NONE of these people have ANY right to be in our lives, know our personal info, get PAID and/or avoid prison or get out of it just so they can have an easy job which they LIKE.

    There are far, far more targeted individuals than you or I could possibly realize. The forums, social media in general, videos ect are a fraction of a fraction because I believe most people who are gang stalked have no clue that they’re in this program and every time you pass a: Government building (e.g post office), a mall, hospital, school/university, apartment buildings, condos, streets, gyms, supermarkets you can be SURE that one or more people ARE getting perped there because of the hundreds of billions of money invested into the tactics, the weaponry, merging government, organized crime, law enforcement, psychiatry, corporations, academia, and so on into one smoothly run murder machine

    There is no way in hell that these murderers would waste an opportunity to harass someone in an enclosed area and remember how well trained and experienced some of YOUR perps are because they HAVE been and continue to harass many other people in a given week in YOUR city.
    Its just that they keep nearly ALL of us strategically separated via the mind control and other methods.

    This is yet another way of me thanking those who have profited off of me, finding entertainment and laughs hitting ALL of us at our lowest and a special thanks to my perp neighbors on Frontenac and Lyndhurst Ave in Buffalo, NY, a special thanks to my main perp, Josh at LA Fitness, all of the lazy, murdering degenerate cowardly criminals in the Buffalo and suburban police and anyone else who has profited off of me for over twenty-five years.

    I truly hope the info I posted has given you and other TIs some insight.

    I have a Talkshoe call every Saturday at 5:10 Eastern, Snitzer’s TI Contact Call in which we discuss “meat and potatoes” things within OUR sphere of influence or ability to change-No bullshit delusional appealing to puppet politician, the police, class action lawsuits, ect.

    My call number is: 138602

    Please listen to some of the archives for Renata’s Murray’s TI Talkshoe call,
    Conversation And Support For Targeted Individuals, call number 114616 and its on every Saturday at 12:00 Pacific. Renata is by far the most honest, honorable and kind-hearted Talkshoe host.

    You may also want to listen to these four videos which capture some of the KNOWN aspect of gang stalking really well:

    A Day In The Life Of A Targeted Individual:

    What Every TI Should Know



    Gangstalkers Record Brain Frequencies for Torture with Electronic and Acoustic Weapons

    • So, the sole purpose of these sickos are to see another suffer to make them feel better, to watch someone hurt, to inflict pain and to get away with it. If you say that there are a lot of us ti’s out there the why can’t we all band together and get these low-life’s. It is so hard to believe that none of us can do anything but to put up with it. Then, they ( the scum of the earth) will continue on way past mine and your deaths. In fact, it may continue for decades to come. There is a right and there is wrong, and this is wrong. I am not an activist against the government, and I will give where credit is due, but I think we blame a lot on the government than we should, I know there is a lot of crap going on where the government is concerned, but just because there are some rotten apples in there doesn’t mean all of them are. Where I am concerned, I just have a gut feeling it isn’t them, it just isn’t the government. What bothers me too is these scum-buckets of the earth is having a bad, I’m mean really bad day and they decided they want to off you, they can. Life is hard enough without this going on. I am angry, I am hurt, and I don’t like to think there are more bad people than good. If it weren’t for GOD, I would of gone crazy by now. I smile a lot, geniunely, I am a happy, content person, and still try to be, however, this mess that’s going on, is really trying my patience. I think of terrible thoughts about these uneducated idiotos, wanting them to drop dead, get hit by a tractor trailers, or trains, or slowly watch them suffer. This is not me. I am a positive person, but it has changed my life drastically. The lengths these scummers go through is absolutely unimaginable. I cannot believe some of it. They are crazy, insane !*#!*!*#!.

      • I too went through periods of intense hatred until I realized that hate is often used as a defense mechanism to feel strong and hatred makes us much easier to manipulate which is why these things disgust me, I have a very strong dislike for them and would love to see them punished but there’s no hatred or false hopes of a mass awakening in which these criminals get the justice they are severely overdue.

        Nothing has happened with TI activism because the infiltration and manipulation if targets with fear and other shit tactics has kept us divided as everyone including perps posing as targets is calling everyone else a perp and groups like FFCHS under Derrick Robinson which COULD have made a difference in our cause were told NOT to protest and publicize their gang stalking by Derrick and othet controlled opposition leaders.

        They have every angle covered and its all by design. Everything these f’–ks do and do not do has a reason.

        Yes, this program has changed all of us but please, never forget that the hatred and other negative emotions you have been feeling are a normal, human reaction to a very, very ABNORMAL set of circumstances.

        Given the absolute sheer hell it sounds like you have been through your kindness, compassion and humanity, your empathy still come through strong in your posts.

        You HAVE had to adapt for your survival and a huge part of that includes the literal anatomical and physiological changes in your brain such as the enlargement of your amygdala as the newer, more logical parts of your brain are not the executives anymore.

        Most TIS are in a constant survival mode due to a combination of years of conditioning, microwave subliminals and the other shit they inundate all targets with.

        The fact that you are aware of how you have been changed clearly shows that you are still in control overall and at your core you are still and always will be a kind, gentle person and not a slave, no-dignity sellout traitor to humanity like the criminals who have forced their way into our lives breaking God’s law and humanity’s shitty laws.

        I know that the government is not the sole player in this demented program but gang stalking could not exist without government sanction, funding, logistics, communication including the sharing of surveillance data, ect.

      • Overlook me, I’m not trying to be a smart ass, and what you are saying is absolutely right. I was just angry becausee these parasites are getting away with this. I know I could not do this to an individual. I do want to Thankyou for listening to me. Let’s keep in touch, and I calmed down after reading your messages. There is a lot I don’t understand and hope we can nip it soon, cause this can become devastating and chaotic.

      • I tried calling you to see where there are meetings here in windber, PA, but you never returned my call. I don’t know where to begin to look. I know they do not have lawyers here that pertains to eh. I realize you may not know in the state of PA, but you might know where or who I could contact. I hope you are alright. Thanks. I do need to talk with people who are in the same boat I am, so I can relate and talk with them too.

      • Oh, hell. That was you on my missed calls. I had no idea what the call was about and forgot your name. I get so caught up with things that I lose track on occasion. You can also text me as to when you are going to call again.

        I know a TI in Pittsburgh whose number I will give you.

        If you (and any other TIS reading this) want to hear an incredible interview with Brian Tew on the mind control aspect of gangstalking please go to the archives for ‘Conversation And Support For TIs ” on Talkshoe radio, call number 114616. The show was on last Wednesday April 13th.

        Hope that you have been well, Stopogs.
        Please consider putting a link to this show on your blog.

      • Scott, how do you stop these people from destroying your home, cars etc. The cops will not do anything. I should say cop who works a 9-5 job and off weekends.

  10. Forgot to post this awesome gang stalking primer video (it has nearly 25,000 hits).

    Its all audio so please just turn it up, close the window its in while doing another task.

    What Every Targeted Individual Must Know

  11. Gangstalking is an organization of human whose cells are rotten inside…they are worse than a dead animals. They all need to be killed…if a mother as a stalker using their kids for a sudden cross in front of the target’ s car, that child WILL for sure have a real accident. If a mother as a stalker who is pregnant the child will rot inside…majority buffalo NY police and neighborhoods are involved in gangstalking…well, just think; stalkers have only one life to live and if they want to make the innocent people look crazy, I think they are crazy themselves.

    Personally, keeping track of all gang stalkers…I will need to get another Masters degree

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