My day 4/28/13

I attended a 2 day conference this weekend on Integrative and Holistic Nursing. It was held at a local resort near the bay. Everywhere I went I was hounded by perps, including the resort staff. When I tried to enter/exit a room or aisle they blocked me with chairs and their bodies, making pointing gestures right in front of my face. There was a plethora of old, pedophile looking men attending which I thought was funny for a nursing conference. The top 5 perp gang colors were worn in full force: Purple, turquoise, red, blue, and anything in neon (esp. pink). During 3 consecutive morning lectures, a perp woman sat 2 rows behind me and coughed every 5 minutes. Jingling keys, loud shoe/heel/flip-flop sounds, crinkling plastic, staff clanging metal and glassware. When I exited to the parking lot the staff blocked me with a wide push broom, golf carts, and taxis. They had 3 of the MD speakers perp me with gesture harassment, it was really obvious. They actually followed me or lay in wait for me in order to do it. And I think they had one of my former managers pass me once. She looked at me but didn’t speak. She was involved in a huge gaslighting campaign when I went back to visit my old job last summer.

For lunch we went to a buffet set up outside. Yesterday as I waited in line, a server kept standing too close and I also noticed a female perp lingering on one side in my blind spot. When you notice this you know they are up to something. As I reached out for a serving spoon, one strap of my tote bag started to fall of my arm. It was on very securely and I know one of them messed with it. After this happened, the server came back and tried to stand close to me again. I shot him a look and he apologized and backed up. I went over to a beach area to eat alone. It was next to a sidewalk. I was treated to non stop loud carts being wheeled back and forth by staff, loud whistling and talking, bikers, skateboarders, loud kids, a small plane with a banner, and loud cell phone conversations the entire time I sat there. Across the bay area was a rode with little to no traffic on it, I’m not sure where it goes. By the end of our 2 hr. break, they had a long caravan of evenly spaced vehicles slowly moving down the road. As I headed back inside, they had a postal truck drive up. She got out and crossed my path a few seconds before me on the sidewalk.

Today at lunch they had another staff member, Jason, standing menacingly close to me while I was putting food on my plate at the buffet. He was off to my left and I could tell he was watching and waiting. I got to the end of the line and walked about another 20 feet to grab a fork. When I looked back down at my plate again I noticed there was a small piece of tofu on it that I didn’t put there. This is one of those little “telltale” signs perps like to leave when they have tampered with something. When I sat down and began to eat, there was gritty sand in all of my food. He had sprinkled beach sand all over it.

Later, after pretending to “drop” the plate on the sidewalk so it shattered all over (sorry but I was pissed), I went back and asked for his name and his manager’s name. I went to the lobby office and told the manager exactly what happened yesterday and today. She said she was going to speak to the staff and her manager about it. She found me later and made some comment, “I hope this didn’t leave a sour taste in your mouth.” This was her way of letting me know they weren’t going to take it seriously because they are all perps straight up the ladder. I just came home and took a hot shower and I still feel so filthy from being around these people all day.

6 thoughts on “My day 4/28/13

  1. So typical of what we all go through any time we go anywhere. Loud music, everyone talking loudly, loud carts wheeled around, constant coughing, things put in our food. Just reading this made me feel I was with you. It’s so true.

  2. They’re really bad at hotels, it’s disgusting. They probably know a lot of perps try to flee to hotels when their neighbors harass them. I thought about doing this last summer. All of the staff were complicit.

  3. You said it! After they drove me out of my home, I would sometimes stay in hotels. They were infested with perps and staff who had been recruited, lied to, whatever. I explicitly told staff I was being badly stalked. Shame on them!

    Once at check-in, a front-desk person whom I’d seen maybe a few times before said to me, “Your hair is getting lighter.” Odd thing to say to a stranger, let alone a hotel guest, huh? Unless of course you have been given an older photo of the person and told to watch for them and report if they check in.

    Another time, I checked in under a pseudonym because it was clear they were finding me at hotels. I always gave unusual names. Within 15 minutes, someone sent me a sp*m e-mail. Name of the sender? The name I had given. Hotel staff claimed total ignorance.

    No small wonder that the perps continued to find me in hotels all over the city and even country with such cooperative, unquestioning, stupid staff. Typically, no matter how late I would check in and how well I tried to cover my tracks, I would hear “someone” move into the room above or next to mine. Then they would do things to terrorize me all night long. Hotel staff of no help at all. If anything, these hotels should be outraged, because the perps are making Swiss cheese of their walls, floors, and ceilings in their sick surveillance and harassment efforts.

  4. If you are traveling from state-to-state and hanging out near military bases, all you will find are old pedophile men. Go somewhere else. They do not like women at all! Especially the holistic type. They like living in the past and recounting yesteryear when life was good…all they had to do was stay drunk, do drugs, and hope some godly woman would take the blame for their lazy drunkenness and when confronted about this behavior, they turn to children whom they are actually smarter than.

    • Yeah….my boyfriends parents are perps….very rude atheist….hateful people…claim to work.for so.and so….explains it….sociopathy…theylll split hell wide open soon.enough…wonder how many liveis theyve ruined over the years? Their son died….guess ill makensurento bringnthat up all time from now on….hows AJ? TOO BAD AJ IS DEAD WHAT A CRYING SHAME OHH AJ HE DIED AJ IS D E A D.

  5. Hehe yeah…my friend? Has a mother in a nursing home and one of the nurses perps…generally they are all cool…ive found instead of getting mad at the cia fbi low self esteem crowd be confident and ignore hate crimes comments and ask about them…perps have low self esteem and will more or less tell u everything about themselves…why if twenty bucks is all it costs…hire your own low self esteem crack rock smuggling gangstalkers…..ive considered it….on a limited trial run 🙂

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