One thought on “The Informer Report 12-20-2012 James Walbert. Organized Gang Stalking and Technological Harassment

  1. I live in Columbiana County,Ohio. I hear ringing in my ears and it gets louder the closer I get to home.I got pictures of Agents using the Military Camouflage Hyper-Stealth,or witch ever one they use now.Anyways,one a cell camera you can stretch the pics.and with apps,you can change the lighting, it can be seen if you look.can I get the FCC number to call to have them shut the signal off,it’s on my last nerve. The implant thing,RFID Chip,I’m positive they’ve done it to me and Ivan prove it because in my pictures you can see there faces and there cars also are Stealthed Out.Its really nlvool to see but,these brakins and constant harassment,is terrible to deal with.what about the Non-Leathel Weapons,Direct Energy Weapons that cause Cancer and a tumor on my Ear.I woke oneday and could hardly walk and I was in pain so much I needed help up and down to stand and sit.I believe I have been implanted because there were needle mark up the back of my neck.I really need someone to help me out.I have know. MEDICIAL at all.I can prove everything I say and have witnesses and I need a lawyer. If you have any advise,please,I’d love to here from number is 330-932-6164 after 10am.please,most the time I’m kept up with the ringing Ears.Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so loud an it hurts my ears.

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