Organized Gang Stalking/ Electronic Harassment is…

– “Slow Kill”. A death machine.

– Conspiracy to murder. Serial murder.

– Terrorism. Domestic and Global.

– Psychological/physical/sexual abuse and torture, a.k.a. “No-touch torture”.

– A Global Hate Crime.

– A Technological Holocaust. A Silent Holocaust. An “Open Air” concentration camp.

– A crucifixion by technology and social justice.

– A Coup.

– Covert war. Psychological warfare.

– Non-consensual human experimentation.

– A complete violation of Civil and Human Rights. A complete violation of the US Constitution.

– A complete invasion of every millimeter of your privacy.

– A culling. A means to depopulation and human slavery. Mass murder.

– Objective to create a police state/open air concentration camp/prison. Depopulation, global sustainability, Agenda 21.

– An attempt to institutionalize, imprison, and/or murder “undesirables” via conspiracy to murder and provoke suicide; to neutralize and destroy the target’s life.

– 24/7/365 Illegal tracking and surveillance in public and in private (including inside home) initiated by US intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA, DOD, DOJ, NSA, DHS, IRS, DEA, SOD), US military, and law enforcement, NSA Prism for the purpose of “joint targeting”. Target may be scrutinized for years (“nothing is unimportant”) before they realize it.

– Organized harassment by hate, criminal, and secret society groups including Nazis, KKK, Satanists, Organized crime syndicates (Mafia, biker gangs, Cartels, Street gangs), Cults, Freemasons, Terrorist cells (Isis, etc.).

– Implementation of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Gene Sharp’s “From Dictatorship to Democracy”. (Non-linear war, color revolution).

– Mind Control. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

– Likely issuance of a (bogus) NSL (National Security Letter) on the targeted individual.

– Extremely aggressive harassment of “soft targets”- elderly, children, single women, mentally ill, substance abusers, “loners”, socially inept/awkward teens/adults, autistic children/adults.

– A “witch hunt”. “Social justice”. Extrajudicial punishment. Mobile torture delivered to your doorstep and unremitting torture that follows the target everywhere they go.

– Criminal conspiracy and collusion. Also known as “cause stalking”, “vengeance stalking”, group stalking, multi-stalking, community-based harassment, and “shunning”.

– Intentional infliction of extreme emotional stress to force target into having suicidal/ homicidal thoughts as the only means of escape/ self defense.

– Electronic trafficking of men, women, and children. Converting cities and the country into an electronic concentration camp.

–  Not a new concept. Same tactics used in FBI Cointelpro, Project Monarch, MK Ultra, Stasi Police in East Germany, Nazi Brownshirts, the KKK, and Pro-life/ anti-abortion activists. Similar tactics used on corporate whistleblowers and in academia (workplace mobbing). Also similar tactics used in ejecting tenants of rent controlled apartments in high rent areas.

– Associated with the “global elite” aka Illuminati and Agenda 21.

– Fusions Centers, FBI InfraGard, COPPS, Community policing, RISS, Neighborhood Watch. CERT, Citizen Corp, Community organizers, and targeting by HOA’s. Likely involvement of “Occupy” movement.

– Targeting of innocent people on the local, state, and Federal level. Target is “red-lined” or blacklisted. Targeting may last for decades. Perps come from ALL age ranges, races, ethnicities, professions, political/religious affiliations. Likely cult involvement. Likely human/drug/arms trafficking rings involved. Likely extortion of repeat offenders/parolees.

– Cash, bribes, gifts, labor, favors offered to perps in exchange for their agreement to participate in harassing targets. (Vacations, cars, homes, govt. benefits, home improvement projects/remodels, travel, movies, weight loss help, life coaches, grocery/gas debit cards.Whole Foods seems to have some type of deal with them.)

– Being stalked en masse by groups of people in the hundreds to thousands on foot/bike/car/air/water. Relentless crowding and swarming.

– Provision of transportation of perps in a variety of private and commercial vehicles including taxis, MTS shuttles, coach buses, private shuttles, limo services, private and commercial airplanes, rental cars, trolley/subway/trains. They seem to make deals with local car dealers and Carmax to provide hundreds of autos at a time.

– Relentless orchestrated and synchronized harassment by neighbors, friends, family, coworkers, store employees, contractors, and strangers throughout your community. Includes stalkers following, leading, and laying in wait. Harassment follows target locally, statewide, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

– Antagonizing target to get a negative or violent reaction, then reporting to law enforcement (entrapment). Making false police reports on target. Calling in “safety checks” on target’s home due to false concerns. Objective is to get frequent visits to target’s home by law enforcement.

– Surreptitious illegal entry into target’s home, car, office, storage units, etc. Possible entries while target is home/ asleep. Locksmiths previously employed by target are involved in distributing copies of keys to others for criminal activity.

– Theft/swapping/vandalism of property from home, auto, office, storage units, etc. Swapping of new electronics, pet toys, clothing, shoes, jewelry, household items for similar items that are damaged/broken/worn.

– Syphoning gas so tank is nearly empty every time and car will just barely start. Draining windshield fluid out of car. Removing/replacing/ vandalizing/ stealing items from car and vandalizing the car itself.

– Voice to Skull communication (V2K).

– Assault by microwave/ Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)/ “Non-lethal” weapons. Tinnitus, migraines, seizures, chronic pain. Premature death from heart attack, stroke, cancer (from DEW and/or stress of OGS).

– Blocking Harassment (everything from store aisles/doorways/hallways to roads/driveways/intersections/trails/freeways).

– Street Theater.

– Gaslighting/ PsyOps, Black Ops/ Menticide. This includes constant change in target’s environment (remodels, closures, new residential and commercial construction, staff changes, etc.). Influx of franchises/ new businesses. Closure of businesses target formerly patronized. Change in staff at all businesses target patronizes.

– Remote Neural Monitoring/ Artificial Telepathy/ Reading your thoughts in real time. Injecting artificial thoughts. Possible hypnosis/ dream manipulation/interrogation/ vivid dreams. Apocalyptic/ Satanic symbolism in dreams. Disturbing dreams.

– Ability of perps to see through target’s eyes, hear what target hears, etc.

– Mimicking harassment. Imitating/mirroring target’s gestures/behaviors, including those only done/said in the privacy of their own home.

– Use of  “catch phrases”: multiple random stalkers repeating same phrase to target. “Haven’t we met before?”, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”. Repeated innuendo about suicide, death, unemployment, homelessness, mental illness, rape.

– Aerial harassment/direct overhead flights (Govt., private, Law enforcement, and commercially owned aircraft, drones). Mostly helicopters.

– Sexual Harassment/ Sexual Assault/ Electronic rape or sexual stimulation. Possible marketing and illegal distribution of sexual pictures/videos of target for voyeurism/ pornographic/fetish purposes including “live stream” access.

– Physical assault. Orchestrated accidents of all kinds. Severe sports injuries caused by other players that are made to seem like “accidents”. Unwanted touch and/or ogling by strangers while out in public. Minor assaults made to look like “accidents” (walking into you, hitting you, pushing objects into you).

– Intentional injurious behavior/ infliction of pain by medical and dental professionals, medical technicians, aestheticians, massage therapists, homeopathic practitioners, etc.

– Sensory deprivation (Shutting off electricity, water, air conditioning/ heat).

– Fake traffic accidents/ traffic stops on target’s routes.

– Psychiatric and Medical fraud/neglect/misdiagnosis/falsifying records. Mental Health abuse.

– Painful/unnecessary dental work.

– Noise Harassment/Noise fatigue/ Noise campaign. Includes increased traffic and high decibel vehicles passing target’s home. Non-stop noise campaign surrounding target’s home and everywhere they go.

– Defamation, Character assassination, and slander. Gossip/ rumors/ lies spread about target. Photos and videos overtly taken of target while in public by strangers, neighbors, coworkers, private investigators.

– Vehicular Harassment while driving/walking/riding bike.

– Color Coordinated Harassment/sensitization to certain colors/patterns. (Most common: Purple, Turquoise, Red, Royal blue, Any Neon/flourescent color.) Patterns- stripes, plaid, animal prints, US flags.

– Gesture Harassment/sensitization to  hand signals.

– Cyber stalking and online harassment. Frequent interruption of internet connection.

– Trauma based Mind control (TBMC)- Humiliation/ “shaming”/ isolation/defamation/degradation. Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

– Cult involvement. Misogyny, homoeroticism, pedophilia, fanaticism, sociopathy, narcissism, immature personality disorder, endangering minors.

– Demonic Possession.

– FREQUENT harassment by First Responders including Police and Sheriff Dept, Fire dept, Private ambulance companies, Lifeguards, City employees. Fake 911 calls, staged traffic accidents and traffic stops on target’s routes/destinations/ near target’s home.

– Fake reports to law enforcement by neighbors, family, coworkers, strangers re: need for mental welfare checks on target and alleged crimes committed by target. Goal is to draw as much attention as possible to target and target’s home by law enforcement.

– Frequent staged road/lane closures/blocking lanes for “road work”, power company, phone company, tree trimmers, construction, landscaping, trash collection.

– Workplace mobbing.

– Tampering w/ electronics, appliances, cars, computers, security alarm, cellphone, land line, clothing/footwear in target’s home and car.

– Impersonation of friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, doctors, dentists, therapists, store employees. Impersonation takes place in person, by phone, mail, email, and text.

Extreme form of identity fraud involving “replacement”, murder, or neutralization ( chemical lobotomy) of individuals to obtain their assets and make money off insurance scams. Possible covert murder  or secret imprisonment (NDAA) of individuals after which their identity is assumed by a “look-alike” fraud/criminal. Also known as identity fraud by “ghosting”.

– Use of “look-alikes” to frame targets for criminal activity. Use of “look-alikes” and fake employees by perps to help protect their accountability for fraud/ criminal activity.

– “Voice cloning”. Possible ability of perps to see through target’s eyes via nanotechnology or camera implants.

– Financial/ Life insurance fraud, attempt to take control of target’s finances/ assets. Attempt to put target under a conservatorship.

– Symbol harassment/sensitization: stickers, US flags, cellphones, Clothing brand/ Sports team logos, pinpoint pupils, owls, missing hubcaps, etc.

– Poisoning/drugging food, drinks. Swapping of food, cooked and store bought, including produce. Fresh/new/bulk food will be swapped out for a stale/expired/deformed version of the same food. Some of it looks like it was salvaged from a dumpster.

– Chemical and environmental harassment w/ inhalants and odors. Second hand smoke, exhaust fumes, marijuana fumes, pesticides, perfume, dust/dirt/sawdust clouds, spraying water at car.

– Possible manipulation of weather (rain/storms), darkening of sky, strong water currents.

– Possible/likely arson, gas leaks, explosions, etc.

– Redirection of phone calls, emails, texts, faxes, postal mail.

– Radio piracy. Interference with radio communications.

– Community bullying: rude/bizarre/manic/brazen/giddy behavior, synchronized skits/crowding; target ignored, blocked, ridiculed, vilified, rumors spread. Leering, staring, glaring, feigned expressions of wide-eyed shock (most idiotic looks ever). Public “shaming”. Tactics range from simple/childish/clown-like to shrewd/calculating/sophisticated.

– Staged/synchronized “run-ins” with former/present/future coworkers, classmates, neighbors, acquaintances, parish members, gym members, family members, patients/ clients/ customers, etc. while out in public. There are no coincidences with OGS/EH.

– Being “shadowed” around home interior by neighbors in adjoining apartments/condos (synchronized bathroom use/running water/toilet/ceiling fan). New neighbors renting/buying/inhabiting nearby homes for the sole purpose of harassment and surveillance. HOA’s, apt. managers, real estate agents complicit/involved.

-Endless construction projects around target’s home for the purpose of noise harassment and disruption of daily activities/ constant state of flux in surroundings to destabilize target.

– Widespread government, military, corporate, medical, psychiatric, religious, and academic corruption.

– Human trafficking/slavery. Non- consensual internet voyeurism/porn. Arms/drug trafficking.

– Possible cloaking of people/ objects w/ reflective materials to make the “invisible”.

– Possible implantation with microchips/RFID chips in teeth, joints, muscle tissue.

– Possible “disappearing” of targets via NDAA. (see next line.)

– Possible imprisonment of targets in secret prisons, work camps, or locked psychiatric institutions. (see next line.)

– Possible replacement of targets with identical actors/clones/robots/transhumans.

– Unemployment/Blacklisting. Homelessness/evictions/foreclosure/bankruptcy.

– Elimination of any and all social support for target (friends, family, coworkers, neighbors). Targeting of friends/family members including children and elderly. Targeting of pets.

– Agitating target w/ hyperactivity, crowding/swarming, invading personal space, kicking back of chair, continuous/repetitive movements in peripheral vision, causing vibrations.

– Xenophobia, a witch hunt. “Strategy of tension”, sheer ignorance. Betrayal, alienation, isolation, humiliation, shame, insensitivity, “double bind”.

– Muffled communication, speaking in low volumes/mumbling, garbled speech, thick/phony foreign accents, speech impediments, fast/non-stop talking, heavy breathing, fake coughing, feigned shortness of breath, speaking too loud, fuzzy/static/choppy phone connections, pressing phone buttons while talking, loud TV/radio/talking/baby crying in background, disconnected phone calls.

– Directed Conversation. Innuendo re: suicide, death, assault, mental illness, homelessness, unemployment.

– Referring to the target as subhuman or “it”, references to being captive in a zoo, guns, weapons, violence, jail, cruelty and using the word “target” frequently in conversation with and around the target.

– Remote Neural Monitoring/ Artificial telepathy via radio, TV, internet. Cough harassment, directed conversation via radio, TV, internet. Reading the target’s thoughts in real time and repeating them aloud or acting them out in front to target. Synchronizing harassment tactics to thoughts in real time.

– Expensive/late/sloppy work by mechanics, contractors, movers, house cleaners, print shops, hair stylists etc. Contractors damaging/breaking things inside home. Frequent price gauging and overcharging for services and goods.

– Infestation of home w/ insects, rodents, birds, etc. I came home one day to find hundreds of bees that had been forcefully shot into my home from the exhaust duct openings in the roof. My home was also infested with flies for months following a 3 day trip where a perp cat sitter had access to my home.

– Manipulation of indoor air temperature, hot/cold. “Broken” thermostats.

– Fascism, Socialism, Communism, and Nazism.

– A sick crime that completely destroys the victim’s quality of life and causes them to question, doubt, and lose trust in everything and everyone around them, including loved ones. Unknowing victims are watched and obsessed over by perps for years and years, only to have their life go up in an inferno when they finally find out what is going on; at which point perps will go to any length to completely discredit and destroy the target.

– Adult Bullying. Bullying on steroids. Hooliganism on crack. A complete destruction of trust. Apocalyptic street theater. Cinematic/surreal drama (“I feel like I’m in a movie”). A nightmare with your eyes open. The worst thing that can happen to you. A combination of the movies: Deliverance, Rosemary’s Baby, and Lord of the Flies. Gang Stalking IS the end of the world for the target.

– Technological slavery/public lynching/tar and feathering/quartering/ wooden stocks, etc. Constant taunting/antagonism/negativity to provoke a reaction from the target. Target is controlled to the point of paralysis  and powerlessness while they are repeated mentally raped. Target is made to feel they have no voice.

– Technological home invasion/rape/kidnapping/false imprisonment. All accomplished by stealth, bribes, manipulation, intimidation, coercion, abusing the “system”, and what seems like an endless trail of corruption and criminality. Technological “death squads”.

– A complete “Vivisection” of target’s mind, life, and whole world. Technological human sacrifice/skinning alive.

– “Death by a thousand paper cuts”, Being “buried alive”, having your “pants pulled down” and shamed like a child everywhere you go.

– Mental/physical exhaustion/fatigue of target and sensory overload by all the tactics listed above.

– Parallels to being a POW/MIA in your own home/city/state/country. Perps will actually brandish the POW/MIA flag to taunt targets.

– Hell on Earth. A spiritual war.

– NOT paranoia, schizophrenia, delusional disorder, narcissism, or a psychotic disorder. OGS may in fact cause a TI to develop a mental illness. OGS may in fact cause PTSD, severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression, thoughts of harming self/others, and inability to trust anyone.

– NOT a joke, amusing, funny, a game, or impressive. If you are knowingly involved or complicit with OGS/EH in any way, shape, or form, you are in fact involved in a conspiracy to murder. It is sadistic abuse and for someone to be knowingly involved and think they are innocent just because “all I did was ____”  is overwhelming ignorance and denial. If you are not willing to walk up to a targeted individual in broad daylight and stab them, then you have no business participating in their psychological torture either. You don’t stab someone “just a little bit”, there is NOTHING innocent about it. It is indeed VIOLENT and ALL participants have blood on their hands. The above tactics are done repeatedly, deliberately, and with the intent to cause fear/harm. 

296 thoughts on “Organized Gang Stalking/ Electronic Harassment is…

  1. I have been a victim for almost 3 years. Workplace mobbing,sexual assault,food tamperinh. Breakins stolen,property,cameras mindreading,family particiapation,ans so called family friend. All fundrd by me ex bosses.

    • Hi Barbie. I have been a victim of EOS for eight years. My beautiful
      century home has been completely distroyed. Insurance company will
      not cover damages. I am tortured every single night with UltraSound
      Radiation and Electro Magnetic Frequencies. I have spent serveral
      months in a mental institution for trying to explain voice to skull
      communication. I have lost all credibility with family and friends.
      My life has literally become a nightmare.

    • Hi Barbie, me also, I have been persecuted since a teenager, its been more than 25 years. Same exact thing, spy cameras, destruction of all my possesions, all my jobs, all my family participated in it & all my friends turned against me. I have been blackisted as a Pedophile, Rapist & Serial Killer which is total B.S. I have even seen Christian Church Pastors be involved in this evil. God bless you. If you need to talk email me at or FB me at Ralph Lazaro Montufar.

      • Christian church pastors their wives and deacons/deaconesses other church hierarchy do this crap. I haven’t lost faith that there is a God. I have lost my faith in organized religion. Bible thumpers have been some of the worst. I believe in God. Not too many of the ones who profess Him though.

  2. Thanks for another great post detailing the horrors of this crime. There is a wonderful article just published spelling out the link between government-sanctioned surveillance and organized stalking. Very well researched, matter of fact, and credible. It should really help us TIs get the word out. It’s not in the mainstream media (we can’t expect them to help since most have been bought off or otherwise silenced) but close enough.

  3. So now the game is having me hear via v2k sounds of rape and beatings to force suicide by Derrick C Kimmons with gang assistance at Harbor Lights shelter constantly have me hear how the have abducted my Daughter and saying they have been torturing her and forcing her into .prostitution. He also claims Mr. Kimmons of how dead My kid and myself will be having distressed sounds coming from my kid supposedly. Screaming they have been raping and torturing me. Hsving me hear Derrick say bitch kill yourself. And when I hack down your mama dead as if he truly is conversing with her….This group calls this man Peanut he lives in Mpls…he has been working closely with harbor light staff and residents in boat programs and second floor shelter residents the men date their accomplices in gang stalking on the third floor where the women stay……the security and the police here yes there are police that sit downstairs from time to time that assist these criminals if a woman complains they her to the crazy house
    They have security and residents stand outside the bathroom and shower down stairs bragging how the are going to kill me or my kid when the facebook comes down. The facebook describes an v2k incident in which one person was v2king me saying my kid would be killed to keep me anxious the Derrick bust in on the boy downstairs he said How come that woman aint out my house yet? I lived at his house from aug 2012_jan 2013 my kid spent the night sometimes. He changed the way he looked at her so I begin thinking did he have sex with her? I wondered back to the v2k so when he busted in on the assistant he asked How does she know I slept with her daughter? So now the dilemma is why would the DOD Law enforcement alliance allow this man who spoke his possible crime unintentionally via v2k not speaking to me forced my kid to work with him with the intention that I would die via electronic harassment then they would force her to suicide. The assistant pleads with Derrick that he kill me. Good God will give due justice.

  4. Some more conspiracy bullshit.

    NSA Prism and SAURON. FBI Cointelpro. Project Monarch. MK Ultra. Same tactics used by Stasi Police in East Germany, Nazi Brownshirts, and KKK.

    The only prism is the old WWII lights they use to conceal their drug drops and the only Monarch is the tire slashing, code talking, and the only MK Ultra is when they search educational records looking for IQ scores because their people are 2 stoopid. The Nazi brownshirts and the KKK are ignorant people who never venture far from their govt subsidies and stalk people they think may be getting some.

    The only think cointelpro is changing Zodiac to Orion and getting people to stalk and report back so they can protect drug cartels and make more money selling their “expertise” on TV.

    • Well i somewhat agree with you…one high ranking one said…somethings are eternally right and some things are eternally wrong….he was an alleged christian that one….ours are atheist if you didnt know…they may worship some abstract of lucifer or some occult gooble de goop…id imagine they are demon possessed…corrie ten boom relates ss nazis interviewing her as eminating that curious banality of evil

  5. A complete violation of Civil and Human Rights. A complete violation of the US Constitution.

    – A complete invasion of every millimeter of your privacy.

    – An attempt to institutionalize, imprison, and/or murder “undesirables” via conspiracy to murder and provoke suicide; to neutralize and destroy the target’s life.

    – 24/7/365 Illegal tracking and surveillance in public and in private (including inside home) initiated by US intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, DHS, IRS), US military, and law enforcement.

    All true!

  6. oice to Skull communication (V2K).

    – Assault by microwave/ Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)/ “Non-lethal” weapons. Tinnitus, migraines, seizures, chronic pain. Premature death from heart attack, stroke, cancer (from DEW and/or stress of OGS).

    – Blocking Harassment (everything from store aisles/doorways/hallways to roads/freeways)

    Blocking freeways, yes. V2K communication…no Waaaay!
    Assault by microwave…again, it’s a spotlight like used in hunting.
    Stress from heart attack, stroke, cancer…yes, from the stalking and death threats.

  7. Impersonation of friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, doctors, dentists, therapists, store employees. Impersonation takes place in person, by phone, mail, email, and text.

    – Financial/ Life insurance fraud, attempt to take control of target’s finances/ assets. Attempt to put target under a conservatorship.

    And, by license plate number as well. Finacial/life insurance fraud…yes. that’s why they kill each others spouses and stalk at the bank and stalk family members out of state. Mostly any insurance claim gets them into action since they are undercover investigators with big long antennas.

  8. Poisoning/drugging food, drinks. Swapping of food, cooked and store bought, including produce. Fresh/new/bulk food will be swapped out for a stale/expired/deformed version of the same food. Some of it looks like it was salvaged from a dumpster.

    This is part of the insurance conspiracy that goes like this: The guvnt will make the doctors start sending them information on foods bought at the grocery store so you have to be surveilled by them, too. If you don’t vote a certain way, we’re all going to hell in a handbasket.

  9. Widespread government, military, corporate, medical, psychiatric, religious, and academic corruption.

    – Human trafficking/slavery. Non- consensual internet voyeurism/porn. Arms/drug trafficking.

    All true! That’s because they recruit stalkers and terrorists off campuses to steal meds, make people think they are crazy, follow at church and leave leaflets on your door so you’ll think some non-trinity believing sect is doing the doom and gloom terrorism.

    Human trafficking/slavery/drugs/arms….yes. I sat on an overpass and watched someone spotting a target below. That same overpass provided access to a neighborhood which was sought after for a prostitution racket chose on it’s proximity to the “elite” and no exits for 20 miles. A person could be a hundred miles away in no time at all.

  10. Elimination of any and all social support for target (friends, family, coworkers, neighbors). Targeting of friends/family members including children and elderly. Targeting of pets.

    All true. They smashed the car of a friend, then turned that same car against me. They’ve threatened my father, planted something on a brother, and hacked my mother’s computer. They hung my dog from the tail, and after he survived that, they poisoned him. More recently, one jumped the back fence and pulled hair from my replacement dog and left it by the curb where they typically leave objects that fit their rants, causes, and/or fake charities.

    The next day, I was hit by an uninsured driver. I am now convinced perhaps people do need cameras in their cars.

    • Wen you say they,who are you referring to?Take photos of these people who you know in your heart that are contributing to this type of behavior,then start your own blog on each photo or video wat the person or people are doing.I no longer care wat people think.The moment I notice my stalkers I will take a pic of them and info about that individual and post it.Remember to watch the watcher .

      • first of all, you must understand what “organized gang-stalking” means. it means that they’re letting everybody in you’re community secretly watch you with 24hr electronic or electronic & satellite surveillance. so what does this mean? well? as hard as it is to believe, it means that they’re letting everybody in you’re community, neighbors, co-workers, and everybody that you ever worked with, and all of you’re friends & family members secretly watch & listen to EVERYTHING that you do & say, 24/7, for years. it means that everybody’s allowed to secretly watch you in you’re home, car, work, or anywhere else that they track you to, as well as have full-access to your cell records & internet downloads / activity. NOTE: this is how your identity gets stolen on a global scale, which is why they always orchestrate break-ins, or pay people to go through your trash, or have you fill out mandatory electronic forms. this way, if you go to them and say “hey! my identity was stolen by millions of people because of you, they can turn around & say “no see, according to the video, you had an unfortunate break-in, and the thief stole your wallet, or social security card, which is how that musta happened”. this means that everybody watches you through all of your televisions, computers, I-pads, I-phones, digital alarm clocks, automobile electronics, in your home, clear light bulbs, and through all other electronic devices. so if you go to the bank, they’ll be watching you through the banks electronics & cameras. if you go to the grocery store, they’ll be watching you through the grocery store electronics. even harder to believe is that electronic surveillance includes the use of hidden chrome & porcelain cams. this means that they also let everybody secretly watch you in the shower, from the inside of your toilet “looking up”. for those who turn-off the fuse boxes in they’re home to disable everybody’s ability to watch you like this, you,ll be wasting you’re time, because then what they’ll do is start watching you “through the walls” of your home. and this allows them to penetrate almost anything you could think of. when you’re in bed, it allows everybody to watch you through you’re bed sheets & comforter. they also let everybody watch most targets “through they’re clothes” as well. this means that everybody in your community has been watching EVERYTHING that you do sexually, 24hrs a day, throughout gang-stalking. they also aim 24hr marijuana detecting surveillance at your butt, 24/7, throughout gang-stalking too. this is how they make ya look like a “nasty ass” 24hrs a day. they are allowed to “see what you see”, and use 24hr mind-reading on you as well. and in case your wondering why they also seem to make targets look like child molesters, it,s because it gives them a reason to try to justify why everybody should be able to continue watching you with the electronic & satellite surveillance ( even after they present they’re district court case ), which then allows everybody to continue watching you like this, in the prison. but this is anything but normal prison life. when they do this, they first let all the inmates in the prison watch you like this for about 2 years as well, and spend about 2 years trying to make all the inmates think that you’re a child molester with the mind-reading, misleading video, recorded dreams, lies, rumors, etc, and then by the time that they present they’re district court case, and you show up, the perps are ready to start a riot in the prison, by paying off all the inmates to DO and SAY everything that those jackasses want them to DO and SAY with the V2K. NOTE: the V2K allows all of your enemies in your perp group to sit behind computers and tell everybody around you, what to do & say, 24/7, without you hearing it, as they watch & listen to all the entertainment from they’re computers. and because everybody around you knows that everybody’s watching & listening “electronically & through your eyes”, they feel as though that they need to entertain the audience. but anyway, by the time that they present they’re district court case, they got all the inmates thinking that you’re a child molester, and then they have a field-day, paying off all the inmates to do and say, everything that those jackasses want them to do and say ( as a way to torment you for another 5+ years inside the prison, as they watch and listen to all the drama through the prison electronics, hidden cams, shower cams, toilet cams, and marijuana butt detecting cams ) via they’re V2K commands to the inmates, and THEN they give the inmates the legal right to kill ya, with a bunch of blades, weighted socks, shanks, etc, so everybody can get the ULTIMATE entertainment sitting behind they’re computers watching & listening to ya die a horrible, bloody, prison death, under hidden prison cams, and “through your eyes”. good luck my cherub angel friend.

  11. NOT a joke, amusing, funny, a game, or impressive. If you are knowingly involved or complicit with OGS/EH in any way, shape, or form, you are in fact involved in a conspiracy to murder. It is sadistic abuse and for someone to be knowingly involved and think they are innocent just because “all I did was ____” is overwhelming ignorance and denial. If you are not willing to walk up to a targeted individual in broad daylight and stab them, then you have no business participating in their psychological torture either. You don’t stab someone “just a little bit”, there is NOTHING innocent about it. It is indeed VIOLENT and ALL participants have blood on their hands.

    And, that’s why they only recruit people willing to do major harm. This is why some conspiracy bloggers remind others of conceal and carry laws because they want to know who is armed and who isn’t.

    • Useful idiots have been duped….so i dont blame them….sure dont have alot of character….the higher ups are full blown psychopaths…id imagine they enjoy being above the law….from a real politik machevellian stand point id kill all my enemies too….maybe not in a hyper paranoid fashion where trivial slights set off homicidal rage…the advanced psychopaths are amused…they probably are training the lower tier psychopaths how to kill…..

  12. The government does not care one iota about keeping you safe or protecting you from “terrorists”. The illegal surveillance and complete invasion of privacy is for the following purposes: To scrutinize, demoralize, dehumanize, mind control, falsely imprison, enslave you, neutralize you, disappear you, replicate you, harvest you (organs), and eliminate you. Ultimate goals are enslavement and depopulation. Innocent, defenseless humans are the next big “resource grab”. There is a war on everything/everyone else, why not them too? This is domestic terrorism and outright psychopathy.

  13. I myself went through the same exact thing people telling you what you did yesterday this morning telling you your own personal info they even kept me out of my own email and when I changed the password everynody around me would tell me what it was every time I changed it it then escalated to them telling me my own private thoughts my fears and secrets and embarrassing moments I was terrified so not only did I get organized stalking but electroniv harassment as well hell I couldnt whisper without the whole city of Elizabeth nj and the state of ny knowing what I said v2k is the worst

    • Tommy it’s interesting I just started watching old seasons of the Sopranos, which is supposed to take place in your area. Many parallels to gangstalking on that show w/ organized crime and Federal agencies.

    • I’m feeling this evil illegal crime I put my story out so much because it’s important the world should know. It’s very true. Often times I put my story out and website always saying u already put this out. I’m not stopping.

      • I filed complaints with the FCC and they gave gove this bs that its not possible. I know they run a split screen and can see and hear everything you do unless you have headphones in then they cant hear you. But if they FCC couldnt figure it out I thought the NSA might. So I have had to live out loud and I dont care because at the end of the day I just want justice for my kids cuz the criminal elements that Im trying to expose are the worst kind of criminals they pray on single parents women who they can drug and rape along with their kids and sell the videos as child crime rape porn so until they kill me or someone steps in does the right thing and shuts them down im going to continue to be loud live outloud to expose them as much as i can. They need to be stopped if you dont stop them then you got nothing but the worst kind of criminals running the show and then you can just hang itnup at that point.

      • Oh and turn off wifi bluetooth check your apps that open these things on their own and run your cell in airplane mode as much as possible or go back and forth and refresh or factory reset alot. That way you can see how they come in. Just like the baby monitors that bad guys hack i to they do the same with cell phones your home computers. Until theres an entuty that can police this you have to police it and write and complain to everyone the FCC the FBI the NSA because theres a criminal element hacking you for a reason. Just remember everywhere you go they go so dont bank over wifi or if bluetooth is activated. Until you find out why just unplug for important stuff. These are lazy dont want to work criminals who would rather you worked mad3 your own way in life so they can step in and take what you earned. Take your family your life. And the only way to stop them is to live outloud make noise take screenshots post everything thats out of the norm so that theres a digital fingerprint. Mail stuff to yourself if it looks strange or wrong. And if your a bad guy at the end of the day right will always be right. And if your a bad guy as long as your not a child predator your not as bad as you think the police dont care the bottom line is good and bad have to decide who is the worst and come together to stop the worst and thats the child rapists and the people who protect them and allow them to hurt kids.

      • My pleasure. It is one thing to say the tactics we are subject to are noise- crowding – bad service – etc, but it does not really convey what is happening. Your descriptions are accurate and the best out there. When I read your blogs I think – yes that happened to me – there and there and there, and you usually point out something that I hadn’t noticed.

  14. yeah, but it’s not called mind-reading when they make sure that you know that they’re broadcasting your thoughts, because all that does is makes you think, whatever ya think ya “better not think” or whatever you think your stupid perps would probably want ya to think. and if that ain’t bad enough, they then specifically try to make you think 3-5 things that THEY want you to think, pretty much 5 days a week, for up to 6 years straight, so that they can get the thoughts that they want, steady messing with you, as they record the mind-reading. this is how the perps get to continue to have the ability to watch & track the target. why do ya think they always try to make ya think of a child’s name? they do it, so they can “record that thought”, an then try to use that thought-recording as a legitimate reason to be able to watch & track you. this is also how the perps get you bogusly classified as being a child molester by the way. actually, this is just part of the gang-stalking game. the reason that they try to get the targets bogusly classified as being child molesters, is so they can……. well actually i can’t say, but you should be able to figure it out. but anyway, the reason that it’s so easy for the perps to get the 3-5 thoughts that they want, steady messing with you, is because they make sure that the 3-5 things that they want you to think, are A) things that you know you better not think. B) stupid things that your perps want you to think. see, this is why they make sure that you know that they’re broadcasting your thoughts. they do this, because they know it’s gonna start making you think, whatever ya think ya better not think, or whatever stupid things that you think your perps would probably want ya to think. and then all they do is just start making it obvious to you, what they want you to think, repeatedly, for years, until they get the thoughts that they want, steady messing with you. they do this to try to get you bogusly classified, so that they can try to fuel the “ultimate hatred” with the gang-stalking, as well as to “set you up & frame ya” later on. so that they can watch you die a horrible death “through your eyes”.

    • and lots of the people that they use “organized gang-stalking” on, are the exact opposite of undesirables, but the reason that it seems this way, is because they try to make everybody think that you’re being watched because you’re “bad for the community”. and so how do they make everybody believe such an outlandish thing? because they use a piece of “misleading video” of something that you did. see, everybody does something in the privacy of they’re homes, that they think they can use to mislead people about you, and this is how they get everybody with gang-stalking. so my response to them is “well then let’s get everybody on the planet watched then, because you’ve already proved without a shadow of a doubt, on a global-level, that if you can watch somebody in they’re home, that within 9 months you can then make everybody else think that they need to be watched, with a piece of misleading video”.

    • Walmarts advertising department has better manipulation skills than all of these people do.seriously there pathetic and I’ve encountered the most immature adults in the last 3 years.99% of there tactics I’ve absorb like a sponge.

  15. The problem is implants. They are bion microstimulators they are implanted inside your body while you are drugged. The symptoms are EMS or electro muscle stimulation, the signal for the stimulators are brought to the sending unit by a cellphone signal (a microwave) this is the source of microwave hearing and synthetic telepathy the cell signal longevity is by a VOIP or Z-phone. In most cases it is not a government its a gang that is the source, if you contact your local FBI office and tell them that you have the same symptoms as Aaron Alexis they will be more receptive to our situation. I contacted the CIA and was treated with respect and they are looking into; it record all the information given in the electronic harassment, voice to skull and send it to the FBI in Washington D.C

    • One of the first places I went was the FBI 2 years ago. It was all psyops and the SA only let me talk for about 5 minutes before dismissing me. I have not been back since although I did send them an email after a man named William Durant (likely TI) had a standoff with the San Diego FBI office a few months ago. While he did this he was making calls to the media that he did not trust the police.

      • Yes there are many others. Sharing experiences with other TI’s has helped me take this a lot less personally. There are people all over the globe being treated the same as we are. They are my family now.

      • I will fight for all my rights. I am glad that other TI’s are speaking up too. Together we can make our voices heard. We need to stand up together today because tomorrow may be to late. My goal is to make as many people as possible to be aware of this horrible crime. I am not afraid.

    • I believe that one of this implant had been placed in to my left foot by West Oak Mental Hospital (while I was sedated). I was trying to remove this fiber like object from my toot but it was to sensitive and painful to touch. I contacted local FBI twice but each time I was ignored. Nobody BELIEVE MY STORY.

      • most people don’t know this, and I could get killed for telling you this, but it’s not the FBI who does this. actually, it’s a top secret agency called the “Phoenix division” or “PD13”. i,m sorry, but i can’t tell you anything else.

      • Wrong wrong wrong. This is what is going on

        You are a chosen one not a targeted individual. We’ve all been synced into a real life matrix. Study my blog and watch for more in the future.


  16. I would like to become spokesman for stoporgangstalking. I will speak with passion to protect innocent people and children from this horrible crime. I need your help. I am one of the innocent victim of this crime.

  17. This is going on in las Vegas Nevada and Lompoc California and I am a victim of it in both states and cities.I’m constantly followed by strangers everywhere I go and it has been orchestrated by the las Vegas Metro police department and the Lompoc California police department.

  18. I have been electronically harassed to my knowledge for about 18 months. I belive its for a personal vendetta I once read this is how a number of targets are targeted. At first it was just the what I know call simple voice to skull however they eventually stepped it up to reading my thoughts. The sad thing is my mom may be experiencing the same thing however from what I hear they are threatening her if she tells me in person or over the phone they will target someone else if my family. I still don’t now if they are truly doing this to my mom or its the neurophone mimicking her voice. Its terrible they tell her to kill herself and call me a childmolestor which is so discusting to me. If that isn’t enough her comes the part where I get told I’m stupid and the only reason
    think like this is because I was told by Cassidy Trujillo he was putting thought
    in my mind stupid of me to belive any thing they say because they would tell me people where rapping my mom and a bunch of other lies which because of my drug use would drive me completely crazy I’ve walked around knocked on peoples doors and the whole time people I’ve known my whole life where sitting somewhere monitoring and laughing at me. Excuse me for getting sidetracked on the mentioning of Cassidy by the way his sister karissa is the reason behind this vendetta I had owed her some money which I may add have paid her. I have done alot of research on this technology the last 2 months which was long overdue I once read that the monitors become more distrot by the content of the targets.

    thought once aimed at them this is happening due to silent subliminal messaging systems implanting
    discusting thoughts in my mind about her kids and her its very sad to me
    e nothing.
    one of the perp’s which I hate to call
    them that because I know who the people monitoring my thoughts are However I can’t find it in myself to expose there names well atleast not at this time even though my life is threatened on a day to day bases

    • After the e nothing as you can tell was something I planned on writting because I didn’t want to expose them however once again I was threatened and as I write this I’m continually being threatened I’m sure they will show a bunch of more people those disgusting thoughts which I may add I attempted suicide over and went to a crazy house were as like most of u was told nothing like this can be happening what a help that place was. My subconscious thoughts are so disturbing I can’t stand it this technology is so evil and has my monitors so convinced that no one is putting thoughts in my mind the only way they can live a normal life is if I’m dead crazy to me how someone could do this to there own family the lady mentioned above step grandmother from what I’ve been told gave her the technology in which caused so much

      pain and depression also nightmares

      however those may all be lies like I said I’ve been lied to so much I don’t now what to belive and as I write that they say or I might add Monique meshing Trujillo
      putting thoughts in my mind the on way they can live a normal life is if I’m dead thus my life is threatened on a day by day basis

      • see, every time they try to make people think that all these targets are child molesters ( which is complete BS by the way ), they try to make everybody think that they’re right. and one of the ways that they can do this, is simply pull up the 3-9% of targets who really are child molesters, and then say “see? we told ya that targets are child molesters, and here,s the proof”. so ya can’t give em an oppratunity to BS everybody with this world-class game. this is why i say “that’s funny, i never saw the targets that i pick, not you, screwing kids as you like to claim. and don’t knock on my door with any recorded dreams, misleading video, or the mind-reading trickery either”. see, to make a target look like a child molester with the mind-reading is actually very easy to do. it’s so easy to do, that even the inmates could do if. the problem is that this is the main way that they try to BS the inmates about the target, so they definitely ain’t gonna show the inmates how to do it. but basically all they do, is make sure that the target knows that they’re broadcasting the mind-reading to everybody on the internet, as well as into the heads of everybody around you with the V2K, and then what they do is spend all of they’re time studying the best way to make ya think, what THEY want ya to think, as they also make sure that ya see, whatever THEY think, will make you think, what THEY want ya to think, pretty much every chance that they get, for the first 7-10 years of gang-stalking, as they sit on they’re computers recording the mind-reading, collecting & stockpiling the specific thoughts that they spend all of they’re time trying to create & re-create, 4-5 days a week, for 7-10 years straight. this is how they keep the child molesting thoughts steady messing with you, as they try to mislead everybody ( including the inmates in the prison ) about you, with the mind-reading. see how easy it is?

      • Kevin don’t give up. Get YOUR MIND BUSY. I STARTED SINGING, I became the BEST of the BEST. OGS don’t give up easily, they want YOU to hurt YOURSELF. You not alone, I am being gang stalked for many months already. I’m fighting this crime. I may need YOU. LOVE ,😇😇😇

    • yeah, they’re trying to make me look like a child molester with the mind-reading too ( in conjunction with any video, or recorded dreams that they acquire throughout 10 years of 24hr recording, that they think they can use to mislead others about me too ). ya know why they do this? they do it so they can make everybody think that they’re doing a “good thing” when they bring the organized gang-stalking into the prison, and give the inmates the legal right to kill you, while everybody watches you die under the hidden prison cams that they install before you get there. actually, once they get the thoughts that THEY want, steady messing with you, they then let the inmates watch you, as they broadcast the mind-reading into the prison. the mind-reading is the main way that they make all the inmates think that you’re a child molester. they spend about 2 years trying to make all the inmates hate you, before you even get there. that’s how they make the inmates think that they’re doing a “good thing” when they give em the legal right to slaughter you, as they sit on they’re computers & watch you die a horrible, bloody, prison death, under hidden prison cams & “through your eyes”. see, they’re well skilled at making anybody look like a child molester, because i,m a 9.5 year target of organized gang-stalking, and sexually i,ve always been like a TY toy-banging tranny, but yet they’re very easily making people in the community, as well as all the inmates in the prison think that i,m a child molester too. organized gang-stalking is world-class deception. it’s world-class trickery, specifically designed to make everybody think that you’re. A) bad for the community. B) bad employee. C) child molester. D) a low-life. E) and that you have a mental disorder, such as paranoid schizophrenia. good luck cherub angel friend….

      • Whatever the case for anyone being watched or harassed or stalked or a 24 hour video feed lol to watch or embarrasse the person is funny.Once these people exploit your secrets then there’s nothing left for them too do.We all have embarrassing moments and behind closed doors also I could care less about all that.If its entertainment for them then who cares.I don’t live a crime life anymore and would never do drugs again.I just do my best to stay out the way.If my life is funny,,,at times its funny to me too..We all make mistakes..

      • yeah but they’re not exposing your secrets. they’re spending all they’re time studying the best way, to make you think, what they want you to think, as they record the mind-reading. and they’re also making it obvious to you, what they want you to think, every chance they get, to try to get the thoughts that they want, messing with you. and once they record one of those thoughts that they spend all of they’re time trying to create, they then use those “thought recordings” to try to justify why they should be allowed to keep you under 24hr electronic OR electronic and satellite surveillance.

      • It’s not funny at all sorry, especially when the mimicking morphs into sexual harassment. When they try to act like it’s cute and funny it’s called “double bind” and it makes the perp associate pleasure with inflicting psychological torture on targets. It is psychopathic. THis is why a lot of the gestures/ mimicking/ street theater gets very sexual.

    • One thing you have to realize is these people are absolutely no better than us.What they think there doing is right in there minds.Its not right,Invasion of privacy is illegal, they are like undercover peeping toms,its like they gather every person that is a stalker and send them out to watch you.Wen your in a place of bizz then they go there with the plan to be just there but in reality they are there to watch you.The Lompoc California police department Has neighborhood watch and offender watch and wives of officers and there family members watching me.Its funny to me because they rotate people I’ve never seen before to watch me but I notice them instantly. I’m not against watching a person that is out committing criminal activity but if a person isn’t doing what they think they are doing or isn’t what you thought the person was then leave that individual alone.Tracking a person activities through there IP address on there cellphone is called internet stalking.If a person is doing something illegal trust and believe authorities know they are and will make contact with that person especially on a computer. If your a internet stalker and you work for the police department then you need to have a mental evaluation done.Your no better than the peeping tom peeping through someone’s window with out that persons knowledge. The Lompoc police department has violated so many of my rights its pathetic. But would be more than happy to take me to jail if I break the law but there detectives are constantly breaking laws,neighborhood watch breaks laws constantly. These people try to take pictures of you while a child is in view to have you in the same picture.SMH these people do want they can to keep you being watched. Its a shame wen you mind your own bizz how they force themselves in your line of sight wen your not even interested. These people are literally desperate. So the Lompoc Police department can keep tracking my web usages, know where I go,use your neighborhood stalkers,make your pathetic indirect comments, have your kids focus there attention around me as if I’m some sick fuck in which I’m not,give out my private info,slander me do all of what you want,made me known to every stalker in your organization wen I don’t do anything wrong.I got kids,sons and daughters I’m against sick shit too.

      • organized gang-stalking means that the f.b.i. or c.i.a. has you under surveillance, because they suspect that you’re guilty of a crime, or linked to people who are guilty. but they don’t just conduct surveillance on you, they also let everybody in you’re community secretly watch you with the electronic surveillance as well ( in an attempt to embarrass & humiliate you, as much as possible ). and when the people in the community, who are under sworn secrecy, never to tell ya that they’re letting everybody watch you, ask why you’re being watched, the f.b.i. or c.i.a. just feeds em a crock. they don’t really care what crock it is. just any crock will do, because usually people are dumb enough to believe it. so if the f.b.i. makes everybody think that you’re being watched because you pick your nose & flick your boogers, you’d be surprised just how many people will actually believe it. NOTE: so yes, they do let everybody watch you with the surveillance ( which also includes 24hr mind-reading, see what you see, and hidden cams, by the way ), but they never disclose the real reason that you’re being watched. it’s real simple. you’re being watched, because the f.b.i. or c.i.a. has you under 24hr surveillance because they suspect you’re guilty of a crime. i think they have much more of a desire to completely destroy these people with the surveillance though, instead of just conducting a little surveillance and presenting they’re case. and they also bring the organized gang-stalking into the prison as well, so that your perps can sit behind they’re computers & tell the inmates what to do & say, with the V2K ( as a way that the perps can continue to torment you, in the prison, even after they present they’re district court case ). this is why they try to get targets bogusly classified as being child molesters first. they do it, so that they can try to justify why they should be allowed to keep the target under 24hr electronic & satellite surveillance, even after they present they’re district court case, which allows them to watch you in the prison. and the perps really love this, because now they get to torment you in the prison, 24/7 ( via they’re V2K commands to the inmates ) as they watch all the drama through you’re eyes, and under the same hidden cams. and then the f.b.i. or c.i.a. will give the inmates the legal right to kill you, with blades, socks, shanks, etc, so that your perps can get entertained watching ya die a horrible, bloody, prison death, under hidden cams, and through your eyes. this is how the f.b.i. and c.i.a. kills a lot of these targets, as they also make everybody think that they’re doing a good thing. and in case you’re wondering how in the hell they make people in the community, and the inmates in the prison think that you’re a child molester, they do it with lies, rumors, mind-reading, misleading video. actually, most targets don’t know this, but once they get the thoughts that THEY want, steady messing with you, they’ll then start broadcasting your thoughts into the prison ( they’ll let all the inmates listen to the mind-reading ). this is one of the ways that they mislead the inmates about the target, using this “world class, organized gang-stalking trickery”.

  19. One clever gangstalkers almost tricked me into letting a neurologist map my brain…it was done in a very clever way to appear as flattery…once something is in a database any hacker or common criminal doctor could get it…you have to assume these folks are total psychopaths to do that to someone looking at your list….and when i did have it done via mri years before the doctor was evasive and never showed me my brain…means during a nose job they stuck a chip in me ill bet…no use trying to avade satallites i guess…one day ill blow my nose and some chip will come out….it isnt to benefit people…they think b f skinner and animal abuser pavlov arepioneers of something…psychopathy?

  20. A bit like rosemarys baby i think…all here are witches….anyway no one will help you….if its makes you feel any better perps commit suicide and go to jail alot….so while the higher up perps may escape justice…most perps have horrible lives of alcoholism child porn and suicide…even some murders…heck ira levin has a whole genre like this…stepford wives is on my short list….

  21. Video eh? Like that arnie flick the running man? Or the fugitive with harrison ford? My feeling is if people are this idiotic im pretty indifferent to their thoughts about stuff…theyve proven their gulliable sheep who would sell their own mother for a dollar. Can such degenerates even be redeemed by jesus? I sure hope so 🙂

  22. I have been gang stalked by my brothers for at least the past two years, there names are benji and otto arslanovski my phone # is 817-863-9273 they have taken my life from me, it won’t stop until my death, please help

  23. Please visit and subscribe to my You Tube channel ‘OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity’ with videos showing evidence of my Electronic Harassment , it also has TWO interesting PLAYLISTS of Dr John Halls Interviews and Celebrity Targeted Indviduals

  24. Jeff F is telling the truth,
    They view me though my mind, they watch me type, read, study, my daily life, they watch me to go the bathroom, shower, they are perverts and parasites, they invaded my mind and try to control my mind and my body, They tried to frame me for a child-molester but they are the ones whose spam websites is computer porn, They have psychologically tortured, harassed and murdered me for the last three years. Can the Universe, Holy Spirit or God of the Universe help us, and testify of the truth and deliver us from these sick fucks, They are absolutely psychopathic and insane. I think they even molested me as a child, when I was young in my basement electronic technology I had something systematically destroy my mind, Like when the CIA does interrogation they attempt to psychologically break and destroy the mind, sleep deprivation, try to get people to confess to crimes never even committed in reality. They attempt to get people to believe in duality and a false reality, that way when the victim of these perpetrators (I am a victim of V2K, Voice to Skull, Satanic Ritual Abuse and Electronic Harassment and Torture, They constantly belittle you, criticize you, make up lies about you, and when you tell the truth about them and what they are doing, They claim you’re the one dishing out the abuse, I’ve suffered at their hands and this abuse for years of my life, I haven’t dished out even an inch of this abuse, I have no technology, I wish for actual proof that this harassment takes place, That way they can be brought to Justice, I asked the God of all Grace to give us all Grace and Truth, MERCY and PEACE and Eternal Salvation and Eternal Life though and By Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, but no help, no avail, I wish not to burden my family or my friends, but I practically have no way to even defend, It’s not enough you cannot keep away these kind of people with your word, or your truth or your pen, They are sinister, sadistic, voyeuristic perverts and I wish that God shuts them down once and for good. Amen.

    • they will spend all of they’re time studying the best way to make you “think” what THEY want you to think. and once they figure this out, they will make sure that you see those particular items, words, phases, musical tracks, everyday throughout gang-stalking, in an attempt to not only get the thoughts that they want, steady messing with you, as they broadcast the mind-reading, but to keep the thoughts that they want steady messing with you. the #1 thing that they want you to think, is a child’s name. the #2 thing that they want you to think, is a word like fish or tuna. the #3 thing that they want you to think, is the name of a messed up person. if they can get these 3 specific thoughts steady messing with you, as they broadcast the mind-reading, they figure that they SHOULD be able to make anybody think that you’re a messed-up, child molester with the mind-reading. this allows them to get you black-listed as a child molester, and allows your perp group to sit back & act like they got a permanent, legitimate reason to be able to keep you under 24hr E & S, so that they can get entertained sitting behind they’re computers & shutting-down everything in your life that makes em jealous, as well as continue to maintain the entertainment by steady telling everybody around you, what to do & say, with the V2K ( like cough, etc ).

  25. Anybody who can read who has eyes to see, Can even see in my own words, my own innocence and goodness, and the proof that these kinds of people exist and have perpetrated this abuse on us, and the very taboo, (forbidden, hated, shunned, outrage of the topics these people choose, and try to frame all of us for, are the very people who actually do this abuse, The abusers wants the world to think we are sickos, we know the abusers are sickos, but nobody believes us, their victims, May the Very God of Peace crush Satan beneath your feet, and Encourage, Strengthen, Settle and Establish Us with Pure Wisdom, Pure Grace, Merciful Mercy, Truthful Truth, And Peaceful Peace = Eternal Life void of Decease for me, But not for them. Amen.

    • yeah, i know what the problem is. the problem is that they WILL NOT permanently remove the goddamn E & S from the trouble-making perp groups hands. you can’t even go 1 week, without seeing things that your perp group wants you to think, as they “record & broadcast the 24hr mind-reading. people like commander soul sit at home on they’re computers, talking about “don’t worry curtis, i got you’re back! now run more BLANK, BLANK, and more BLANK! and continue recording! ! ! ! ! “.

      • How do you make sure that you aren’t deceived by misinformation?
        Do you believe God? or the Spirit of truth?
        the 24/7 electronic harassment and electronic monitoring and the record they want to force and keep you bound to, is a lie,
        I have read that from countless amount of people, they always try to frame us for child abuse, rape, or murder, any heinous crime that justifies their abuse, rape and murder of us, it would be funny, if they weren’t doing exactly what they accuse us of, They are the ones responsible for the crimes they have accused me of. they molested me spiritually, raped me mentally and murdered my good name and life. Even if they paid me for what they broke and stole, it wouldn’t be enough, Only God can repay me, hopefully Spiritually, what they stole.

    • Hang in there… God IS watching and waiting to strike. Have faith the end is near. I am telling the truth that through the midst of me exposing the unspeakable harassment they cast upon me, God showed me that He is watching… I can’t even begin to explain but they definitely know and are scared. One perp at the mental hospital they had me admitted to even admitted to me hiding under his kitchen table during a crazy thunderstorm thinking the world was going to end… if you are blameless then you have nothing to fear. I am at the point of suicide because that’s exactly what they want… and I will give it to them. God is not objecting so I can only assume I will be forgiven. There is no future for me here and I am OK with that. Suicide to me has become a permanent solution to a permanent problem… there is no escaping them and they will never stop. They closed down an entire state park on flag day because they thought I was planning on hiding one of the bugs in my home (planted in a fire strobe) that I took off my wall (never alerting the monitoring company after removal). They were soooo obvious with their flash mobs and street performance it wasn’t even funny. I went to one of the most popular bars in town around supper time and it was completely empty… on a beautiful Saturday holiday. Knowing the owners, they fessed up to something very strange going on in their small town (Starved Rock.. Utica, IL). I didn’t even have the bug with me but made sure I let them think I did… just to see what they were capable of. They even had a staged car wreck blocking a kayak put in that I normally use. I can go on and on about all the glaring anomalies that went on that day but after I was sure that I had evidence they wanted, I called 911 to report ‘someone’ stealing my fire strobe. Three officers ended up on the scene and one was stupid enough to ask if ‘they’ did anything with the sprinklers… so after they left I checked the sprinklers and there were spy cameras in them. I already was on to them tapping my cell but this was solid proof. I don’t even know the extent of what was done to me other than what I personally witnessed but I felt the entire weight of it all once I figured it out. On another occasion, the police lied and said I was suicidal so I was admitted to a mental hospital… after they locked me up in the hospital without explaining what was going on, drawing 7 vials of blood and then drugging me. I lost my job as well… #1 sales and running the top branch in the company. Knowing the truth is better? but realizing the sickness of it all I somewhat envy those who are naive. So after realizing the entire community and surrounding areas were all in on it, I sold my home and fled my life… this was ~ 3 months ago and I am certain they are still listening and with pleasure, they can all watch me die. I have no emotion to how everyone will feel because they were either in on it at one point or willfully ignorant to what was being done to me. Because no one will come forward I will join my brother… they forced him to commit suicide in 2012. After it was known to the police that he was suicidal with a gun relayed specifically by his wife that if the police come to the house he will end his life… instead of sending someone to talk peace, they sent 2… yes, 2 swat teams to surround his house. Needless to say, he pulled the trigger. I am now 100% happy he is at peace no matter how upset I was at the time. They actually have no control or power… and yes, they think they are just doing their jobs because they are trying to make THEIR world a better place and putting themselves at an eagles’ eye view makes them feel better. In fact they are scared… I saw it in some of the perps faces when I wasn’t reacting how they wanted me to. It doesn’t matter anyways… I have forgiven what was done to me but I will not continue to be part of their experiment. I have no place on this sick disgusting planet.

  26. May Our Prayer, That The God of All Comfort be with thee stay true.
    May the God of all Grace give you all grace and truth, be true.
    May God of all Grace have Mercy upon you all, give you rest on every side, true relief, and Deep, Understanding Peace and Eternal Life Void of decease.
    May the God of all Comfort fill you with all grace, all truth, all mercy, all peace, all comfort, all light, all life, all joy, all spirit, all faith, hope and Charity. Blessed be the God of all Comfort, and may Our Merciful God Father Bless thee.

  27. I too have been a victim for over 10 years all over a person who must be “God-like” to be protected by law enforcement ! However, my values and views(the person that I am) will never change! I stand my ground and can tolerate because I believe and will believe always in the power of “God!” This retaliation to cover up criminal activity by high standing officials is truly a shame! America is and will never again be free! We the citizens have no real rights because they have been taken by these monster who have high ranking positions to cover up corruption and when there’s evidence in one person they decide to try their torture methods to shut the person up! The truth will always be the truth!!

    • I know exactly who is doing this to me and why! After so many reports I know that no one is going to help me or investigate the matter even though I was involved in a huge scandal. This is sad and I have completely lost all my rights as a human being and no one wants to help me! These people can murder you remotely as none of my vehicles work because I am talking about this!

      • Alicia N. (Cia) in your name, If you are suffering the same thing as I am, then you probably are worried and wondering who I can trust, It is true I think that it is people in government and black spy operations, they also listen to my thoughts, I think a lot of people in America even globally are bought off. You do not need to fight for the Truth, Let the Truth defend and protect You. I am going to share Mantra and prayer with you my friend and let you know that I am with you. I have suffered this kind of abuse for 3+ years and I think they are really cowards.
        For You, My Blessed friend.

        Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
        I Bow to the subtle divine wisdom within, the divine teacher within.
        I Bow to the Sat Guru, the True Master within.
        He Is the Source of all Life, He Loves You and will never let them win.

        Aap sohaaee hoaa
        sachae daa sacha dhoaa, Har, Har, Har.
        The Lord Himself has become my protector.
        The Truest of the True has taken care of me, To Him be Glory.

        Aum Namah Shiva,
        the Higher Power is within You and will protect you.
        May all beings be enlightened.
        May all beings be set free.
        May all beings be released from suffering.
        Om. Mani. Pad. Me. Hum.
        May all beings be blissful.
        May grace and truth prevail, and let them all fail, that they may be ashamed.
        May mercy and peace surround you.
        May all comfort be freely given you.
        May true undisturbed peace and rest dwell within your Heart.

        Ek Ong Kar Satgur Prasaad.
        Sat Gur Parsaad Ek Ong Kaar
        God and We are One.
        I Know this by the Grace of the True Guru.
        I Know this by the Grace of the True Guru.
        That We and God are One.
        Lightness of being, Reverse all negative in to positive, all curses in to blessings.
        Release all darkness and reveal it to the Light.

        Aadee Shaktee, namo, namo
        Sarab Shaktee, namo, namo,
        Pritham Bhagavatee, namo, namo,
        Kundalinee, Mataa Shaktee, namo, namo.
        I bow to the primal power,
        I bow to the all encompassing power and energy.
        I bow to the power through which God manifests.
        I bow to that creative power of the Kundalini, the Divine Mother Power.
        Guroo Guroo Whahae guroo guroo ram das guroo
        May miracles manifest in your presence.

        May the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, Be With You.

        Om. Mani. Pad. Me. Hum.
        The Jewel is in the Lotus,
        May the Auspicious, Enlightened One, be With You.

        Har Har Mukanada
        Liberates True Self, confusion to clarity,
        Challenges become opportunity for growth.

        Har singh nar singh neel naraayan,
        guroo Sikh guroo singh har har gayan,
        Wha-hae guroo wha-hae guroo, har har dhiayan,
        saakhat nindak dusht mathayan.
        God the protector take care of the Universe.
        Those who live in God’s consciousness and power chant Har, Har.
        Meditate on Wahe Guru and Live in That Ecstasy.
        Those who vibrate Gods name relate to God and are cleared of all obstacles.

        Wahe Guru = Eternal YOU.
        Sat Guru = True You.
        Samhadi = Third Heaven your true Home.
        Your Consciousness is truly blissful.
        Your Being, Is Eternal YOU are TRUE.
        Your Consciousness is manifested to enjoy Ananda (Bliss)
        You are that Sat-Chit-Ananda.
        I Pray that Wahe Guru and Your Sat Guru Give grace, mercy, peace, light, spirit, relief, help, protection, guidance, guardian, wisdom, knowledge, power, Eternal Life, Salvation, deliverance, uplifting, freedom, liberty, bliss, pleasure, ecstasy, purity, nobility, honor, beauty, glory, and all good things to You, My Friend.

  28. Hello all! I have stalked and relentlessly harassed via electronic weapons, ceaseless V2K, remote neural monitoring, gang stalking, surveillance, and more for going on 3 years now (as far as I know, at least). In my case, the same three human voices use v2k to verbally harass me at all hours day and night – that is the main form of terrorism against me. Since the beginning, they have made it seem like my neighbors were involved in the harassment. I have no idea how many of them (throughout the various placed I have lived) were involved. They use voice projections to make it sound like neighbors are talking about me or that strangers are outside of my house seeking me out. They have used voices to imitate members of my family, even. Better examples of psychopaths really could not be found! The use noise harassment on me all the time. Some examples of this include loud creaking sounds like someone is walking on my roof, artificial bird chirping outside my windows, sirens of all sorts, and directed conversations mentioning my private details. They perps have told me since the beginning that they would make me into a “pedophile” and possibly frame me for crimes I have obviously never committed. I never believe a word they say. Nothing they have ever told me has been based on reality. The V2K perps use lisps, mis-pronunciation of vowels such as “R’s, and imitate children’s voices to taunt me (which they don’t succeed in). The child theme is a mainstay in my case. They also tell me they will never let me have children on my own and imply they are targeting my reproductive functions to halt pregnancy. They threaten me, saying that they want to see me alone and homeless. With me, they also use remote neural monitoring which results in “synthetic telepathy,” and exhibit this by repeating my thoughts. There is no plan I can hatch unbeknownst to these criminals. As a result of the RNM, they will always be one step ahead of me. I realized they were using RNM in the beginning weeks when they started showing signs of knowing what I was thinking about (telling me via V2k, of course). I became depressed, extremely fearful, anxious and insolated. I reached a point where I tried to do myself in. I am still here, thankfully. Sadly, I realize now that I fell into their trap by harming myself. That is exactly what these criminals want from us victims. They want us to end up dead by our own hand, alone, homeless or isolated from anyone else. Truly, these pathetic cowards must know the depths of their sickness. Fortunately, I still have a great partner and a close family. Although no one close to me has been able to understand nor fathom that I am being stalked and harassed using the most invasive tactics known to mankind. I no longer try to explain these things to them and am forced to pretend like nothing is happening. Until recently, I was dealing with the harassment privately and alone, but now I am in contact with a few other victims. Speaking out to others about my personal story has been healing for me. Although I am still targeted 24 hours a day with V2K and electronic weapons (resulting in lots of negative symptoms), I no longer feel hopeless. My email address is if anyone would like to email me and share their story or compare experiences. There is really no way to shield oneself from these advanced tactics/technologies, but I can honestly say that talking about it with others makes you feel better!

    • How can any of us who are actually targets ever have peace?
      God of all Grace can probably make a way.
      That is why I put prayers on this page, I Hope That The Prayers Manifest Here,
      Now, in the Universe. God of all Grace gave us his Son Jesus Christ, Grace and Truth, the Spirit of truth will guide you in to all truth. God of all grace, is all grace, all mercy and all peace and all comfort, even these people, Who only do this to us because they have suffered cycles of abuse, we can break the cycle, By being made (state of being) graceful, merciful, peaceful, strong, brave, truthful, honest, God of all Grace can help you, he will not upbraid you, or condemn or punish; Even

      The Holy Bible
      James 1:5 says If any of us Lack wisdom,
      Ask God who give to all liberally and ubraideth not and it will be given to you.
      He will not scold or revile, He will give you grace, mercy, peace, pure wisdom, pure light,

      He is the Father of Jesus Christ, Who is the Prince of Peace, The Gift of God in Romans 6:23 “the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of God is Eternal Life thought Jesus Christ our Lord.

      Jesus Christ, we pray humbly before you, and acknowledge you’re the master, not us, Teach us, to be grace us, merciful (full of mercy) truthful, peaceful, loving, charitable, faithful, hopeful, joyful, Spiritual, Godly, Loving Truth. Loving the Universe, That You Made for Us, Your Father made the Universe for You and Us to Enjoy Unity with God, like your prayer said, Father, I Pray that they we be One, even as You and I are One, That We would Know Jesus Christ is within us, and that We would Realize God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is now all of our Spiritual Father, whom adopted us spiritually In to his Heavenly Family, Grace To You, Mercy and Peace, from God, our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, is Grace from the Father of Jesus Christ and the Lord of the Universe. He wants to give us Eternal Life for free, Check the Holy Bible out, KJV is supposed to be the 7th of the

      7th. 7 Sat-ur-day is Holy, That is the Day of God’s Eternal Rest, It’s like an Eternal Sun; Fully Enlightened Universe, Full of Purest Positive, Clearest, Cleanest, Most Beautiful Energy, There is Only Grace, Mercy and Peace, no fear, no war, no vanity or fame, no numbers, or names or mind games. Only the Purest, Highest Peace that One Can Obtain, Which is really Just Receiving. I receive the Truth directly to my Fingers from the Spirit that lives inside me, That Spirit, The Holy Spirit of God is a gift that is given to You, By Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, God’s Son. God of all Grace, Jesus Christ = Spirit of truth, Give’s You Grace and Truth; Author and the Father of Mercies, the Father of Lights, Every good and perfect gift is from Above, from the Father of Lights, God, Our Father, Whom Art In Heaven, Hallowed, Be Thy Name, Thy Eternal Kingdom and Glory Comes; Our Eternal Salvation and Eternal Life are Found in You and Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank You For Being Our Best Friend, Our Greatest Helper, and our Truest Friends.

      I Leave a Wish for all beings in the Universe, That the Eternal God’s Grace and Truth, Mercy and Peace are Given to You All; And That You Receive Eternal Life and Peace with God through Jesus Christ our Savior,

      God bless You All; Truly.

      • Mason, I appreciate the prayer here however I have to admit it seems a little like you may be mocking us victims. Because for myself and others that are victimized so invasively and relentlessly, prayer is simply not enough. Exposure & identification of the criminals is what needs to happen if we are going to have a chance of stopping this within our lifetimes.

      • I am not mocking you, I’m also a victim, targeted, I suffer with you the same, so I definitely am not mocking you. I also agree about getting names, exposing gangs talking and identification, I just believe prayer is more powerful than worrying. Did anything I posted help? or not?

        What have you done to find mental relief?

      • I pray also, a lot. My faith in God is stronger than ever and it was my rock when I had nothing and no one to turn to in the beginning. I believe good will prevail but a lot of people are going to get hurt in the process. I have also turned to meditation, mindfulness based stress reduction, and CCT (Compassion Cultivation Training). This included a few one day retreats. I practiced yoga for 10 years before my targeting turned heavy and I do believe just the simple act of yogic breathing can get you through a lot. “I am worthwhile because I breathe, I feel, I am alive.” Although I feel conflicted about yoga now and I have stopped formal practice. I prefer to exercise outdoors only now for the added benefit of nature. Healing PTSD has been slow but steady. Getting out for some type of group event or class once a week is good, even if I am perped. If it involves a subject you really enjoy you will still walk away feeling you gained more than you lost.

      • Hi Mason, thanks for the reply. Basically, I find my mental relief in keeping a regular schedule. Trying to get enough sleep, getting to work on time, eating healthy, etc. I also find goodness in my volunteer work I do once a week at an animal shelter. I shower my own pets with attention and care, this helps me feel better. I practice kindness and thoughtfulness when dealing with my boyfriend and family. I try to avoid the agitation they are always attempting to cause by ignoring anything weird I encounter on the street. I take good care of myself in an way I can. I LOVE cooking for my boyfriend and pre-make our work lunches. I also like clothes shopping (although I can’t spend much money). Let’s see, it does make me feel better knowing that I am doing a good job at work and don’t face the threat of losing my job. I also get some pleasure out of spiting my harassers in any way I can. I can spite them simply by being happy each day. Since I am in v2k communication (and remote neural monitoring) communication with my perps (24-7) I can also verbally spite them by naming them as the criminal freaks they are and will always be. I don’t believe a word they say, ever and because of this, they are unable to harass my as viciously as they once did. Since I do not believe they have an “real” power over me or any of their other victims, for that matter, they are often at a loss with how to psychologically mess with me. I tend to ignore their wild tales and bullying. They like to verbally abuse me, but I think it’s funny because their rampant attempts at abuse prove to me just how desperate and pathetic these criminal assholes are 🙂 That’s how I get by. Do you have V2K, as well?

      • stopogs, and a victim,
        I know what you say is true.
        are you two different people?
        the fact about this happening to all of you is blessed.
        we should see it as an opportunity for Sat Guru, True God’s Grace, Mercy and Peace to manifest. You all are very blessed and the True God desires to keep you and save you, and he will do that, he knows and hears all prayer, and sees all things, Nothing is hidden from him, seen or unseen, He is not mean or cruel, He is Merciful, Pure Light, Perfect Love, and That is where I, and You, all Come from;
        I Pray that his all present comfort envelops you, and embraces you like a warm blanket. I have faith he will keep all of you alive. Jesus Christ is still alive, By the Grace of God, and that is the reason I prayed for the Prince of Peace to be manifest and be with You, So He can give you Mercy and Peace. Truly, anybody with experience of them, knows they are extremely pathetic, sadistic, but don’t let them bring you down, they already lost their crown, Your Crown is one of Eternal Glory. The Whole Universe is a song and a story of the True God’s Glory, He called you in to Being, He dwells Within You; And the True You, Your Immortal Self and Being. I Hope That Being is Awakened within You all, Enlightens You, Releases you from all negativity, and blesses you double with glory and beauty, and freedom, Eternal Salvation is Yours. All I ask, Humbly before the True God, and True Guru, is that He Blesses You, and Gives you all good things, and reminds and shows you, that you are His, and nobody else’s possessions. I have also found, Chanting Mantra, ignoring them, Letting them confuse themselves, True Sat Guru takes care of All of the Universe and every body, Let them destroy and confuse themselves, They want to take us with them, and unfortunately in time they shall learn that’s not the way Life goes, So; Fear not anybody; God clothes even the grass, He will clothe you, fear not the schemes of these proud psychopathic men, God will deal with them, keep your self humble, and keep receiving His Grace. God is His Grace. and His Grace is God, and We are all One. May the Sun enlighten fully your mind and awaken energies within you that work miracles, power, Spiritual truth and your Immortal True Identity, Then nobody will ever be able to walk all over you or bother you, and all these people, who have tortured us without cause, will be ashamed. and they will be without a name, Because they decided to play a murder game and tried to Murder us first and wished we would be cursed, But the Whole Universe Is Manifest, and the Sat Guru wishes You all To be Blessed, So I Do, as he Asks, Because It’s pleasing for me to partake of divinity, grace, mercy and peace and Spiritual truth, Therefore all Good things of God that I’ve been given, I pray are also given and transmitted directly to You. God Bless You. Truth Keep You.

      • Ah! you are the first poster on this page!
        I wish that you receive publicity world wide and people see that there really is a conspiracy to commit genocide and drive innocent civilians to suicide.
        I tried to law abide, but I received no help.

        That Is why I now have faith and trust in a Higher Power.

        and Wished the same for you, that a Merciful Higher Power would Keep you Alive and Bless You! and Let the Truth be released, the people who do this are contrary to all people and have no decency,

        they are already as soulless drones, So I wish you Spiritual, Immortal, Eternal Life, I Truly Do Believe That God will reward you for telling the truth,

        and I pray the God of all Comfort is with all of you and blesses You with Mercy and Peace. Thank you for sharing your website with me, I am not sure that doing more research on this subject will help me. Do you know the reason these people decided to torture and experiment and inflict this kind of abuse?
        Does our government even know about this level of abuse that happens to it’s citizens everyday? Once all of this is disclosed, and I am certain it will be,
        I wonder why the government allows people to use technology to perpetrate this kind of abuse.

        Perhaps it’s not the governments fault we can’t always count or hope big brother will be there to save us. We can hopefully learn that there is a Higher Power that can save us, and perhaps learn to stay free and psychologically healthy.

        Have you ever tried to report this abuse and find out who is behind this? What group or organization does this to you and me?

      • when it comes to this topic, there are specific things that they don’t want everybody knowing, and that’s one of those things.

  29. I have been a victim of organised gang stalking for more than three years. They have used me to make hundreds of millions of dollars whilst they starved me to death. I was abused, humiliated and starved. Whilst they used me to make money all over the place. They raped my documents and every part of my life to make millions of dollars for other people. I was not included and I was starved to death.

  30. Please sign my petition to stop corporate RNM and organized gangstalking ive been a TI for 10 months compliments of Boeing, North Charleston, South Carolina, in which i reported an ethics violation against me when i worked for them,and in reprisal they have used this against me since that day.

    • i don’t wanna get involved with any of this stuff, but you said you reported an ethics violation? can you tell me exactly what you reported? what? did somebody say or do something to you, that you thought was discriminating or something? could you tell me what happened between you & that other employee? cause it’s important to get the fine details from stories like yours.

  31. WARNING!
    Disinformation sites: FFCHS, OSI plus plus.
    Thanx wordpress for the ligament links.
    I’m not a criminal or a terrorist.
    I’ve been a TI 4 yrs and it’s community based and government sponsored.
    FBI, I’ve called, wrote and went in person to a deaf ear.
    I’ve exhausted all venues: political, media, humanitarian etc.
    Corrupt Police
    Corrupt Police
    Corrupt Police
    FBI – InfagGard

  32. Gang stalking is not what u think. See if this helps. It’s the next step in our evolution. We’ve been synchronized into a real life matrix. Watch The Truman Show and The Matrix movies and study my blog.


  33. Everybody is wrong about this stalking phenomenon. It’s actually God synchronizing us in a real life matrix in order to get our attention. I’m 100% correct about this.
    Study my blog at


    • yeah, of course we are. that’s why i actually “witnessed” how some jackass i know, got them to unleash organized gang-stalking on me, and then noticed that a lot of other people got targeted for the same, exact, reason that i did. and then noticed that they’re spreading the same, ole, child molester LIE on every one of us. uh ummm…

    • i would like to hear targets tell me about the “specific thoughts” that they try to make lots of targets “think” throughout organized gang-stalking. and how they eventually try to re-create those particular thoughts using colors alone.

  34. they try to make people think that targets are child molesters in a bunch of clever different ways. why? because not only does that particular LIE allow your perp group to be allowed to continue to watch you in the community & inside the prison ( even though they have no legitimate reason to do so ). but they also get to tell everybody around you to harass you with the V2K. the child molester LIE allows them to try to justify why they should be allowed to bring they’re organized gang-stalking into the prison. so that all the trouble-makers that the target knows, can get seriously entertained paying-off all the inmates to harass the target with the V2K. and then they give the inmates in the prison the “legal right” to murder the target. and the inmates think that they’re doing a good thing too, because all the trouble-makers that the target knows spent like 2 years trying to make the inmates not like the target, as well as trying to make em think that the target is a child molester as well, before they even get the target in the prison. so, not only do they use the ole, child molester LIE to try to create a permanant bogus ass crock as to why they feel they should be able to watch & track you in the community, but that particular LIE also allows all the trouble-makers that the target knows to be able to continue to watch the target with the surveillance, even AFTER they present they’re case, which then allows all those jack-asses to watch the targets in the prison. and then the real fun begins, because then they get to pay-off all the inmates to harass you, via they’re V2K requests to them. and then all the trouble-makers that the target knows can sit behind they’re computers & get entertained watching the target get murdered in the prison “through the targets eyes” as well as through various other hidden cams & listening devices. NOTE: and i was just joking about the “Phoenix division. PD13” post that i left in one of my other comments.

  35. Physical body Electronagnetic, laser, microwave, scalar, nanochips, nanotissues and microchips were using to humiliate, abuse, torture, harm, degrade, distract, handicap creation, murder, sabotage, damage my woman body and attempted transform my woman body into man constantly doing that 24/7 for decade until today.
    Mental human dignity they used chemical and Psychotronic weapons and both subconscious invasion to do mind control for decades until today!!!!!!!
    Deprived life!!!!!!!!!

  36. I am victim to this Targeted Individual both mental and physical for decades under 24/7 mechanism humiliated, tortured, abused, degraded, distracted, harmed, murdered, sabotaged, and damaged my woman body, attempted to transform my woman body into man for their pleasure and their punishment!!!!!!!!!!
    Human dignity, Mind Control by their chemical, microchips, nanochips, nano tissues, invaded both subconscious and Psychotronic weapons!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Ive been gang stalked all my life inttermitently.
    I noticed that gang stalkers hate people who do well and who they see frequently. The target is expected to keep themselves in doors otherwise they will be harassed by mobs. They target happy people or anyone who is completely not mentally distraught, people who are dressed well, perhaps people from poor backgrounds(not sure on that) their emotions are sensed at a distance and if they are not feeling down they are harassed. The happier or more successful they are covertly are harassed. It leaves you thinking WTF what are these mind games they use electronic mind reading watch you in your home

    • Gang stalking debunked. Electronic and covert harassment debunked. What we are all dealing with is direct interaction with an omniscient energy lifeform that lives in us and everything else. Some refer to this energy being as God.

      Our species is being synchronized which is the reason we feel like we are being stalked.

      We’re at the crossroads of the next stage in our evolution. Dormant DNA is being activated in each of us which is causing the strange sensations going on in our bodies. We are being upgraded.

      Directed energy weapons are not being used against us rather it’s an energy being that is trying to reveal itself in us and is trying to communicate with us.

      We are all connected in a divine matrix via quantum/mental entanglement.

      I’ve been asked to teach the planet. I have an abundance of info and documentation, photos etc that are being prepared for release soon.

      Here is a rough idea of what is actually going on at

      Thomas Hunt

  38. U. S. Marshall David Welch of Gulf Coast Vet Special is apart of a organized crime with local Houston Hpd involved as well. Seeking legal action and assistance. March 25, 2015


    Bio-electromagnetic weapons can kill, torture, enslave and escape detection at the speed of light. Psychotronics & Psychological Warfare! This is Mind Control / Psychotronic Torture? Police resources are being used to create acts of terrorism and breach our homeland national security. Using this method of torture, I have fallen Victim to Identity theft, deformation of character, medical malpractice, being falsely advertised and impersonated for purpose of deformation of character and money laundering, insurance fraud, false imprisonment for a period of over 15months, attempted murder, inhumane torture. Police brutality, organized hate crime, personal security breach, endangerment of my infant and I, illegal use of a substance without consent on a adolescent, cyber crimes, attempted sexual assault of my child and I, falsifying of information for personal gain, obtaining personal information under false pretenses, entrapment, illegal invation of private space and breach of constitutional rights. I’m at a place where I fear or ability to live and in a safe manner. I’ll be filing a suit that include many individuals including family members, former employer (Gulf Coast Vet Specialist), Mobile phone provider(Cricket Wireless)and Houston Police Department Violent Gang Taskforce. These individuals have been apart of a organized hate crime used for purposes including but not limited to, identity theft, insurance fraud, deformation of character, illegal airing on social media under false premises, harassment, assault, attempted murder, endangerment of my one year old child and I, violation of my civil rights being compromised, attempted rape or molestation of my child by aggravated group misusing police resources, sex crimes, money laundering, false imprisonment, inhumane torture over a period of 15 months. My identity has been compromised to the point no account I have nor my person information such as ssn number and DL number have been made public. Attached is my sworn complaint shared with Harris County Dps, National Security, HHS Oig, Office of consumer affairs, Department of family protective services, Harris county mayors office, Harris county district attorney office, Harris county district clerks office, Hpd Internal, Criminal Intelligence Department, Assist Chief Mattie Provost is awaiting criminal complaint from investigation begin within internal affairs prior to bring involved due to the fact she is not a investigator but the direct superior over Hpd Violent Gang taskforce. This crime was well organized and started with one intent and has went on a extended period of time. My child and I was illegally given a substance against my will at a daycare owned my aunt who was at the time in charge to baby sitting my child. Through these 15 Months I was even given controlled substances that was abused and once again against my will and without consent. My child life and I have been placed in a state of complete danger. I will go to Harris County and process a law suit and order of restraint against the people involved this week. I realize a attorney is not needed throughout the court process but I want to be sure my suit and orders of restraint gets filed in the correct manner. I also need advise of how to get into protective custody until I can get this matter under control. I’m open to any assistance you can give me.
    Thank you kindly,
    Keijo Armstrong
    7310 Corporate Drive #916 Houston, Texas 77036


    • What we are all dealing with is direct interaction and communication with an omniscient energy lifeform – God. We’re at the crossroads of the next stage in our evolution. Dormant DNA is being activated in each of us. We are all connected in a divine matrix via quantum/mental entanglement.

      I’ve been asked to teach the planet. I have an abundance of info and documentation, photos etc that are being prepared for release soon.

      Here is a rough idea of what is actually going on at

      Thomas Hunt

  39. how can i get rid of the voice 2 skull technology…how can i stop them from reading my mind and looking through my eyes.
    please help!

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