Friday 1/04/12

The holidays are over and I’m glad. Other than celebrating the birth of Christ they were unenjoyable. My first Christmas as a TI without family. My perp neighbor downstairs, who has been slamming her door every day for the past 2 years and blasting her stereo every day for the past 2 months, suddenly became VERY concerned about me on Christmas day because she had not seen me all day (we normally go weeks without seeing each other). Instead of just knocking on my door she called the Sheriff’s dept. to do a safety check. A sergeant and 2 deputies showed up at my door while I was working from home. Pounding on my door and yelling my name while I was on the phone with a client. They were just as obnoxious and sarcastic as could be. I got the sergeant’s card and slammed the door in their faces.

I did not leave the house on Christmas day, not even to go to mass. The reason is being I did not want this special, holy day to be spoiled by all the walking filth surrounding me. But guess what, the filth came knocking on my door anyway, looking for me. And a special note to family members offended by my lack of communication with them: I do not associate with anyone who:

Lies to police about me. Lies to coworkers about me. Lies to neighbors about me. Lies to doctors about me. Lies to other family members about me. Stands by silently and completely unphased as 2 police officers tackle me and mash my face and body into the ground. I don’t care who you are, I want zero association with you if you do these things.

Organized stalking is aural, visual, olfactory, verbal, spiritual, mental, and physical rape. Its is brought to you buy the same people who brought you 9/11, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Columbine, the Oklahoma city bombing, etc. It is brought to you by the same people who support human and drug trafficking, child porn, prostitution, satanic torture and murder, terrorism, and fraud. They are the dregs of the universe, using the same tactics used in Stasi Germany and by the KKK to torment people relentlessly. And they take great pleasure in it. Because they are psychopaths with zero conscience. When you are a TI, you are gang raped 365/24/7. You will recieve zero acknowledgement  of your suffering from anyone. And if you dare to act the least bit upset about it, they throw it right back in your face by acting like they are the ones who have been assaulted.


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