Gang Stalking: America’s Cointelpro Democracy

You are not alone, TI’s. The closing statement on this video is the truth I’ve come to realize over the past 10 months. Every time I see a story like this in the news now, I know exactly why it happened and how. America is being invaded by an enemy that looks exactly like you and me (that hasn’t showered for the past 3 months). It’s the perfect crime.

4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking: America’s Cointelpro Democracy

  1. Hello, I am victim of torture with electronic weapons; I am forced to stay home from an entire organisation moved to all neighbours; please give to me advices about shield or protection, or if you know that exist something to do here where I am living in romania, please tell me;

    • Do you ever visit the website My harassment is mostly gang stalking and gaslighting/PsyOps but there are some shielding tips on that website. They also have a conference call every Saturday night at 6pm PST.

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