RISS or How Perps Communicate


RISS stands for the “Regional Information Sharing Systems”. Please refer to the link above, specifically “RISS ATIX community exchange” if you would like to know how your perps communicate about you locally and beyond, behind your back, confidentially, in real time, and in organized and ever changing groups that can involve “local, county, state, and tribal levels of emergency management, law enforcement, and government, as well as water and power utilities, transportation, agriculture, chemical manufacturing, private security, environmental protection, banking and finance, and hospitality industries. New community groups are added to RISS ATIX as the service expands.”

My attention was brought to this communication system in Ramola D’s letter to POTUS in my post below. For any TI’s out there like myself who was wondering how our country turned into a giant greasy slimy clusterfuck of electronic human trafficking, RISS offers a big clue. RISS can be utilized  by any “authorized” person from your meth addicted police informant neighbor all the way to the White House. Most likely anyone who has ever had “security clearance” from the US Government has access to it. See the map in the link above for the map of National RISS centers which more than likely function as fusion centers as well.

RISS has legitimized the “slow kill” program. It is being improved upon almost annually and makes depopulation that much more efficient for gangstalking scum. It is basically a giant National sewing circle for people who have nothing better to do all day than masturbate to stranger’s everyday lives. And for “snitches who get riches” from law enforcement and Federal agencies. “See something, Say something” on RISS. Neighbor gave you a dirty look? Have the whole community track them on RISS from their door to door destinations and everywhere in between. Ever wonder why you’re seeing the city water dept., city hall employees, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and armored bank trucks everywhere you go? RISS. Ever wonder how supermarket employees, coworkers, customer service operators, and the landscapers know your “harassment program”? RISS. The potential for abuse is overwhelming and I can personally testify RISS itself is used for terroristic purposes. Please read about RISS on the link above and when you realize how this system is being used legally to slow kill TI’s it will blow your mind.

TI’s always notice perps with their face in their phones or reaching for their phones as soon as you enter a room or pass. I used to think it was just a sensitization technique until I noticed that they were looking at endless columns of text messages that seemed highly intriguing to them. They are using RISS. To communicate with other perps. About you. Once on a TI conference call a perp told me he was “speechless” after he noticed how many people were communicating about me on this system. It must be something like Twitter where they follow a person. Only the target is completely unaware.

If you already knew about this, good for you. I thank Ramola D for calling my attention to this because I consider it a major breakthrough. Knowledge is power and I plan to send a FOIA request to every single Federal agency involved with RISS. I encourage all TI’s to do the same.




18 thoughts on “RISS or How Perps Communicate

  1. They never seem to get tired of playing juvenile games, do they? They’ve been hard at it since 2006. They’re all connected. If the system puts something in the media that pisses me off, assholes at work will be “laughing” because my reaction was recorded and it was noted that I got pissed off.

    And they are playing a dangerous game with these getting TI’s pissed off. What if somebody gets hurt? Oh, then the jerkoffs will have “evidence” that we are violent and hurt people and need to be “watched closely”. I have to laugh at their excuses. They are nothing but a bunch of immature creeps and stalkers who need to grow a pair of balls and grow up.

    Don’t they ever get tired of doing the same sh*t over and over again for years? Anybody with a brain or a life would’ve moved on by now, but they not only stick to the same victim, but play the same stupid games for like forever.

    They are so stupid. What if they actually grow up? I’m impressed at their ability to never give up these childish dangerous games they play. If a person is dangerous, don’t you think they’d lay off the harassment, in case the “crazy violent” person who “needs to be watched” might hurt somebody? No, they go out and laugh and mock them!

    How they never give this up I’ll never know. And my perps actually think they are smart and superior, like they have talent just because they have a hive mindset.

    Idiots. There are so many evils in the world, and they could actually get their collective minds together and solve something. Plus look at how much money and time and effort is being put into this instead of solving problems or curing ills.

    But going out and pissing off targets to get that “high” is more important to them.

    I think it was you that said that they’ve finally found a way to keep their sickness and avoid getting better and having to grow up. They must protect their immaturity and ignorance and low morals, dammit. At all costs.

    • I agree with everything in your comment. They don’t stop, and when they receive complaints they just amp it up. Some actually never stop physical movement. Because they don’t want to slow down and have time to think, their conscious will overwhelm them with all the evil acts they have committed. There is a psych term for this, Tony Soprano’s psychologist used it to describe him. Most perps are on the more severe side of narcissism, they don’t care if they have to hurt themselves of loved ones to take another person down. They are figuratively speaking “suicide bombers”. Because when you follow the money and get to the root of it, their orders come directly from Lucifer. They don’t care but of course any thing that resembles a threat to themselves or their loved ones will only be used against us and create more followers and tracking on RISS.

  2. Well, unfortunately this doesn’t shock me. I was told by a doctor’s office receptionist back in 2004 that my name was on a site called “Rainbow?”. It was a doctor’s blackball site. Of course after they had caused 34 car accidents in which I now suffer daily from, it would only be natural for them to BLACKBALL ME FROM RECIEVING CARE! Yes, 34 accidents, not one my fault, and only 2 settlements, each pocketing me a slimey $5000 each! I’ve had 5 vehicles stolen, and two homes lost to fires. My home is broke in a minimum of twice a week …. if I leave my home.
    I have been stalked since 1999, that I know of, and because of the knowledge I possess, I have been denied the freedom of the internet. In fact, for so many years I quit trying. I got a roommate recently and thru her I am able to access the internet for the last 10 days. I am shocked to see so many people now having this same issue! There were only 4 YouTube channels on this subject last time I was able to check!
    If I am able to, the YouTube channel I started to put together yesterday is: Organized Gang Stalking and WHY “THEY” ARE AFRAID OF “YOU!”.
    Psalm 37:21 Those who repay evil for good harass* me for pursuing good.
    *harass- the Hebrew expression, from which the word Satan is derived, signifies either to “harass” and or “slander.” Cf. PS 108 (109), 4 pg. 685

    • There are more and more blogs, videos and books coming out about gang stalking and EH/ torture. The exposure is only grow exponentially at this point. I’m sorry for all you have been through, I believe you. Their evil and ignorance is astounding.

  3. Im so glad that I found your site…now it all makes sense they’re using the Riss. After reading these crazies can get access to all types of things!!! OMG! I keep telling my friends and family that 1 click from God and they will all become powerless!! Wiki Leaks Vault 7 is just the beginning of the breaking down!

    • Hello fellow TI’s, I finally found your site. I only started going to call conferences since May of 2018 and within 4 weeks understood it was run entirely by perps, from the moderator on down to all the chat room regulars and those who pop in and out too. Wow! Thank you all for being here and informing me about RISS and how it is done. They have uploaded my brain and of course read my thoughts, and I found the conversation was about what i was thinking the last 24 hours as soon as I signed on, that was Derricks Pacts call. They see thru my eyes and hear with my ears. It went overt with me in 2000 and after time I was able to go back to covert 1973-74. Now that I found you I for the first time really do feel I am not alone. I’m an old timer but trying to get up to speed about it all. The ability to read our minds is the hardest to deal with. They have been controlling my e-mail big time recently so hope your notifications get thru but I’ll check back here anyway. Best to all.

  4. How does a person go about getting information on what’s being communicated about them self through these systems? It seems that there is a lot of corruption in the world today and it is infiltrating our communities in a way that takes advantage of people’s ignorance and fear.

  5. I live this every day of my life, the worst is how my family and friends have reacted. People can be so evil.

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  7. Yes. I do notice water and city employees following me in the store. It’s pathetic. 5 years now. Theyr cowards. I don’t hv time for cowards. Try to provoke a fight and call police. That’s a coward.

    They have your mail. I’ve known that since first year. Even post master couldn’t figure it out

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