First Friday

740 am  Leave for Church, car starts up engine as soon as I exit my front door. It is parked acrros the street from my car and sits and idles.

741 am  Neighbors truck parked in the street with the driver side door open. Another neighbor comes out and opens driver and rear door of her car as I pass.

744 am  Arrive at Church, landscaper with leaf blower out front.

745 am  Enter Church, coughing, color harassment, hand signals. Two women in front of me engage in prolonged conversation while I am praying. Loud whispering, it persists until mass starts.

800 am  Man sits directly behind me. I move my seat. Young male enters with bright yellow boxers and green t- shirt and sits right in front of me. Woman enters with keys jingling. Cell phone tones go off x 3 during mass.

900 am Rosary prayer, woman sits in chair on my right while I am kneeling and keeps moving around in seat and twirling her ankle, leaning side to side.  Anything to agitate and distract.

Guess what perps, I am not: going to jail, going to the psych ward, going to kill myself. I am not going to get mad, but I am going to expose you and educate the public about you. Happy Friday!

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