Some Warning Signs you might be a TI

– I remember seeing gang stalking taking place on the freeway once. I was not aware at the time what it was, but I could tell it was something evil. I was driving North on the 5 freeway in San Diego, I think it was just north of the 805 interchange. I don’t remember what year it was but it was a while back, maybe about 10 years ago. I felt a negative energy behind me and looked in the rear view mirror. There was a LARGE swarm of cars, mostly older model SUVs and trucks, coming up rapidly behind me. Many of them had blacked out windows and just looked sinister, like a swarm of agitated, evil flies. They were speeding and weaving in and out of lanes, driving like maniacs but somehow staying very cohesive as a group. There had to be at least 50 of them, rapidly working their way around the slower traffic. They swarmed off just as rapidly as they swarmed in, like a mini hurricane. I remember thinking “what the hell was that?” I had never seen anything like it but it was obviously something very bad. On Sunday, June 24, I was the victim of this type of stalking all the way up the 5 freeway from central San Diego all the way to my home in North County. It was absolutely terrifying. This happened exactly 8 days after I discovered info about OS/EH online and realized I was a TI.

You will notice a lot of subtle peculiarities in your life before your stalking becomes overt, especially if you are a more observant/ perceptive/ sensitive type of person. These are some of the things I noticed over the past 10-15 years.

– Beware of the people in your life who seem to know “everyone”. If you are in awe of how many people they know and wonder how they know them, it is most likely because they are part of the “perp” network.

-Repeated Swapping/Vandalism/Theft/Gaslighting in my home/car/workplace/Mom’s home. (See Feb. 2013 blog post).

-Random people who just happening to be sitting/standing in front of your home or just happen to be “passing by” every time you depart/ arrive. They will often have a cellphone.

-Neighbors departing/ arriving the same time as you or right before or after you.

-Second hand smoke entering my home on a regular basis.

-Neighbors slammimg doors/windows/sliders on a repeated basis.

-If you live in an apt/condo- neighbors using the bathroom the same time as you- flushing toilet, running water, running the fan.

– The feeling that you are repeatedly being “singled out” or “put on the spot” in multiple settings (professional, social, in the community).

-At the market- cashier will stop and “count the drawer” as soon as it’s your turn in line. Or another cashier will come up with a fresh drawer and switch with them, causing a delay. Switching cashier staff as soon as it’s your turn.

– Being seated near loud/large parties at restaurants, parties w/ hyperactive/loud children (on a repeated basis).

-While shopping you will be singled out and followed like a shoplifter. Shortly after you enter the store you will be sought out and asked if you need help. You will notice they are not doing this to anyone else in the store. You will be made to feel uncomfortable the entire time you are in the store.

-At the market, the middle aged male employees will whistle songs when you pass, it is annoying. At one Ralph’s I shopped at, the short, fat manager would come out and start yelling at employees every single time I was in there. This same store engaged in a massive gaslighting campaign after my stalking became overt in June 2012. They actually had someone impersonating the manager.

-In the spring of 2006, I came home one day to find my apt. infested with bees. There were hundreds of them. They came in through the vents in the kitchen and the bathroom. What was odd is that looked like they were forcefully shot in. Many hit the floor so hard there were skid marks and they died from the impact. There was also a dark mud splattered on the floor below the vents.

-After returning from a trip to the East coast, I came home to find my place infested with flies. I was only gone for 4-5 days and had hired a catsitter. It took over a month for me to get rid of them. After my stalking became overt this catsitter texted me out of nowhere, we hadn’t spoke for years. “Perp”.

-In general: rude behavior, rumors about you, and blocking harassment at the workplace. I’ve had weird rumors go around about me at almost every single job I’ve had since graduating from nursing school. Some of them involved drugs, sex, being racist, being antisocial, etc. At my last job I was very friendly with many of the nursing assistants. About 6 months after a new lead nurse, T., showed up, every single one of them stopped speaking to me.

– Cars agressively pulling up to side intersections right as you pass.

-People parked on the shoulder opening the driver’s side door right before you drive by.

-People showing up late to Yoga and sitting way too close to me.

-People getting too close to you in line at the store, brushing against you, or trying to stand next to you. People cutting you in lines.

– People staring, glaring, smirking at you like they know you/recognize you/know something about you.

-Young males spitting, cursing, sexual language in public places. Couples arguing/ fighting in front of you/ making a scene.

– Stores/parking lots almost empty when you arrive w/ sudden increase in people/parked cars by the time you leave. “I always get here right before it gets crowded!”

-You will notice some light mimicking/stalking but if you are not aware yet that you’re a TI you will shrug it off as coincidence. The girl at the gym who has the exact same water bottle as you. The lady wearing the same sneakers as you. A woman wearing the same hoody that you have. Seeing people from your work or gym at random places out in public. Seeing old neighbors/ former coworkers/ classmates at random places. And many doctors stalk, including vets and dentists.

-I used to keep a food journal to eat healthy, I wrote down everything I ate. On Wednesday 5/16/12, I rolled through some stop signs on a back road in my city. These are known as “California Rolls” where you don’t make a complete stop. I remember thinking of that phrase as I did this. One or two days later I opened my food journal and someone had written, in my style of handwriting, “california rolls” in my food journal. After my stalking became overt, multiple law enforcement personnel repeated this phrase back to me.

-If a lot of these things just seem like “bad luck” or “coincidence”, remember, the difference with OGS/EH is the “frequency and duration”. They are repeated over and over again over years and years. “Death by a million paper cuts”.

7 thoughts on “Some Warning Signs you might be a TI

  1. Oh, those cashiers, mine always take a break. Almost everything you mentioned has happened to me, except being followed in a car. I don’t have a car. But I’ve been on Greyhound and taken several trips on it. Man, were those trips the pits. Bus driver, and everybody else was a perp. A lot of fun(?)! The trips were hell on wheels.

  2. Jeez walmarts cashiers always take a break….never really thought about it…probably done with walmart anyway…ive suffered from any and all repeating phone conversations and personal info…it doesnt really upset me…i just dont see where their going with it…i guess it is harassment..mainly i just think its creepy and pointless.

  3. Had people even an old school mate…spin wheels at me…more connections…seems like alot of work for the cops to do all this to me..

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