Car Vandalized

Happened sometime between Wednesday 2/27/13 and Saturday evening 3/02/13. Looks like someone was trying to get access under the hood. They seem to have regular access to the car interior, so I don’t know why they wouldn’t just pop the hood from under the dash. But then again, we are probably talking about someone who is as dumb as a doorstop. 0303131344a 0303131635a 0303131635

4 thoughts on “Car Vandalized

  1. Don’t you just get sick of the bullshit? I know I do. What I’d like to do to the idiots, I can’t say. Anything we say is held against us. They make reports of everything we say and do.

  2. They were probably trying to steal your battery. They stole mine at the airport once while I was out of town. I found out when the battery went dead and it wasn’t the factory Delco.

  3. I just wrecked my car at 70 mph in the rain…no harm done…amazingly…now im getting a new car anyway….wonder if i had a little help? Hmmmm….someone carved fuck in the hood of my car a few years back…opening the trunk…opening the locks…overnight…no theft…ive had breakins with window locks turned almost open….after that door was always boobie trapped….never saw anymore breakins….wet soapy floor is what itnwas….come busting in…heheh wipe out 🙂 now im looking at needles and more cool stuff….like cameras to film perps….lots of cool stuff coming up….just to be a tease….say someone cut the floor out by their front door…and a trap door tosses perps hh holmes style into acid….check with your landlord first though….jell maybe john wayne gacy was a ti? 🙂

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