Dr. Phil [May 26, 2015]: “I Hear Voices in My Head but I’m Not Mentally Ill !”(Full Episodes)

Published on May 26, 2015
Dr Phil May 26, 2015 – I Hear Voices in My Head, but I’m Not Mentally Ill! Why Won’t My Family Believe Me?

Nick says he has been tormented by disturbing voices in his head for the past three years. His family says they think he is suffering from a mental illness, but Nick insists that is not the case. How does Nick explain the voices? And, will Nick be open to taking help?

Plus, Stephanie, 24, is currently acting as a caregiver for her father. Pfizer’s Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall joins Dr. Phil to discuss the challenges faced by young caregivers.

Hearing Voices

Nick says he hears voices in his head, almost every day, that demean him and threaten him and his family. “[They say] ‘We’re going to beat you,'” he says. “The voices have told me I should kill myself, which is not going to happen … They say, ‘We put poison in your food,’ and that they have a predictor machine that’s capable of letting them know my thoughts.”

Nick’s parents, Rise and Kelly, and his sister, Jenna, say they think he could be suffering from a mental illness — but Nick disagrees.

Instead, Nick says he believes the voices are talking to him through a microchip that was implanted in his body.

“Nick is so obsessed with this,” Rise says. “He does research; he has thousands of pages he has printed off the Internet. I told Nick, ‘I believe you’re hearing voices; I just don’t believe they’re coming from the place you think they’re coming from.'”

Kelly says, “The voices in Nick’s head are tearing the family apart. I want my son back.”

Richmond, CA City Council Meeting – 5/19/2015 Resolution I-1 passed



****Fast forward to video clip: 3.10-4.32

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Link: Council Meeting – 5/19/2015 – May 19th, 2015.



WHEREAS, the Space Preservation Act and the companion Space Preservation Treaty has established a permanent ban on all space-based weapons, on the use of weapons to destroy or damage objects or persons from or that are in orbit; and the permanent termination of research and development, testing, manufacturing, production and deployment of all space-based weapons; and

WHEREAS, the Space Preservation Act, companion to the Space Preservation Treaty, introduced by U.S. Congressmen Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), requires the U.S. President to continue enforcement of banning space-based weapons and the use of weapons to destroy or damage persons or objects that are in or from orbit; and

WHEREAS, the Space Preservation Treaty has established an outer space peacekeeping agency to monitor outer space and enforce the permanent ban of space-based weapons. In addition, this legislation serves as a safeguard for targeted individuals who claim to be under assault from weaponry that should be outlawed by the Space Preservation Act.

WHEREAS, the well-being of all residents is of the upmost importance to the City of Richmond.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Richmond hereby supports the Space Preservation Act and companion Space Preservation Treaty, to ensure that individuals will not be targets of space-based weapons.

Mind Control – Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson on Russia Today

Published on Jul 13, 2013
Russia Today have broadcasted this, the best documentary of mind control,
produced by Daniel Estulin, Deste La Sombra (From the Shadows)…

With the original title “Control mental. El sueño dorado de los dueños del mundo” (Mind control. The golden dream of the world’s masters) — broadcasted to some 10 million people — was one of the biggest victories for victims of implant technologies so far. Thanks to Magnus Olsson, who, despite being victimized himself, worked hard for several years to expose one the biggest human rights abuses of our times – connecting people against their will and knowledge to computers via implants of the size of a few nanometers – leading to a complete destruction of not only their lives and health, but also personalities and identities.

Very few people are aware of the actual link between neuroscience, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, neuro-chips, transhumanism, the science fiction’s cyborg, robotics, somatic surveillance, behavior control, the thought police and human enhancement.

They all go hand in hand, and never in our history before, has this issue been as important as it is now.

One reason is that this technology, that begun to develop in the early 1950s is by now very advanced but the public is unaware of it and it goes completely unregulated. There is also a complete amnesia about its early development. The CIA funded experiments on people without consent through leading universities and by hiring prominent neuroscientists of that time. These experiments have since the 50s been brutal, destroying every aspect of a person’s life, while hiding behind curtains of National Security and secrecy but also behind psychiatry diagnosis.

The second is that its backside –mind reading, thought police, surveillance, pre-crime, behavior modification, control of citizen’s behavior; tastes, dreams, feelings and wishes; identities; personalities and not to mention the ability to torture and kill anyone from a distance — is completely ignored. All the important ethical issues dealing with the most special aspects of being a free human being living a full human life are completely dismissed. The praise of the machine in these discourses dealing with not only transhumanism ideals but also neuroscience today has a cost and that is complete disrespect, despise and underestimation of human beings, at least when it comes to their bodies, abilities and biological functions. The brain is though seen as the only valuable thing; not just because of its complexity and mysteries, but also because it can create consciousness and awareness. We’re prone to diseases, we die, we make irrational decisions, we’re inconsistent, and we need someone to look up to. In a radio interview on Swedish “Filosofiska rummet” entitled “Me and my new brain” (Jag och min nya hjärna), neuroscientist Martin Ingvar referred to the human body as a “bad frame for the brain”. Questions about individual free will and personal identity were discussed and the point of view of Martin Ingvar was very much in line with José Delgado’s some 60 years ago, and its buried history of mind control: we don’t really have any choice, we’re not really having a free will or for that matter any consistent personality. This would be enough reason to change humans to whatever someone else wishes. For example, an elite.

Another reason for why this issue dealing with brain implants is important of course is the fact that both the US and the EU pour billions of dollars and euros in brain research every single year, a brain research very focused on not only understanding the brain, but also highly focused on merging human beings with machines; using neuro-implants to correct behavior and enhance intelligence; creating robots and other machines that think and make autonomous intelligent decisions — just like humans do.

Ray Kurzweil, who’s predictions about future technological developments have been correct at least until now, claims that in 20 years, implant-technology has advanced that far that humanity has been completely transformed by it. We cannot know right now whether he’s prediction is right or wrong, but we have the right to decide on the kind of future we want. I do not know if eradicating humanity as we know it is the best future or the only alternative. Today, we might still have a choice.

Something to think about: Can you research the depths of the human brain on mice?






Swedish: Jag och min nya hjärna. Filosofiska Rummet (Me and my new brain)

Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society by Jose M. Delgado
Nonprofits & Activism
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Hyperspace 04-14-2015 Dr. John Hall

Published on Apr 15, 2015
Solaris BlueRaven interviews Dr. John Hall.

Dr. John Hall is a medical doctor in San Antonio, Texas specializing in anesthesiology, pain management and stem cell therapy. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology and a member of the North American Neuromodulation Society, Mind Science Foundation and an associate expert with Bio-ethics Beyond Borders. He has authored two books dealing with non-consensual experimentation. His first, A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America is currently being put into film and his second, Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control recently released.

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act


2’s Day, 4/14/15

First stop: My exercise class in Solana Beach. I missed class for the past 2 weeks. Perps like this because it gives them a chance to change things up before you get back. Teacher is dressed in purple (color harassment) and repeatedly slams a door near my mat at the start of class.

Second stop: Smog check in Encinitas. After parking in front of the garage and getting out of my car I instantly notice one of my “frequent stalker” neighbors is already parked in the spot next to mine. She is standing on the passenger side of her car with the door open rummaging through items in the seat. I have nicknnamed this neighbor perp “Bozo” because of her hair. She looks like a homeless person. She is wearing a turquoise t-shirt and a floppy hat pulled down around her face. I go into the office and the employee starts the smog check. A young male arrives in a black car and parks next to me. He enters the office and asks for a smog check. I take a video of Bozo stalking me and wait in the office. The young male starts some mimicking harassment so I go outside to wait. The employee has moved his black car to the front of the office. Bozo is now standing in the garage next door talking to a mechanic. The mechanic keeps looking over at me and starts mimicking a bicycle leg exercise I just did in my class. What a coincidence Bozo is getting her car worked on the same time as me! Just like the coincidences when she shows up in my parking garage, laundry room, and 3 different supermarkets the same time as me! I take a pic of Bozo’s license plate and as I do this I hear an engine start. While I was distracted, Bozo had gotten into the young male’s black car with him and drove off. He had been dispatched there to pick her up. This whole visit was orchestrated. How many hours of planning go into these pointless skits?

Third stop: Went for a walk on the loop trail near my house. The usual BS. I am wearing a body camera now so they’re getting a little shy on the trail. Usual crowding, blocking harassment, dog harassment, color harassment, noise harassment, vehicle harassment, synced harassment.

Fourth stop:
I need a loose piece of plastic removed from the bottom of my car, it is loose and scraping the road. The owner of a local shop told me he could remove it a while back so I called the shop. The owner has changed and the new manager “Randy” said he could help me after 2pm. As soon as I arrive Randy gets a flurry of phone calls and has to take every one. I sit in front of his desk and wait patiently. He hangs up and immediately gets another call, introducing himself as “Freddy” and then saying “Randy” when he realizes his mistake. He puts the caller on hold and acknowledges me, making me repeat my name 3 times and then starts mimicking harassment. By this time I can tell he’s just a dick. I tell him I will find someone else to help me and leave.

Fifth stop: Another car repair shop I have used before. A white car blocks the entrance and I see a tall bald male get out of the passenger side and look directly back at me like he was expecting me. He goes in to the office and occupies the only available staff member so I have to wait. Another male staff member busies himself on his computer and repeatedly tells me he will help me soon. I had to wonder if he would treat a male customer this way. I wait while they lift my car and remove the loose plastic. A mechanic comes into the office and sits behind the desk and stares me down. Another office staff member comes in and asks him to get out of his seat and he leaves.

Sixth stop: Home. The ground covering and wood stump borders have been removed from the entire length of the front of my property. The work started immediately after I got out of bed this morning. The entire length of the greenbelt is cordoned off. Just another project in the never ending construction in my area over the past 3 years (New roofing on our building, painting, landscaping/ tree trimming, cement repair in our driveway x 2, complete interior/exterior remodels of the unit below me and the 2 homes across from my property, multiple remodeling/ fencing/ masonry/ landscaping/carpentry projects throughout the neighborhood including another apt. complex a block down.)