What people don’t realize is that US and foreign intelligence agencies are headed by pedosadists that can remotely torture you with the same exact psychological effects as the children they rape, torture and kill in their basements. Metadata is not just phone calls and emails, it is everything and anything else to the point they can literally suffocate you with it. You know longer need to leave your home to be kidnapped, held captive and tortured by fucking psychopaths. If these people had the green light to gut every single home, business and government building in the this country they would have by now. Dismantle the CIA and all of the other demonic agencies involved, it is very clear at this point their objectives are not in the best interest of this country.

Credit: Youtube: Lisa Haven

Published on May 14, 2014

Here is the post that goes with the video: http://b4in.info/eXaA

(you can find all the links at the link above)

ALSO Please note the COMMENT in the Video, I Meant Russian News Today, NOT Reuters.



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