Perp Games

Being a female TI is like being caught in a domestic violence cycle with an abusive boyfriend or husband that you you never wanted or needed, or even know. Only, it’s taking place in public and all around your home. And there are a multitude of them, not just one. Being a targeted individual, or TI, is like being strapped down to a board while hundreds to thousands of people walk by and freely molest/insult/degrade and rape you. As you helplessly watch the same thing being done to your family, your friends, and your country. You are completely powerless against it. And you are expected to sit and take it calmly. If you don’t you will be punished for it, and thus the cycle starts and goes on and on. You are being punished for responding to a crime that is occurring all around you 24/7. Someone or some group initiated a Cointelpro gang stalking hit on your life and you are being punished for getting upset about it and defending yourself. Like the abused wife or girlfriend that gets upset and acts out, you are beat down and made to feel like it’s your own fault. This is the exact science behind it. The more upset/emotional/irrational the female target acts because of the constant harassment, the more the perp men get a complete power erection for it. And it just escalates a little bit every time.

I have been the victim of “setups” by perps 4 times with the past week. They look for any opportunity to trigger a confrontation. The common theme is once you do react to the person who triggered you, they will have one or more perps standing by ready to pop out of nowhere and start yelling and cursing at you. They LOVE to make a scene. When you walk away or clam up, they egg you on, trying to turn it onto a physical confrontation.

Last night I went for a walk and received vehicle harassment from loud cars almost the whole time. Towards the end a large SUV stopped and made a U-turn right in front of me, idled at the bottom of a driveway, and then reversed all the way up the sloped driveway and parked. I clapped for him and made the “L” sign with my hand. There was a little Mexican man loitering in the area with a small dog. He is there almost every single time I walk, dressed in perp colors. He was standing near the bottom of the driveway and thought I was motioning to him. He then called out to me and started following me. He followed me around a corner and across the street. He came up to me very aggressively like he was going to attack me . He called me a whore and started chasing me around, I ran into the light traffic in the street to get away from him. When he left I started calling the Sheriff. He saw me using the phone and hurried back and started chasing me around again. All while holding a small Chihuahua dog in his arms. “Don’t play games with me,” he said.

This guy has seen me almost every time I walk and was looking for any excuse for a confrontation. I think he was salivating over it actually. Like one of those dogs with the sloppy drool dripping out of their mouth. Not only do I not want to “play games” with him, I want absolutely nothing to do with him. You are the one who is out here stalking me and intimidating me every time I walk. You are the one out here dressed in your little perp gang colors, triggering a reaction for a setup. You are the criminal, the felon, and the abuser. The only one “playing games” here is you and we both know it. It is a fact.

I am not a man hater but it’s true we have less and less “men” with every generation. Alcohol, drugs, prescription psych meds, the dumbing down of education, violent videos games/tv/movies, internet porn, and a lack of good male and female role models have all contributed. And it just seems to get worse with every new generation, making it easier for the govt. and crime syndicates to recruit male perps. Perp men feel completely powerless and out of control and they live to take this out on female targets. It the nastiest, most disgusting feeling being on the receiving end of this. If someone really does have a master plan to f*ck this country, they certainly put a lot of thought and planning into it. Awareness is the key to reversing it. Not reacting and not playing into it , realizing how astoundingly stupid and lame it is, is key. And recording and posting as much of it as you can.

8 thoughts on “Perp Games

  1. Your observations are spot on, as usual. This phenomenon of escalating the stalking in response to defensive measures was one of the biggest tip-offs to me that I was not dealing with garden-variety criminals. The main features of my gangstalking have been vandalism and home entry. Over several years, I tried many measures to secure my property and home, and the response was always escalation. Imagine an innocent, law-abiding person wanting to keep out total strangers who seem intent on hurting and maybe even killing the person. The nerve! Anyway…there came a point when I had to acknowledge that any sane person would have stopped long ago. That was a horrifying moment. But it helps to understand that we are dealing with stalkers who are sociopathic and have a cult- and warrior-like mentality.

    I’m sorry for all the crap you have to deal with. You are definitely not alone.

  2. I second that, you meant ti? As for “fighting back” it’s usually useless. The more you scream and yell and REACT the more fun they have. If you go into a corner or pretend you don’t see them they also can escalate to get a reaction. If you ignore them and they escalate too much they run the risk of making too much of a scene around non perps so eventually they will cool off or continue directed convo in hushed tones only raising their voices at key words to gain back your attention. Perps are essentially attention whores. I was crawling out from under their puppeteering in 2010 when they took a whole new tack with me to regain their “lordly” attention over me. While walking I cross the street again and again to avoid perps. I have been come onto, followed, threatened, stopped by cops, seen dead animals in my path, nearly run over, and skitted to death for a mere walk.

  3. Im sure we all have some interesting stories….i even got a perp tattoo artists….he was cool….just knew waaaay too much about me….chiropractor….weird stuff….how dothey get all thesenfinks? Its unbelievable…maybe they pay off these folks beforehand? Lot of money just to harass me….meanwhile we cant getnproper healthcare in america

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