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Published on Feb 18, 2015
“Gang Stalking” is a form of community mobbing and organized stalking combined. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognized as legitimate, this is the community form. it’s a psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.”

Great information on Psychological Manipulation and Harassment Types and Tactics http://www.psychologicalharassment.co…

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Gang Stalking is stalking by more than one person to a victim, usually involving community harassment, or the “mob”, using people from all backgrounds and vocations to harass, tracking 24/7, sometimes organizing lethal vehicle accidents, poisonings, electronic harassment, home invasions/property destruction, corrupt or ignorant doctor diagnosis given to stamp the victim as bogus mentally ill with delusions, paranoia, or schizophrenia, etc. Everything is done covertly, and with a sophisticated real time dispatching system to organize the criminals’ harassment and attacks, often in the hundreds to thousands of criminals participating as a coordinated mob at any given time while the criminals due their normal routines of work, shopping, commuting to and from work, leisure, etc., using the method of moving foot and vehicular surveillance techniques, and computers, cell phones, verbal and visual cues, and every other conceivable type of communication.

Often, the local network of this mob is connected to a national and international network – funding is done by illicit drug industry/crime syndicates, CRIMINALS working in:corporate environment, and government sponsored terrorism for military weapons research using non-consenting human beings. It’s similar to Cointelpro or red squads, and it’s being used on a lot of innocent people to ruin them and make them look crazy. Gang Stalking is all about government disinformation, and using civilian spies/snitches to help with stalking and monitoring innocent people.

Gang Stalking is a form of bullying and intimidation from multiple perpetrators.

Whereas ordinary bullying is usually one on one, and workplace mobbing is where multiple people in one workplace attack one (or a few) person(s), Gang Stalking involves multiple people attacking one person in any situation.

Groups of people, or, loosely organized people pick a target, and attempt to destroy the victims life in any way that they can.

They attempt to scare and terrorize their target, causing anxiety and other problems.

They will do whatever they can to get the target fired from their job.

People become a victim when they have attacked a member of a group (ie gang) as part of revenge, or, in the case of political groups, attack their political opponents such as authors, etc.

The effects of this crime goes beyond Targeted Individuals.

Licensed criminals: FBI informants authorized to break the law 5,600 times in one year

“Psychological Warfare or Manipulation: In Covert Type Investigations” http://www.psychologicalharassment.co…


Federal court overturns FBI’s warrantless National Security Letter gag order


Found this hidden in a dark little corner of the internet posted 9/16/2015:

‘This is believed to be the first time an NSL gag order has been fully lifted since the practice was greatly expanded by the USA Patriot Act, which was first enacted in 2001’………In his decision, Judge Victor Marrero said that “the Government has not demonstrated a good reason to believe that potential targets of national security investigations will change their behavior to evade detection, or that disclosure of [the NSL] would create a substantial risk.”


More Rosebay Group Masturbation Ops 9/27/15..

320 pm- Opened my front to leave for church, hear a car door slam very loudly in the parking area. This sound is followed by multiple car door slams that are not as loud. I’m guessing the first one was a signal for the “skit” to start. 5 minutes later I hear a male voice at the bottom of my stairs and 2 cars exit the parking area. I can see the driveway from my door, a compact and a white van leave within seconds of each other.

325 pm- Multiple people get out of 1-2 cars parked on the front curb in front of my building, they stagger it by separating in to 2 groups exiting 1-2 minutes apart. These people walk South in front of my building past my driveway. Their intention was to block the driveway as I exited in my car. I am still in my home.

330 pm- I exit my home. A female sits idling in a silver sedan in the parking area facing my car and the exit. After I get in my car she passes behind me and exits the driveway. As I exit the driveway. I find a large white pickup truck partially blocking the driveway exit. His truck is idling and it completely blocks my view of the road making it impossible for me to safely turn onto the road. The Hispanic male driver stands next to the truck pretending to have a reason to be there. When I ask him repeatedly why he is idling there he does not answer. He had a California license plate and if you would like the number contact me. This was a total of 5-6 vehicles laying in wait for me when I exited my home.

635 pm- I return home and take a different route entering my neighborhood. I pull into a small empty parking lot for about 10 minutes to make a phone call. I watch as the vehicular and foot traffic increases all around me. As I prepare to leave the lot, a large AAA tow truck pulls up and partially blocks the exit from the parking lot, the same way the white pickup truck did earlier, making it unsafe for me to exit. This is how perps rehearse for, and set up for “unintentional”  car accidents. One common trait of terrorists is rehearsal.





Coast To Coast AM – September 20, 2015 ET Organisms, Interrogations & Gang Stalking

Published on Sep 21, 2015
Coast To Coast AM – September 20, 2015 ET Organisms, Interrogations & Gang Stalking

George Knapp was joined by author and researcher, Robert Guffey, who shared the remarkable story of Damien (called Dion in Guffey’s book), an unrepentant heroin addict who in 2003 sheltered a US Marine that had stolen 22 pairs of night vision goggles, a DoD laptop, and perhaps a few top secret files from Camp Pendleton, a military base in the San Diego area. Arrested under the Patriot Act, Damien underwent a six-day-long Abu-Ghraib-style interrogation by the NCIS, and was accused of trying to sell the military equipment to terrorists. Damien refused to testify against the Marine, or cooperate in any way, and was eventually released.

But after his release he began to notice he was being “gang stalked” around San Diego, with 7-9 people following him into a 7-11, restaurants, and various places. They wanted him to feel discombobulated and paranoid, Guffey explained. Vehicles were parked outside Damien’s house, and Guffey knew someone at the DMV, and found out that none of the license plate numbers “officially existed,” which suggested they were government vehicles. After this, Damien began to be bombarded with hallucinations, such as seeing multiple moons in the sky, and the dimensions of his apartment were changing. Further, invisible people were in the room, interacting with him and moving things around, and he saw a black amorphous energy.

A woman from the NCIS visited Damien on a number of occasions, asking if he was ready to cooperate, implying that the harassment would end if he worked with them. Guffey was able to track down Richard Schowengerdt, said to be one of the scientists behind a project code named “Chameleo” that involved bizarre experimentation including “cloaking”— electro-optical camouflage so extreme it rendered observers practically invisible, which correlated with what Damien experienced. Damien was likely used as a guinea pig to test out the effect of this technology, Guffey concluded, adding that he and Damien suspected the missing night vision goggles may have been especially important to the military as they possibly allowed wearers to see that which had been made invisible.
‘ET’ Organisms Found in Stratosphere

In the first hour, Dr. Milton Wainwright, professor at the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, discussed a new image which he believes reveals a mysterious extraterrestrial “organism.” Using balloons to test areas of the stratosphere some 25 miles up, he captured microscopic pieces of debris that contain unique forms of bacteria not found on Earth. Wainwright deduced that the organisms are coming in from space, rather than up from Earth’s surface, because if that was the case they’d be covered in pollen grains.

Coast To Coast AM – September 20, 2015 ET Organisms, Interrogations & Gang Stalking

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The Overt and Covert Intimidation of Brandy Vaughan

Ex-Merck employee turned anti-vaccine activist now terrorized by Big Pharma Black Ops branch

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/050728_Big_Pharma_black_ops_Merck_employee_Brandy_Vaughan.html#ixzz3iZppz9Ph



Vaughan worked for Merck & Co. from 2001 to 2003, but resigned after learning that her employer falsified safety data on Vioxx, covering up the fact that it doubled the risk of heart attacks and stroke……

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/050728_Big_Pharma_black_ops_Merck_employee_Brandy_Vaughan.html#ixzz3iTwRCS5o

Published on Jul 31, 2015
The intimidation Brandy Vaughan has suffered is quite disturbing and makes you wonder just how far some will go to intimidate, neutralize or discredit those who dare to speak the truth.