4 thoughts on “Link: Jeff Rense & Karen Stewart – NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim

  1. Thanks for publishing my comments. They always come across as very angry, but it’s something that can’t always be helped, given my (as well as other TIs’) situations. They love to make us angry, and one force multiplier that makes it more effective is us knowing what cowards and losers and hypocrites they are. And we know they will protected. They never ever get in trouble for anything, and instead of being punished, they get pampered, coddled, and the high-level perps who steer these campaigns make sure they get exulted (in psyops for us to see) to get us all even more pissed off.

    They are not gods; they are cowards getting away from a highly illegal, unethical, campaign of hatred and “reform”.

    I’ve noticed certain “recurring themes” that keep cropping up. Every time my self-esteem is about to rise, they beat it down with one of their recurring themes. It has to be stored somewhere in our psych. profiles. This is indicative of them having to target multiple people, and it’s easier to keep rotating the same shitty psyops than to come up with fresh, new ideas. But then, creativity isn’t exactly their strong suit. That’s what they have to steal TI’s ideas with RNM.

    An example is there are a number of songs which steal some of my musical ideas that I came up with, but that were never published. And there have been a couple of songs whose lyrics consist of my writings.

    It’s so funny that they use my musical sketches, yet I am not listed as one of the composers. Well, they’re thieving criminals, and I’m sure those “writers” of the musical portion of those particular songs couldn’t come up with their own ideas.

    There are a number of examples of people whose ideas have been stolen and used in movies, songs, art, etc., but they were never credited. Instead, these “artists” passed off the ideas as their own but it never originated from them. It comes from the system, which gives these musicians and writers ideas that are stolen from us for them to use without crediting us.

  2. First. thank you for your program, the second I am a whistleblower that includes Indiana Ron Liggett. I found a fellow employee at my job for the state and turned her in along with some edvidence. It came up missing now I am 24/7 gang stalked and degraded. They meaning the group you called Infragard use heat rays and more even as I type. Also, they use neural moderating which as you may know is mind reading. They put out a list of words to media and radio, the internet, plus TV and movie persons and gave out personal ideas of my life to degrade and destroy me. I heard some of those words on your show. Can you tell me if there is anyone we can go to? Do you think Donald Trump will help?
    Are there any groups to get involved with to stop the form of terrorism?
    I have more evidence but who do you take it to?
    Thank you

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